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Budget Direct Health Insurance

Budget Direct Health Insurance

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Arrogant Customer Service

Dear All,

Would like to update about How Budget Direct write Threatening mails to Customer with no fault of his/her and end up getting kudos for Great Customer Service.
We lodged our claim with Invoice and receipt from Chiropractor which is covered in our Extras for which i am paying regular insurance since 2017 with not a single missed payment.
Claim is received and goes under Verification process and once verified by their expert team on Board we get the approved claim amount entitled on our cover ...so far good.
After 2 months i receive a mail with disturbing First line which is so arrogant and threatening to a customer with no fault on their part...

[ Reminder- please respond within 14 days otherwise your access to online claiming may be suspended ]

As part of the Budget Direct Health Insurance Internal Audit routine program, regular random sampling of member’s claims is conducted as a verification procedure. This is part of ongoing benefits management at Budget Direct Health Insurance which is intended to keep our premiums affordable.

Upon viewing the receipt submitted with your online claim for Chiropractic services on 15/05/2018, it was noted that the fee was for multiple/bulk services. When submitting online claims we require that each service be entered individually as this will ensure that correct benefits are paid Within 14 days, please forward a breakdown of dates this claim covers, so we can correct your claim history.

You on the receiving end when you see such a mail when you are about to start your day and thinking
1] I never delayed my premium payment
2] My Payment always were on time

And these junks discovers flaws in their Authorization process for which there concern team is responsible...and this is the way they treat there customer to cover up their mistake..
I would have rather appreciated if they would have just asked for breakup which is fine i just need to ask my wife and she would have got the breakup from Chiropractor...no issues which eventually i will provide them...anyways..
But this sort of non professional and arrogant and treating customer in very disgraceful Manner is simply not acceptable..

I just checked with my mates and they were like thats there normal approach which they do with every customer...and i am wondering how do you tolerate such nonsense and How does these facts gets ignored by CANSTAR..when they award...BUDGETDIRECT....

This is the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE that i have ever experienced....if there are flaws at your end accept it gracefully ..if you require any details from customer maintain right approach.and be considerate...when customer is taking pain to opt for private insurance ..they are not going anywhere they are ok even their is refund involved from customer side...

Hope my review gets noticed as Budget Direct has to go long way when it comes to respect and Value their existing Customers..NO Insurance NO Business...

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