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Brother MFC-9330CDW

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MPNs: 35905224, BRO-MFC-9330CDW and LED-PRB-MFC-9330CDW
2.5 from 34 reviews

Faulty Roller a recurring problem

The first one (purchased at Office Works) had a big chuck missed from the roller within about 3 months of purchasing. Phoned Brother & they told me I need to send it back to them. I advised them that I only have to return it to the place of purchase. Took it back to Office Works & they were great - replaced it with a new one. Three months in with replacement same problem - going back to Office Works. I have always used genuine Brother cartridges. Won't be buying Brother products again!!

Disappointing experience

When my last sub $100 inkjet printer clogged up its nozzles again, I told myself this time I'll get a quality printer. I chose the Brother MFC9330CDW because of its multiple awards. How wrong I was!

Most of its functions work fine, however I have two big issues with this printer.

1) It keeps jamming when printing double sided. I've wasted so much ink and paper it's not funny at all, the poor Brazilian rainforest would have been saved if I printed single sided. I must point out that at this point I have yet to use 50% of the original black toner, I haven't been printing multiple thesises with it.

As it was just out of warranty (will come to that later), Brother did repair it out of good will. Guess what, after I got the printer back, first double sided print I attempted, it jammed again. Mind you it was the freshest, crispest paper straight out of a brand new ream.

2) The 1 year warranty does not show much confidence from Brother either, I would expect a $400 printer to be more reliable, and for its manufacturer to have more faith. In my case I would have been better off buying a $50 printer from the supermarket and throwing it away once the ink runs out.

Very disappointing experience, I would not recommend this printer if you rely on one for your business.

Drives Me Nuts - Can't Stop 2-Sided Jams and Cannot Turn Off 2-sided setting

I bought this printer thinking it was a good value laser. Somehow the double sided rollers have decided to jam everytime they are used, and the drivers are so basic and difficult to use I have spent over an hour trying to figure out how to stop it printing double sided.
When I rang Brother they gave me a tech to visit half an hour away and so I need to spend more money and time fixing their printer's inadequacies. I could not even return it to Officeworks where I bought it in order to get it fixed. Not happy Brother!!!

Prints well, but that's not enough

I bought this multi-function printer a few months ago on 28th November 2015. Can't say I'm delighted with it.

My partner uses PC and I use Mac, and we have connected the printer to our home network. We only print occasionally, so a laser printer makes more sense for us as we've learned from experience that inkjet printers "clag" up if not used regularly. I do more scanning and copying than printing, and my partner only prints. We don't use the fax feature.

Good Points:
This is the first printer we have had that works for both PC and Mac. There is however a bias in favour of PC users. Mac users miss out on several features.

Print quality is excellent, and printing time is perfectly fine, working equally well for PC and Mac users, and equally well whether the unit is connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.

Copy quality is also excellent. In fact the copy sometimes looks better than the original (esp. if the original was in pencil).

Scanning is weak (see below) but one positive is a "High Compression PDF" filetype (only available if scan is launched from the PC or Mac, not available from the printer's touchscreen). This is a great feature because file sizes are much smaller. I no longer need to manually compress my PDF files after scanning (which I needed to do with my previous HP printer/scanner).

Start-up time is quite acceptable, and build quality seems to be good.

Bad Points:
The ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) is one-sided only a.k.a "Simplex". Though the printer is proudly advertised as two-sided, the ADF is single-sided only, meaning you can't automatically scan or copy two-sided originals. This was a nasty surprise when I got home, because of course there was no mention of it by the shop (which seemed a bit clueless and didn't stock the 2-sided ADF model anyway) or on the box or the advertising. I've since learned If you want 2-sided ADF, you need to go the next model up MFC-9340CDW. I am really missing the 2-sided ADF from my old HP.

Setting up was tiresome for the Mac (took several hours). Eventually I downloaded the software from the Brother website and got it to work.

