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Bubs n Grubs Online store

Bubs n Grubs Online store

2.7 from 26 reviews

So easy to shop!!!!!

Great range of products. Good prices. Fast and efficient customer service. Products have good and informative content. Provide effective and informative communication on your purchases and delivery. Highly recommend the website.

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Brilliant Service & Prices

I ordered our Joolz Day 2 pram and Bubs n Grubs had the best price and the exclusive colourway that I was looking for. The product arrived quickly and was perfect - I would 100% order from this store again.

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Very happy customer!

After ringing around to various stores looking for a rumble seat for my Uppababy Vista, Bubs and Grubs were the only store who had stock and were even able to post within the week. All other stores I contacted weren’t receiving any Uppababy stock (in a particular colour) for several months due to a supplier shortage of some sort. The rumble seat arrived within days and I was now able to get around with my toddler and newborn!

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Loved the product

The uppa baby travel bag was great and made taking our pram in the plane so easy. It also doubled up as extra luggage space as the pram doesn’t tale up the whole bag. Very happy with product and delivery time.

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Some concerns on product

I have purchased 4 of the buckle safe products to help contain our 7 year old grandchild ho suffers with Down's syndrome and was always able to undo the seat belt buckle while the design of the buckle safe seat belt guard is good I have found that she has broken all of the products purchased all in the same place .
While this product would suit a lot of applications it was not suitable for us as most broke after only a couple of uses .I realise that the people who run the store are busy l was disappointed that l received very little reply to my contact with them about the problem

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Beautiful & soft sheet, great value, great quality, great service, the sheet fitted perfectly, have washed a few times now has retained its shape and feel, will most definatly purchase a second

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Love love love.!

Amazingly quick service. Easy to work website.! Which is important when we have limited options in the Red Centre. Can’t wait to purchase our next item for our little bubba. Products are really really good quality.

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all your baby needs at cheaper prices!

I bought the Moses basket and stand and Uppababy Vista pram, both were promptly sent and product was how it was described. Very happy with the service, would totally buy from them again!!!

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Awesome shop!

Very easy to deal with. Their prices beat everyone elses. Quick postage. They know a lot about their products. They're incredibly helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again.

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Very stylish and practical.

Cot was very modern style and good quality. Price was very reasonable and much cheaper than my local shops. Shipping cost from Qld to Sydney was only $30 and cot was delivered in 7 days. Very happy to deal with you again. Thanks

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Very happy!

Over the last few months I have ordered a few things from this store. Always very quick, well packaged, exactly as ordered. Very happy with their service, great prices - often the cheapest I can find anywhere.

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Product incorrect / unable to use, company refusing to respond

I ordered a Babyhood Portacot canopy to keep my baby bug free. The canopy leaves an inch gap the entire way around the Portacot (which I also got from BnG, which has been great) and cannot be fastened. When I explained this to the company, they kept insisting it was me, and that they never claimed that the mosquito net canopy, purpose built for this Portacot, was designed to keep out bugs....

After much back and forth (very little on their end, might I add), and me clearly getting annoyed, I wrote a bad review of the product and company on the item on their site. They didn't post it, and threatened legal action (when I spoke of it, they said they didn't threaten, simply informed me that defamatory comments go to their legal team...). I reworded the review to simply explain that the item is no good for keeping out bugs. They still haven't posted it, which suggests to me that they filter their reviews so product reviews are only positive. I use reviews to find the right products, so I personally find this in itself highly fraudulent. Ironically, I should simply have looked here first, these reviews speak for themselves.

I purchased this product at the beginning of April, and the last I heard from BnG (on the 12th April), they were 'getting back to me' regarding a way to set up the Portacot canopy so the gap would not be there. I have sent photos of the gaps, the tabs that are meant to fit that clearly cannot. I have written to them every week up until last week and have heard nothing. From here on in, my weekly messages will be in the form of reviews on other sites to hopefully save other families from the drama and costs associated with dealing with this company.

Side note: since my last email to them, I have measured the canopy and it seems I have been sent the incorrect size. The box must have been incorrectly marked as Portacot size when it is in fact the standard size. Hence it not fitting. Unfortunately, the company that spruces 'customer satisfaction guaranteed', refuses to respond so I will be placing a complaint with the Ombudsman. $60 is a lot to anybody - what a shame a 'small family run business' would deceive so many small families out of their hard earned money.

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Terrible customer service - don't shop here

My experience is similar with previous posters – this company has absolutely appalling customer service compared to the standards of most retailers, and I suggest you shop elsewhere.

