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Brother MFC-9335CDW

Brother MFC-9335CDW

MPN: 8CE41600156
3.4 from 29 reviews

Great value for money, prints great quality lables

The print quality in monochrome is perfect and colour is spot on.
Takes a little while to navigate the features and controls, brothers assistant over the phone have always been very helpful when something goes wrong. I have purchases a 2nd Brother the MFC-L3750CDW next model up as i believe it to be the best product with customer service.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Reliable Machine & Cheap Toners on Ebay

I have had this machine for a while now...2 years. Not a bad product considering I have been using non-genuine toners of ebay. The quality isn't as great but I'm not a photographer. I would recommend it. The wireless capability allows me to print from my mobile, tablet and laptop. I like it. I get about 1500 pages from 1 set of toners (x4) if I am printing equal colours.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

expensive to run, expensive replacement, no tech support that means anything

I bought this machine (more expensive than I was used to paying), hoping it was going to save money on ink however it gives a warning that the ink needs replacing when many more pages can actually be printed. The replacement brother cartridges are over $100 each. I have only had it about 18 months, 6000 pages printed and it has been spitting powdered ink all over the machine internally and drums and cartridges out of nowhere. I have tried all the cleaning suggestions etc. but no-one can tell me what's wrong with it. I have to take it to a technician pay them to look at it (who knows how much that would cost) then pay to replace all the drums which it may be- even though I think there is only one or possibly two that need to be replaced - at a cost of over $300. I have decided to buy a new printer.
I also was fooled into believing about double sided printing. I had to get round it by printing each one individually to make a double sided document that then could be fed into the feeder.....how ridiculous. No more brother rubbish for me. I will go back to canon at least they were reliable machines.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Quality printer, super reliable!

Never bought this brand before and can say it's a fabulous investment. I paid more but the print function and quality along with the ability to scan heaps of pages (and I mean heaps!!) all at once is great. Very easy to use, saves me time, have had no issues.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

easy to use and fast in printing

This is my favorite colored printer. It's not cheap BUT it's super reliable. I can do multiple things like scan and copy, the best part is that I can scan or copy alot of pages by just puting it on the top feeder so i don't have to do it one by one. The outcome quality is good. I never had problem with Brother printer.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Buy something else

Use your money more wisely and buy another mfc. Forget this one, if you want something reliable. It's cheap enough but you will pay for it with lost productivity and frustration. Have had continual problems and absolutely no support is available. Do yourself a favour and look at all models except this one

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Printer is good... support is non existent

I am happy with the print quality and connection but had a simple technical query: Does this model scan duplex from the doc feeder?

I couldn’t find an answer so went to the brother website to ask tech support. After trying to complete the form online i realised i should have bought another printer. When you fill it in there will be some fault in it (it varies according to each attempt) whereupon you can no longer insert the model number and must start again.

My advice is don’t touch this printer if something goes wrong you wont be able resolve through tech support

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Best technical support I have ever received

I emailed Brother about how to scan so that the output is one file per page rather than one multi-page file. They replied within 20 minutes and in a concise, simple email answered my question first time.
Everyone else complaining of lack of features - do your homework before purchasing?

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Good printer BUT does not do 2-sided scanning & copying

This is a good printer - the print quality is good and the speed on single and double sided printing is good - but that is it. The auto document feeder (ADF) does not scan or copy 2-sided. When photocopying, you get "ghosting" of the print on the reverse of the page, ie light the light is too bright, and I've read the instruction booklet, but cannot find any way to adjust this setting. The fax line does not work. When you plug it in and try to dial the fax all you get is an engaged tone. Accordingly, this unit only gets used for printing and we had to keep our old Brother inkjet as it does do double sided scanning and copying and it does work as a fax machine. It is very disappointing that neither the packaging nor the product description says anywhere that this MFC only scans and copies single sided, so we only found out after it was installed and too late to return. Brother and the retailers (in this case Officeworks) should really be more clear in their product descriptions about what their products can and can't do.
Update: Now at the four month and 3600 copies mark, we have finished the presumably small volume starter cartridges that came with the printer (they ran out after about a month), 1 1/3 black cartridges and have almost finished the second set of colour toner cartridges. They don't last long. You pretty much have to buy generic cartridges (they are about $30 each) because genuine Brother cartridges for this machine are a gobsmacking $100 each. To spend $400 for what is looking like about 2000 copies per set of cartridges based on our usage so far can only be described as Too Much!

Date PurchasedNov 2017

What a piece of garbage

After 10 months of light use, this machine continues to show a drum error. On calling the service area and going through their thorough cleaning process, I am informed that I will need to TAKE this unit (not a light unit) to a service centre or pay to have a service person attend my premises as the Brother warranty only cover "back to base". So unless you're prepared to carry this behemoth of a machine...Poor after sales service. Won't be purchasing another Brother anything. Also agree that this machine chews through really expensive toner. Not happy at all.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Agreed chews through toner cartridges

We have paid in excess of $2350 in in cartridges for two printers. The first purchased 15.8.17 and the second 8.10.17!

We are a small business.

This is a cost we cannot maintain.

The quality of print is good, though the colour is better than black and white if copying a coloured say, driver licence.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Environmentally aware company pulling the wool over your eyes.

Easy set up, good quality printing, great features.
Toner cartridges they don't actually run out when they are empty, we found all the colours ran out in the same day very strange considering we were printing black and white, seems to be a page count that triggers the changing of the toner, we opened one of them up and found it still contained about 80% of the toner, very poor for a supposedly Environmentally aware company.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

worked for 3 months

I was really impressed with the printer for a start but after 3 months it started printing black lines down the side of the page. The life of one of these printers is very short even if you pay a reasonable amount for one. I've had quite a few brother printers and it's been a similar scenario with all of them.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

This is excellent, only if it had 2 sided copy

This is a great color laser printer with superb wifi connectivity. You can print from your phone, iPad or computer. The iprint app works great too. The only problem is that this cannot scan 2 sided and that is a shame as printers half the price can do that. The cost of original toners will blow you down. It almost costs as much as the printer itself.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Cheap cheerful and user friendly

My husband bought this printer for his home office. Works well no problems and compatible cartridges are available. Not had any problems with it would recommend to all friends and family. Better than some of the other brands on the market today - like canon - they are terrible printers.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Works well for a home office

So far so good ! Works well for a home office. The printing speed is also good. The only con so far is that it takes a bit of time to start up when in a sleeping mode and I can't seem to be able to set up the wireless printing at the moment . The refills are expensive as well. However, we are still using the print cartridge from 6 months ago and believes it last quite long.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

All things are good

Very easy to set up, and touch screen is very user friendly. No problems at all, with everything working perfectly.If your looking for a middle of the road colour laser printer , I would highly recomend this one. Great value.The cost of running ie; toner, paper etc can always be found cheaper somwhere, as with most things, go for it.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Good, but has wifi issues

The printer itself is great. Double sided function works well, it prints well on after market toner and has been reliable. I've ended up hard wiring it to the network as it has issues connecting to wifi via my Mac devices. That's the only concern though, it's been great otherwise

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Easy to set up and use.

Very easy to set up. Print quality is very good and I like how it all wireless! The unit is bigger than our old printer but it does have extra features. Printing seems economical so far. Haven't replaced the printer cartridge yet but comparing to the Samsung cartridge they are less expensive.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Never lets me down

I love this printer. It's ability to just setup and then press print from iPad. The toner can be expensive, but it is definately very easy to change, the overall quality is second to none. Easy!

I do recommend this printer to anyone that wants a reliable good quality printer that has a little spare room on their desk.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

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Questions & Answers

can i print photos with this printer and if so where do i put the printer paper?
2 answers
I have no idea. It didn’t work long enough for me to find out. Sorry.I have gone through the manual and there is no section attributed to photo printing...copying as though straight from another document ...yes, but no photos. And I still wouldn't buy another one

Brother 9335 CDW won't print because of empty ink cartridges. You have to replace all four colours apparently. Did that and still won't print, saying it needs a blue cartridge. Have I got a setting wrong? Anyone have an answer?
2 answers
I'd take them all out, put them all in again to make sure they're securely installed. Turn it off and on again. If still no joy, try Brother tech support. Unfortunately it's a bit of a painful process. There's no phone number; you have to fill in an online form on their website and wait for someone to get back to you, so your machine could be out of action for a bit waiting for them to respond. The MFC-9335CFW we have is only a few months old. So far, I've replaced two cartridges as they've run out at different times. It hasn't asked me to replace them all at once. The black ran out first, then a week later the other three cartridges were all showing as almost empty at the same time. The yellow one ran out the other day and I expect the remaining two will run out any day now. They haven't run out all together, but pretty close.Thanks for your response. I might follow that advice. You are lucky with your cartridges running out at different times, that you have not had to replace all four at once. From what I can work out if one cartridge runs out and the others are not quite full, you have to replace them all. It's a damned stupid system, and expensive. Next time I will go with black and white only. Thanks again.

Great product Just not sure how to print from I phone. Any help?
1 answer
Hi, just go to PlayStore and download ":Brother iprint and scan",and make sure your wifi,blue tooth are switched on and away you go, good luck


Price (RRP)$529
Printer TypeLaser
Cloud PrintingYes
Multifunction FeaturesCopier, Scanner and Fax
Wi-Fi CompatibleYes
Print from PhoneYes

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  • MPN: 8CE41600156

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