Scanning is very weak:
If the unit is connected via Wi-Fi, scanning (from PC or Mac) is unbelievably slow at 2 minutes per page. The wait is so long that any reasonable person could assume it had crashed. And no, this has nothing to do with my router (which btw is the "super fast" D-Link Taipan AC3200 enjoying an easy life supporting only a handful of devices), and besides, printing via Wi-Fi is not slow, only scanning.

Once the unit is connected to the network by Ethernet cable, scanning speed is fine.

There is no OCR (Optical Character Recognition) available out of the box. PC users can however download (free) software to enable OCR (but you'll have to search for it on the web). There is nothing for Mac users.

No OCR means when you scan a written document into PDF it only scans the image (the picture of the document) itself, i.e. the words in the document are not recognised, which means you can't search for keywords in the scanned document. This is another feature I miss from the old HP.

Another annoying feature .. when scanning, the Brother doesn't recognise the size of the document. You need to tell it. My former HP did auto-size recognition.

One final disappointment for Mac users -- scanning from the Printer's touchscreen only works for PC. It does not work for Macs (at least not for my Mac) unless you turn off the Mac's firewall (which I don't want to do for security), and rest assured I've tried to for hours to find a work-around to this problem. So the only way to scan for Mac users is via the Brother "ControlCenter" software.

The "ControlCentre" software is different between PC and Mac users. There are many more features for PC users, and only basic features for Mac users.

Would I buy this again?
Definitely not this particular model again, but mainly because of the single-sided ADF. Maybe a higher model, but I'd need to research other brands too. And next time, I'll be buying from a shop that knows printers and can give some useful advice.

Great so far

Seems a great printer, so far so good. The scanning and copying functions are very easy to use, but there's more control in the detailed settings if you want it. Installation was unnecessarily troublesome – the install disc was old and didn't support OSX 10.11.x but luckily Brother's website had a driver download available. There's also no USB cable included, which I find bizarre. Some of the settings were unnecessary for my intended use, but I found it hard to sift through how to set everything up. Anyway it mustn't be too hard because I muddled through. Ink Station have well priced genuine Brother toner cartridge sets for this model. Saved a bundle on what office supplies stores charge.

After 18 months, the cost of service is more than a new machine

I started having crinkles in my paper from this machine. I call a service technician, he said it was the fuse roller damage.
New fuse roller $210, Service labour $135. Total $345

Why do they only make machines to last just over a year? (1 year warranty BTW)

The print quality and functions were great.

Makes life difficult unnecessarily

The printing, scanning and faxing functions themselves are very good, but where this unit falls down is the built in software which seems intent on making life difficult. For example, it just gives up printing when it thinks the toner cartridges have printed enough pages, even though there is still toner in the cartridge and there is no fading of print. There is no option to ignore the printer's error message and keep going. It also doesn't matter if the print job actually needs the colour or not - the whole thing just refuses to print (ie. if you run out of blue it still wont let you print a document that only requires black). To make it worse, you can't interchange cartridges between machines. They have something built in to stop you taking the cartridge out of one unit and using it in another. This has brought particular workstations in our office to a complete standstill on occasion. I wouldn't buy these units.

Works perfectly

I purchased this printer at the beginning of the year, and it is still working perfectly. I haven't installed the software on my computers, as I only use wireless printing, which is a cinch to use. I print double sided, and also with the auto document feeder, it is perfect for our small office. I can also scan documents directly to a usb without needing to connect my laptop, and am also able to fax or email documents directly from the printer! It's just one of those products that just works.

Horrible installation software and won't print double sided!

I bought this printer because it's a laser printer with double sided printing capabilities, specifically to be more economical than our old Canon inkjet which went through ink like a drunken sailor goes through whiskey. First time I try double sided printing it jams EVERY single time and also gets stuck in a cycle of trying to reprint. Terrible.

The setup process is also very non-intuitive! I have an iMac and I would warn anyone with an Apple computer away from purchasing this printer. It was a really frustrating installation process and it's still not setup properly.

I've had it for two weeks and taking it back for a store credit this afternoon. I'm really shy of Brother products now I've got to say.