Without getting into the details of my experience, here are just a FEW issues I went through over a 3-month period):

• They said they attempted to call me twice to discuss a back ordered item (which they did not, not even once – I had no missed calls and no voice messages on my mobile).
• They do not define what “a reasonable time period” for shipping is if an item is back ordered – I received mine 3 weeks after I ordered.
• They justified their back-ordered items by comparing themselves to other companies “who have 12 week shipping times” rather than adhering to their own ‘ship immediately’ policies.
• They told me that a competitor’s price was NOT lower than theirs at the time I ordered from them (even though it was). They even said they called the competitor to confirm this.
• They then denied the lies about calling me and the price difference on a competitor's site, after I confronted them on these matters (e.g. more lies).
• Goods were delivered in damaged condition, and I was blamed for this. It took MONTHS of back and forth emails before they finally replaced the items. This was challenging in itself as I wanted all these items before I had my baby, but they arrived well after baby was born.
• They refuse to talk on the phone with customers – this is their ‘policy’.

This company is extremely aggressive with their responses to complaints, and dishonest. I wish I had read these reviews before I had purchased here.

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This is so untrue it is not even worth responding to - clearly you are just attempting to defame us - As if we do not speak with customers on the phone??? You even state you spoke to us over the phone... Seriously? And no, we do not price match AFTER you placed your order. Out of courtesy, we may have checked with the competitor and informed you of their advice to us. Simple. If someone else had a better deal at the time of placing your order why did you not purchase from them at the time? This is so ridiculous - it's not funny. We do not blame customers - nor do we take months to get parts for customers - if all of the above is true, you should to go the Department of Fair Trading and lodge a complaint. All this nonsense, because you waiting 3 weeks for delivery of baby furniture? Seriously? We advertise that baby furniture is not shipped immediately very clearly and we show this again at checkout before you place your order and we suggest you contact us if you need furniture items immediately - Furniture can take longer than small box items - there is a lot more to it than sticking a label on a box. By the way, we have full phone logs and recorded calls - so we can back everything up. We have no reason to lie like you have stated and in fact it is your statements which are very obviously factually incorrect.My goal was to write a summary of the experiences I had with BnG. I did not write out the whole story or it would have been a pages long description of all the trouble we went through. This was not just a complaint about waiting 3 weeks for a back ordered delivery. It was the aftermath of delivery... we received damaged goods and had to wait several months for BnG to send replacement parts. It was a very distressing time to be treated the way we were, especially as it coincided with when my baby was born. I have a full transcript of communication and everything that happened, and am happy to share this with any customer who would like to see it, to validate all of what I have posted in my review. I never was able to speak to anyone on the phone, because each time I tried to call, I was told I must deal with the Help Desk over email and that phone support was not possible. Here is a direct quote from the transcript of emails when I asked for a phone call: "This 24 / 7 Help Desk is not a phone service." It was all very frustrating and distressing. Long periods of waiting and not hearing back over email. And many times being accused of the problems, despite all the proof we submitted. I would recommend you consider providing customers with phone support so as to expedite matters like these. Especially given your clients are typically new/new-to-be parents who need items urgently for their newborns and can't afford to wait months for reconciliation. I also recommend you try to understand that people aren't out to get you. They just want what they paid for in good order, with understanding/empathetic/helpful customer support.[Reivewers Name Removed as this was not Disclosed], Perhaps you could explain that this was from 2017 for a start. Again, you twist words, 24 / 7 Help Desk is not a phone service was in response to you wanting to speak to the person that was communicating with you after hours... at 8:29pm. You were able to and did speak with staff over the phone - Perhaps if you didn't twist facts and spin stories - it could be more constructive. I have a full file with all recorded calls and written communication. Please desist with the miss-information - it is not a helpful review when you tell part of a story without the rest of the facts.

No problems!

I ordered an Uppababy handlebar cover about a week ago. And I received it today with no dramas.
I realised a few days after I ordered that hadn't received a confirmation email, although I could see the funds had been deducted from my account.
Coming on here I was a bit worried to be honest, with all the bad reviews, and had emailed them a query as to what was happening, but I actually received it in the mail just this morning so no problems at all!

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Avoid at all costs

Bubs n Grubs are not a good online store to do business with. My goods arrived with 3 items being damaged. Only one part of one of the items was replaced after I complained numerous times - generally my queries were ignored. After the replacement part arrived in worse condition than the original, I simply gave up trying to get any replacement of the other two items. I wrote a scathing review which was factually correct and Bubs n Grubs responded within a matter of hours with threats of legal action against me if I didn't apologise and retract. I found it interesting that they were so quick to respond in that manner rather than concentrate on customer service.

