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Bubblebubs BamBam Fitted Nappy

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4.5 from 28 reviews

Excellent nappy

These are our go to nappies and are much easier to use than prefolds. They are good quality and durable with great absorbency and even come with an additional bamboo booster. I haven't needed the booster yet with my newborn but they will come in handy once we need more absorbency. They are so easy to use with a snappi and have a really snug fit for even small newborns. Because of the great fit we haven't had any leaks and they are great at containing explosive newborn poo. Highly recommended!

Great fitting napy

I have found these great so far, my daughter weighed less than 3kg and had skinny thighs when we started using them and they are the only MCN that would fit her. I love that we will be able to use them for a long time. Once you get the hang of doing them up, they are easy to put on. The bamboo is very absorbent and therefore can take a little time to dry, but so far haven’t taken more than a day and night to dry (although the weather has been good). I’m sure in winter they will dry over the heating duct well. We have had a bit of poo leakage out the sides if the elastic isn’t done up tight enough, but nothing has gotten past the PUL cover. The only other thing is that bamboo is very absorbent, but it stays wet, so I use a cornstarch liner with them to try and minimise the risk of nappy rash. None so far and we have been using them for five weeks. Overall I am very happy with this purchase.

Fantastic nappy for young babies

I love that these are snap less. Closing with a snappi gives it a perfect fit - snaps irritate me on nappies when you can't get that perfect fit, which matters less on an older baby than a delicate little newborn I suppose. They are soft and absorbent, and look so sweet. The seem so very comfortable on my little girl, because you can fit them exactly. Used mainly with a Bubblebubs PUL cover, I haven't had a single leak. Buy without a second thought, you won't find a better fitted for little people
No snaps!! So soft and seem to have such a comfortable fit

Bubblebubs Bam Bams are THE best newborn nappy!!

Bubblebubs Bam Bams are the BEST!!! They truly fit ANY size newborn!!

I loved that they were snapless, thus enabling you to get a truly customisable fit.

Never had a leak! I had dozens and dozens of newborn nappies, I sold everything and bought 24 of these!!

Will definitely purchase again should we have another child!

Bam bams - awesome newborn nappy

I love Bubblebubs Bam bam fitted nappies!
They are so soft and luscious feeling, so I know my baby's bum is comfortable and it's very easy to get a good snug fit around baby's legs.
They are very absorbent and I love that the insert is not attached at all to the nappy, making them quick drying - an important factor when a newborn is going through so many nappies a day.
My baby is 5 weeks old and I use my bam bams with a bubblebubs PUL cover and they are the only cloth combination that I have not had a leak out of.

I could not recommend these highly enough for newborns.
Soft, absorbent, well fitting, easy to use.

good nappies

I was actualy going to write a review on the bubblebubs bamboo delights but the picture here is of a bam bam so I will review those. I like the bam bams, they are a lovely fit on newborns and being able to use a snappi with them gives them the perfect fit, my only complaint is they don't seem to have enough layers but some boosting fixes that issue.
great fit
not enough layers

Great cloth nappy!

I purchased Bubblebubs fitted nappies for my daughter. They are well fitting, highly absorbant and easy to maintain. They never leaked which meant that I could reuse the nappy cover several times over, before I had to wash the covers.

My daughter is in the 97% percentile for her age and so they didn't fit for as long as I would have liked...

I currently have 9 of these for sale on Gumtree along with Weehuggers nappy covers. I would highly recommend these if you are considering cloth nappies.
High quality


Overall I really like these! Especially the bamboo velour--so lush and soft. I have a bamboo velour one and a couple of the soy/bamboo ones. I included the high rise as a possible con but personally it doesn't bother me at all but it is something to be aware of. They can sit above the navel on a smaller baby as there isn't a fold down option like front snapping nappies. I've used them on my baby from 6 weeks to 8 months and they are going strong. Have even put one on the three year old overnight in a pinch and it fit.
they are very soft, very absorbent. the size range capability is fantastic. side snaps are great. work well as overnight nappies.
a couple of the snaps on my soy fitteds are a bit wonky and I have to avoid using them, they are quite a high rise nappy which some may not like.

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FYI - You can fold down the front of these nappies so they're doubled over, then fasten, if the rise is too high.

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Bubblebubs BamBam Fitted Nappy
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