Great Printer

We have owned this printer for 6 months and it is excellent. No wifi issues easy to get up and running. Scans prints faxes and photocopies with reasonable speed, perfect for medium light home office work.

Installation nightmare

The installation CD was incompatible with OSX10.10.2 but the setup guide pretty much exclusively refers to following the prompts on the CD.
Downloaded the drivers from Brother - got the scanner working but still can't print over the network, even though the printer and computer are both connected to the same network.
It still doesn't work...

This Just Worked

My need is for a multifunction home printer/fax/scanner however I was totally sick of our HP Multi Function inkjet which was rejecting partially used cartridges as "Out of Date", again and again and never seemed to print first go until you acknowledged that another cartridge was faulty or out of date. We binned it recently and replaced it with the Brother MFC-9330CDW Laser and it connected to WiFi, each of our computers connected correctly for all functions and our Apple i-Devices seem to find it and print directly. It just works!

Print quality is excellent, speed is good and the power consumption when sleeping is very low. This is a happy user.

Easy to install, reliable in use

I got this printer in exchange for a comparable Fuji Xerox that I had endless problems with (installation, going "offline", affecting my computer). The Brother is recognised by Windows and installs automatically in under 2 minutes, you don't have to bother with the installation CD. It then just WORKS with no problems, which is the basic essential. It's scanning functionality is also much better than Fuji's. I will say that the Fuji's colour print quality was outstanding whereas the Brother's is just ok. But as I said, the Brother is easy to set up and it works hassle free.

Has The Lot

I had been researching wireless printers for our home office for sometime when I stumbled across the Brother MFC-9330CDW at Officeworks.

This is a beauty... it's wireless, multi-function (print, copy, scan & fax). Plus auto document feed and auto duplex (double sided printing).

This machine is also surprising compact and very easy to set up.

After unpacking it and placing on the desk I had it up and running in less than an hour. Pretty good considering I had to set it up on a PC and a Mac.

The toner cartridges have easy access and removal is simple as well.

The other highlight of this printer is being able to print from Apple devices. We have 6 devices in our household.
Lots of features, easy to set up.

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Questions & Answers

I am not getting the Double Sided Scan Option from Control Centre 2. Any help?
1 answer
I couldn't find it either. I was guessing maybe you had to upgrade to Control Center 4, but I don't see a way of doing that either

cant scan to email.. when i try to scan to email, the unit tells me to check connection.. everything is set up as per instructions provided. where is the problem..??
1 answer
I'd like an answer to this also as I can't find any additional setup options.

I have just changed the Cyan toner in my MFC and there is an error message that the Cyan toner needs changing. Could it be a dud toner? Also, could I have got the toner cartridge containers mixed up with another colour (I also changed the Magenta cartridge as well).
2 answers
You can reset the unrecognized toner through the user panel. Press the fax symbol to light up the dial pad.which is otherwise blacked out. Locate the asterix (*) symbol mark it with a bit of liquid paper.(you are doing this because you need to push the asterix button with it turned off). Press the the red x to take the menu back to the main screen. Open the top cover as if you are going to change the toner. Confirm the screen says (cover open) if not press the red x. The screen must say (cover open) you may have to open and close the cover several times to get it to say this. Hold your finger on the asterix button (it is blacked out and you cant see it this is why we marked it) for 5 seconds. The screen will change and say reset toner. scroll up and down to C (cyan) and press reset... Close the cover and use your fooled printer as normal.I had to change one of the rear fuser follers in our printer at around 4000 page count. If others had similar issues, what page count were you at?


Price (RRP)$499
Printer TypeLaser
Wi-Fi CompatibleYes
Cloud PrintingNo
Multifunction FeaturesCopier, Scanner and Fax
Print from PhoneYes
Release dateAug 2013

Visit official website - Download manual
  • GTIN13: 0012502634805, 4977766718189, 4977766718196 and 4977766718790
  • MPN: 35905224, BRO-MFC-9330CDW and LED-PRB-MFC-9330CDW