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i would avoid this super at all costs,seemed fine at the start then just started losing money consistently.the final straw was them losing my 3 months super in a month so that last contribution was a waste.me and my partner have switched and seen our super increase instantly.ive not had my final statement through but my partners came in at -5%.what sort of investment is that and i can pretty much guarantee mine will be even worse

Terrible super


kthgllspSydney, NSW

  • 5 reviews

Poor performance all around



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Money grabbing scum.


Take take take. BT Super For Life are money hungry trash. I ceased my life insurance policy and they told me that I had to pay until the end of the month. I couldn't stop it on that day even though they charge daily. It's a con!





Since rolling over all my funds to BT Super the balance has continued to decrease. Customer care factor ZERO. Not happy!!

Christopher dwyer

Christopher dwyerBallarat

  • 3 reviews

Funds missing


On the 21 September Bt , without my knowledge or permission removed 50 thousand from my super wrap account.
Today is the 3rd of October, the money has still not been returned to me that they removed illegally.
They are now blaming their global account and tax dept rules, for not refunding the embezzled money.
I implore. Everyone to stay clear of these people, retirement was not meant to be like this, bottom line is that they do not care, high fees low returns and can’t even keep hold of my super, shattered.


BazzSt. huberts island

  • 2 reviews

Westpac & BT investment


I invested $ 150,000 through a Westpac adviser with BT wrap, after trying to contact the adviser numerous times for advice and never receiving contact back although adviser was still receiving fees for non existent advice my original investment dropped by approx. $ 60,000.
After complaining about lack of advice they refunded approx. $ 2,000 , then out of the blue I received approx. another $ 2,000 through an employee of BT wrap with the comment if I wanted to go further to contact the ombudsman .


BarrGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC



My brother has been deceased for 3years every time i ring up BT and asked how long do i have to wait for his funds which is under $5000. Their replies are unable to release his money what is the reason holding a deceased person money.

"No exit fees"


Earned 0.7% interest over 2 years, then they got me when I left them, I wrote down my figure for the day before telling them I was leaving. Payed more in exit fees than I earned with them in 2 years.

Nothings changed


I was with BT Super 19 years ago, it took me 5 months to remove what was left of my fund, in that 5 months my fund dropped in value by plus $4000. . I was earning $900 a week and personally contributing $180 a week prior to deciding to exit. I see by the reviews nothing has changed.



Worst Super I have ever used


I have never used such a bad super account in my life. I can never access the online portal to view my account, the online resource is not user friendly at all. It causes more of a headache than anything, will be changing asap.

Gerald Vandergert

Gerald VandergertGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 2 reviews

A Poor Investment Manager


I have invested with BT (Asia Fund) for nearly 23 years, also re-investing almost all the dividends in extra units but the investment has grown only by 30% in the 23 years. How can the fund managers justify their expertise and exorbitant salaries. The good old passbook account of the days gone by would have been an excellent investment.

Poor Fund Manager


Interest on cash deposits are disgusting , bank term deposits will out perform their return up to 6 times . Their top fund manager exec being paid over $200,000 PER WEEK for very substandard returns . Seem's they are our using our money to make themselves very rich while feeding us a diet of spin and excuses for their poor results .


antonyPerth, WA

  • 2 reviews



Try leaving the fund! Unbelievable. Told 5 days to rollover, than 10 days, than 14 days max. 20 days later I finally received my funds. No reason why, just bureaucracy. Twenty years with the fund, which preformed poor to average during the boom times, and terrible during the lean times. I should have paid more attention to the fine print.

Gab Gallina

Gab GallinaMelbourne

  • 2 reviews

BT Financial


Looked after me in time of need very thankful
Compassionate staff Sydney office are great!
Hope they keep this service up.
Would recommend to anyone highly.


WjcMoss Vale

Cash interest rates


0.28% interest rate on cash component of Super fund and Pension a/c is very low considering you can get 0.80 % with Westpac (BT owner !!) or ING
1.15% anytime. This low 0.28 % is unacceptable.



High fees Low return


I've been with BT for 10 years. It charge me 10K to enter and over 50k adm fees for the past 10 years. Products they recommend are underperformed some are badly negative. They only interested in earning their broker commission but not client's return of investment. Anyway, I'm switching to SMSF.

Going backwards


MY mother has has money invested for about 8 years now. Started off Ok but now on 200K their fees take nearly all the money 'made'. I call it a de-investment fund, her investment is going backwards in real terms. They also were charging a monthly fee for 'advice' which they have never once given. DODGY!

Kevin Smith

Kevin SmithQueensland

  • 3 reviews



I was sold insurances i did not really need. They sent me a statement by post after first year and not again for 3 years, I then rang them to be told statement are now electronic but I have never received any emails at all. I get a login from them to find my income protection has gone up $150 per month in 4 Years and as it is linked to my super with them i never knew. My super has now been going backwards with income protection and Life insurance as well as all their charges and they have the cheek to take $10 per month for Adviser fees yet they have never told me a about this. VERY POOR SERVICE, MONEY THIEVES.


AmalPerth, WA

  • 5 reviews

Con artist


They used us and stole our money, never ever trust Westpac
They need to be exposed to the media as they well known of ripping their consumers off.

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Mere Nitiva

Mere Nitivaasked

Can I withdraw my retirement wrap fund

No answers



Hi, am puting in a claim for SCI, on going through the claim forms have found them to be very excessive for a claim. My treating doctor and surgeons reports should all that should be required for claim, I am a contractor and they require claim forms from my employer?. They want me to fill out my own accessment forms?????. I am a contractor I am the boss. BT super are quick to take my money for said SCI insurance. I am covered for $5240.00 per month as stated on policy but not the case, they want 3 years of tax accessments? WHY. They only pay 75% of income not the $5240.00 I have been paying premiums for. I think my best plan is to give to my law firm and the government authorities to investigate as I find it just seems a way of not to honour my claim.

No answers

Corinne H.

Corinne H.asked

Im have recently had a personal injury and i am waiting on my salary insurance with BT,
can you guys provide any info?

No answers

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