Faulty bouncinette

I purchased a bouncinette 5th feb 2019 when I was putting it together I noticed paint and rust on the area you inserted to secure the front two sections.
I continued putting the back parts together where there are two ends that join .I connected the mesh cover and when I picked it up to move it it fell apart.
I showed my partner when he came home and he reconnected it and as he moved it came apart agin.
I took photos of paint, rust, and the areas at the back which we had put electrisions tape on to stop it coming apart and I sent off a ticket to customer support.
They asked to resend a photo of it completely assembled which I did with my grandson in .
The person who I had to deal with was terrible did not read the information I sent along with photos.
I had sent through other details of the communications I have had with this person to have another person intervene, which I've not had a response.
The only response I've had is to take it to a retail.venue for them to access.
This is a faulty bouncinette.
My advice is don't buy online there support is a joke.
Customer is not there priority and read the 160 or so reviews that are not happy customers.
Not once did they say sorry.
You prove there are problems and they choose to ignore what your saying .
I'll be taking it to a store and would advise don't buy baby bouncinette health hazard rust and paint deterition and deftly hazard when your baby collapses on the floor.
Very bad customer on support.

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Unethical practices and terrible customer service

This is a first for me - I have never before left a negative review but my experience was so bad that I feel compelled to do so to warn others who are considering dealing with this business.

I'm going to keep this factual and objective. In summary:

- On the evening of Saturday 24 November 2018, I ordered an Uppababy Cruz stroller from the Bubs n Grubs website. There was no indication on the listing that the item was out of stock or on back order, so I assumed that it would arrive in time for my bub who was due in mid-December.
- The following day, on the Sunday, a representative of Bubs n Grubs left a voicemail message on my mobile to say that the stroller was out of stock both with them and with their supplier and that they would not receive stock until approximately mid-January 2019.
- On the Monday morning (i.e. the first business day after placing the order) I sent an email to explain that I was heavily pregnant and my baby was due in a few weeks, so unfortunately I could not wait a couple of months for delivery. I requested a refund so that I could buy the stroller somewhere local where I could get it sooner.
- Bubs n Grubs responded that they could only cancel the refund less a 20% cancellation fee (amounting to almost $200) or provide a store credit. Given that this was literally the morning of the first business day after the order, I didn't think it was reasonable for them to retain $200. Nevertheless, in an attempt to be reasonable, I asked them to tell me what out of pocket costs they had incurred associated with my order and said that I was happy for them to deduct these from my refund. Unsurprisingly, they did not take me up on this offer.
- In back and forward to try to resolve the matter, they became increasingly (and completely unnecessarily and unprofessionally) aggressive and threatening and once I told them I had lodged a dispute through the bank to try to recoup the funds, they refused further communications.
- The stroller was ultimately delivered in mid-February, a whole month after they said it would be delivered (already unreasonably late) and 2.5 months after I ordered it. Given that my bub was born in mid-December, I had to purchase another stroller locally and so ended up with two.

I still can't believe that a business would treat its customers in this way, let alone a business that is dealing with babies and young families. Their justification is to refer to a note under the "availability" section on their website which says "Large Items such as furniture can from time to time take up to 12 weeks to deliver if both the manufacturer runs out of stock as well as our own warehouses. This is rare." A similar comment appears in their Ts&Cs. They sought to rely on this to say that this was essentially a "change of mind" rather than an inability to supply on their part. In my view, their practice of relying on this to keep someone's money in circumstances where they cannot supply goods for a number of months (and there was no indication that the item was out of stock) is completely unethical. Not to mention the horrible customer service if/when something does go wrong.

I found their prices to be competitive but in future, particularly with the number of stores willing to price match, there is really no reason to deal with a business that engages in these sorts of practices. I will not be purchasing from them again or recommending them to friends/family.

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terrible customer service

I paid over 2 months ago and nothing yet, I cannot speak to anyone and am waiting on a ticket response. The baby is now too old to use the product !

Questionable online practices behind a QLD-based physical store

Many reviews already posted reflect the issues with this company's online orders. I heeded the advice the first time and got burnt when getting duplicate products for my mother to care for my bub when I forgot about the site's terrible reviews.

TLDR version:
Don't buy from this store unless you're 100% certain that it works out to be the cheapest with the delivery cost, that you're not going to return it, that ALL your details are correct, and if something isn't available, DON'T proceed with the order until you research the prices / colours / alternatives again and give them a call back rather than letting them put you on the spot. The products received were fine for me at the end of the day (the company is just the middle-person after all) but I felt an element of deception having been through this process.

In summary - I believe this to be a drop ship company (hence their Ts & Cs "direct from manufacturer" and inefficiencies in dealing with after-sales amendments) with side operation arm of a physical store located in QLD and multiple capital city telephone numbers on their website which give the impression that they're there to resolve any issues when in fact the numbers just port back to the QLD store, unable to assist with anything to do with online orders. They hold fast to their policy of no cancellations / change of mind (you can't cancel even if you wanted to swallow their 20% purchase price cancellation fee - which is a bit exorbitant; granted I don't know all the processes involved on their end but if you bought a cot for $1k, a $200 cancellation fee would surely fit the category of "penalty" rather than true costs according to ACCC criteria), and do not even have an e-mail for post-sales support for change of address, cancellation, or otherwise; being forced to use their online ticketing system that even if you flag it as "urgent", still took them 49 hours to reply (in my case). If you make a purchase, they'll ensure that you will have a delivery at your door (on the bright side...) regardless of what you wish to change if it's not related to additional sales. Their website is deceptive by stating products that are available when they're not (and still unchanged on the website a week and a half later despite their acknowledgement that the website hasn't been updated), resulting in them putting you on the spot and up-selling. Including delivery fee, their online prices are competitive at best and I would much rather go to a physical store with better after-sale support than this company.

Long version (sequence of events):
28th Jan 2019 Monday: Made initial order for Babyhood My First Innerspring Mattress $127 + 30 delivery (large size for Boori cot).

29th Jan 2019 Tuesday: Submitted online ticket to amend order to add another product onto same delivery to save delivery costs.

30th Jan 2019 Wednesday: ~10.30AM (Brisbane time ~09.30) received phone call from BubsnGrubs to confirm additional sale order without added delivery cost which was great (but they didn't have it in the requested colour) but was also informed my original order was not available and website hadn't been updated. Was suggested a similar (potential up-sell) product at an additional $40 for the Babyhood Orthopaedic Innerspring Mattress ($167 + 30 delivery). I "ummed" and "ahhed" before agreeing. Was then informed the mattress will arrive to them Thursday 31st Jan to be shipped out.
Within ~1h submitted ticket flagged as urgent with details requesting cancellation as I no longer wished to proceed with sale due to feeling pressured to respond at the time (and given the up-sell, I could've purchased a Boori mattress from the website on sale for $178 delivered - granted, this is what their Ts & Cs attempts to prevent, BUT I feel the company does not do its part in not being deceptive or appearing to be so).
Called Melbourne phone number in the afternoon (likely ported phone number to the retail store along with all other capital city numbers) and was advised they don't deal with online orders and the ticket system is my only option.
Emailed sales at midnight to notify of urgent ticket as well.

31st Jan 2019 Thu: At 11.22AM received reply from sales e-mail that cancellations are dealt with accounts / online ticketing system ONLY.
Received SMS 5.29pm stating my shipment is now in transit with confirmation e-mail. Tracking data states item picked up at 16.27pm by freight company (i.e. 29 hours after initial urgent cancellation ticket submission) so I couldn't cancel the order even though I tried.

1st Feb 2019 Fri: 12.33PM (49 hours after cancellation ticket submission) received a response to my ticket stating item has already been dispatched (yes, because of how slow the "urgent" ticket system is). Subsequent conversation thread included a reply stating "All cancellations must go through this help desk and are subject to approval. We do not normally refund for change of mind. All requests have to be made in writing via this help desk and are subject to approval. If a refund was granted on the replacement product you ordered, then a 20% cancelation fee would have had to be applied also." which is ultimately their Ts and Cs.

My originally ordered product still remained "available" on website Thu 31st Jan 2019, Sun 3rd Feb 2019 and 7th Feb 2019 with screenshot proof, which makes me suspicious of deception with up-sell (or whatever alternative colour variety they actually have in stock), rather than general error, tardiness or incompetence in managing their website.

If any other buyers have felt deceived in this manner, I would encourage a report to ACCC to right this business's inefficient / bordering deceptive practices as I would not want another buyer to be in the same position. Otherwise, if you are certain it's the cheapest you'll get anywhere AND they definitely have it in stock AND you've triple checked your address etc., then I suppose go for your life.

Enjoy talking yourself out of this one Bubsngrubs.

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Didn’t receive goods and no response to PayPal dispute!

Wow! After an issue purchasing from this store last year myself, I was disappointed to see my Mum had purchased my twins Christmas presents from here on the 12th of December last year using my paypal account & not only did they not arrive for Christmas, they still have not arrived even after emailing them and putting in a dispute through PayPal! We want a refund and I will take this further if this is not taken seriously!

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Hi Lee / June (name used on order), This is not correct at all. You were emailed to check some details and we received no responses. Perhaps you need to check your junk/spam email folder. Not only did we reply to paypal, we granted a refund.

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