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My husband and I are going on holidays from 9/9/19 to 30/10/19. We are going to Norway, Finland,Sweden,Denmark,Iceland,Spain, Italy. We won’t be doing any dangerous snow activities, only a group glacial 2 hour walk, car hire in Iceland and self guided easy walks in Spain and Italy. We are both retired, so we don’t need any insurance to cover missed work days. We were wondering if you could suggest a full comprehensive insurance for us during this time. Thank you. Sue
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Planning to travel overseas next year and main concern is the obvious possibility of a 103 year old very close relative dying. She is currently in excellent health and still very able to move around on her own but as with most elderly people, she does take prescribed medication for blood pressure. Does your cancellation policy cover such unforeseen events?
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Perhaps you should direct this question to Budget Direct. https://www.budgetdirect.com.au/travel-insurance/compare-travel-options.html

Hi,I am international student living in Australia for 4 years , I am planning to travel to my country for 1 month and come back to Australia again, the last minute travel insurance could cover my wife and me ?
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Hello, please see our frequently asked questions to see if our cover will suit you needs or contact us on 1800 444 424. https://www.budgetdirect.com.au/travel-insurance/travel-insurance-faqs.html#who-can-purchase

Hi, I am traveling to Bali next year and was concerned about volcanic dust. If something goes wrong, will I be covered for flights home to Australia and/or anything else that arises due to Mother Nature? Helen
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Sorry, I am not representative from Budget Direct. Please contact them directly for your queries. thanks.Dear Helen, Thank you for considering Budget Direct Travel Insurance to protect you on your journey. As long as you purchased your Travel Insurance Policy before the natural disaster occurred and have not yet left on your trip, you may be able to reschedule provided the cost of rescheduling does not exceed the cost of cancellation (not available under Last Minute cover). Rest assured that your Travel Insurance policy is automatically extended until you're able to get home if you are unable to leave your destination as planned because of a natural disaster. If your flights are delayed, please speak to your airline as soon as possible. Certain airlines allow passengers to re-schedule flights at no additional cost, or get a full refund. We are unable to cover any costs paid to the airline if they are responsible for the cancellation or if you or a travelling companion change your mind and choose not to travel. You may be able to claim for Travel Delay Expenses (not available under Last Minute cover), if you proceed with your trip and your return flight home is delayed due to poor weather conditions, strike, industrial action, or mechanical breakdown, which gives you that added peace of mind. You can read more about this under Section A - Cancellation and Amendment Fees and Section D - Travel Delay Expenses of our our Product Disclosure Statement. If you are effected by a natural disaster, please call +61 7 3360 7735 or email budgetdirect@travelclaims.com.au to update your trip details and to discuss your options. If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact us on 1800 444 424 (within Australia) or +61 7 5436 1718 (International). We’re here to help from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (AEST). We look forward to being your insurer of choice. Yours Sincerely, