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Brunnings Weed Kill for Lawns

Brunnings Weed Kill for Lawns

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Good fertiliser for weeds

Half paddock sprayed with roundup - weeds dead
Half paddock sprayed with Brunnings - weeds thriving
I purchased because it was cheap however you assume the main ingredients are comparable. I also used at a higher rate than the instructions after I realised it doesn’t work... but still very unsatisfactory

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Does the job it's made for

I regularly use this broad leaf weed killer up to 3x a year to knock out capeweed(or something that looks like it) from our paddocks. Sometimes takes a month or 2! to actually see that the weed is either dead or simply not "thriving" compared to grass( esp when sprayed in very late autumn, very early spring). I particularly like that it's NON-residual and after several weeks(and ideally rain) livestock can be returned to their grazing. I keep chooks off for 2 weeks (their diet includes a fair bit of grass!). And never let the dog on small sprayed weed spots on lawn until well dry(as dogs absorb thru their foot pads). I hate using these toxins, but will when necessary.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Total crap and it’s a waste of money!

I have used this weed killer for many years and it did seem to work. But in a couple of years, this weed killer doesn’t seem to work anymore. The weeds are alive and kicking after weeks of applying. So, do not buy this product, it’s totally crap and it’s a waste of money. How on earth they can get away with it.....ripping people’s off!!!

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Waste of money

I applied Brunnings Weed Kill as per instructions on the container but after three weeks weeds are showing no sign of collapsing. After two weeks I reapplied the spray and as I say the weeds are still well alive.
I have now mixed a double stretch mixture and resprayed today. Should have bought Roundup in first place

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Brunnings weed kill

I purchased Brunnings weed kill as I have used successfully before hence I renewed my supply . However , despite adhering to instructions , it has not killed anything and I have resprayed about 5 times . Have rung Brunnings , left message but no response .Not good public relations

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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It killed the weeds and the lawn . I think I should have had new lawn replaced by Bunnings but to no avail !


Terrible stuff..weeds looked sick for a week and look healthier now they've doubled...total waste of money and time...back to round up for me. Hours of back breaking work...blocking off my yard to keep the dog away from it and all I have to show for it is more weeds than I started with...garbage product.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Destroyed the weeds!

I had an issue in the beginning because the tube inside that sucks the fluid up into the water stream came off inside the container. I did water the lawn a couple times before I figured it out! However, once I did, and fixed that, it worked really well. Took a week or so, but I now have black holes all over my lawns where the big dandelions were. Worked brilliantly! Now for feeding to repair the lawn...

No stars

Worst product on the market my weeds look healthier than ever thanks to weed kill,,, should be called brunnings h20 water your weeds they love it ... Don't waste a cent on brunnings get round up concentrate mix it yourself

Crap wording on instructions

Whoever wrote the instructions for how to prepare the nozzle head should be shot, honestly. The diagram is clearly marked with letters, a, b, c & d but it makes a reference to the PLUG end which doesn't appear in the diagram. The short half english half asian wording confuses the hell out of the user and therefore deems the product useless. Instructions are there for a reason, to INSTRUCT not confuse. Revise this or lose customers.

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So many products are made essentially useless by hopeless error-filled instructions. Thanks for warning us about this one.

Questions & Answers

is bunnings weedkill pet friendly
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Ask the manufacturer

I used Brunnings fast action weed kill concentrate on the lawn. I have since hosed off. Should this prevent damage to the lawn or is there anything else I could do?
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Brunnings weed kill did damage the lawn irreparably and I needed to plant more . May be I was just unfortunate but I personally could not recommend it

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