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TonyCentral West, NSW

Should be locked up


I rolled all my supers into the BT robbers fund as I have been working from the age of fifteen, I am now 54 have had a few different jobs in factorys, labouring, etc over the years, busting my bum like a lot of other struggling Aussies I invested the amount of $45.000 in this scamming scheme which was all my supers, they had the cheek to send me a report that I had $2000 left 15 years later I know I could have moved to another fund (but I wasn't that savvy) as they told me when I rang them and ask them if they were going to keep charging me fees when my account was completely empty, they told me that they don't do that. Wooh I was so thankful.Id just like to thank you again BT for Rippin' me

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James D A

James D AGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

TPD claim 2 years and counting. (AFCA time limit. Now accepting complaints dated back to 2008)


BT refusal to make any decision on TPD claim for over 2 years. Finally made decision to pay TPD claim when the AFCA got involved. I was told TODAY they're express posting a document that I have to sign and send back for payment to be processed. I call BT almost every 2nd day to be told that it should make the post by tomorrow. A month later still haven't received anything in mail.

AFCA time limit to make complaint changed after royal commission and will review issues as far back as 2008.

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Annoyed, we now have a h

Annoyed, we now have a hHobart

  • 2 reviews

Dodgy- refusing to cancel insurance and stealing my money!


I have been attempting to cancel 2 policies with them and they have been giving me the massive run around and stealing hundreds from my bank account monthly. Dodgy dodgy company. Thank goodness I haven't trusted them with my super!

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BarbaraSydney Surrounds, NSW

  • 4 reviews

do not trust this company for trauma insurance

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JLMCanberra 2600, ACT

Long term investor- Ruined my retirement plans. Would give 0 stars!


My husband and I have been in BT for 20 years as we are self employed. I was lead to believe they were superior to industry funds. Unfortunately I have not really understood super fees etc, but had a moment of inspiration and compared to a friends industry fund. Shocking waste of money!!! I feel totally ripped off and like I have wasted 20 years of investing. Would have been off not bothering and putting hard earned money into other things.


B.HodgPerth, WA

0.98% return on my super ... plus fees.


i have been a long time member but only realised how bad a performer they are after hearing they were mixed up in the Royal Commission into banking. this would have lost me thousands of dollars in returns over the past 12 years.

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LukeNorth Queensland, QLD

BT-throw your money away-SUPER!


Terrible returns, my super made no money over 8 years, the fees were equal or higher than the investment return. I was offered salary insurance & never received it when I needed it. They are a slimey company, impossible to get in contact with, the best communication I ever got was a once per week email. They lied about my investment plan & put my money in a high risk account, not forthcoming with any fund details... The list goes on. THESE PEOPLE ARE CRIMINALS

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Absolutely shocking. I have lost $1300 from my super overnight! This is not on. My account is meant to be set to moderate investment and I am losing over 8% in 6 months. Absolutely terrible, like giving a child free reign on your shares.



I’ve been Robbed!


NothappyjanTweed Heads West

Disgusting theivea


Not only did they refuse me insurance inside my super for my new business they failed to mention at the same time they lost thousands of dollars out of my super. After struggling to grow a little super due to the dodgy hospitality industry i decided to change careers and they lose all my super pretty much over 3 months.no effing apologies. Abd they claim to not approve my insurance due to depression caused from hospitality industry. . They screwed my effing future up even more.. depression is back thabks westpac you theiving corrupt scumbags . Burn in hell

Thieves, basically a scam


Unfortunately I've not paid enough attention to my Super over the years. Over this time BT have "performed" like parasites. Eating my Super contributions with ruthless efficiency.
I'm actually of the opinion that their "performance", fees, theft and loss of my money over the years is most likely criminal and worthy of investigation...
Avoid like the plague!

Mr S

Mr SPerth, WA

  • 7 reviews

What is this money eating thing?


I started adding personal funds to my superannuation. Mistake, Then we had the bt investing experts kick in. I'm leaving quick my money dissapearing like someones in a shopping mall with my keycard I'm actually worried about how much more I'll lose before it rolls over and how much will disappear between the roll over. I think there related to [name removed] the bank robber. I want retirement money for when I retire if I go by my statistical thinking the rate my money just gets lower and lower on my super for life fund I can't see any long term point in feeding an account which actually loses money. This place is there to help the people behind obvious bad investments. Not the superannuation clients. Extremely scary, at Christmas as well.

Worst super fund ever, stay away!!!


I joined then trough my WESTPAC branch. Big mistake. Fat Cat company. Their fees are incredibly high and the fund performs shockingly bad. I am looking for an alternative and comparing at the moment and leave ASAP!

I invested with BY for 10 years - massive mistake.


My “high yield” BT investment fund achieved a return of less than 3% over the 10 years I signed up with them. Their fees were extraordinarily high. I could have left this in the bank and got a better return, without the risk. Avoid this company, it is not worth it.

Unbelievable super! The worst performance


The worst super fund ever! My super is dwindling badly, $10k in 3 months! These people investing our super fund money don't know what they are doing! Consistently investing in bad shares! I will be switching super funds very soon! Would give no stars!! Invest elsewhere!!!



  • 6 reviews

Still no statement mid-December


For months I have asked about my annual super statement and keep getting fobbed off. If they can't even get the paperwork done in an acceptable time frame what else are they incompetent at?



i would avoid this super at all costs,seemed fine at the start then just started losing money consistently.the final straw was them losing my 3 months super in a month so that last contribution was a waste.me and my partner have switched and seen our super increase instantly.ive not had my final statement through but my partners came in at -5%.what sort of investment is that and i can pretty much guarantee mine will be even worse

Terrible super



kthgllspSydney, NSW

  • 5 reviews

Poor performance all around




  • 4 reviews

Money grabbing scum.


Take take take. BT Super For Life are money hungry trash. I ceased my life insurance policy and they told me that I had to pay until the end of the month. I couldn't stop it on that day even though they charge daily. It's a con!

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Mere Nitiva

Mere Nitivaasked

Can I withdraw my retirement wrap fund

No answers



Hi, am puting in a claim for SCI, on going through the claim forms have found them to be very excessive for a claim. My treating doctor and surgeons reports should all that should be required for claim, I am a contractor and they require claim forms from my employer?. They want me to fill out my own accessment forms?????. I am a contractor I am the boss. BT super are quick to take my money for said SCI insurance. I am covered for $5240.00 per month as stated on policy but not the case, they want 3 years of tax accessments? WHY. They only pay 75% of income not the $5240.00 I have been paying premiums for. I think my best plan is to give to my law firm and the government authorities to investigate as I find it just seems a way of not to honour my claim.

No answers

Corinne H.

Corinne H.asked

Im have recently had a personal injury and i am waiting on my salary insurance with BT,
can you guys provide any info?

No answers

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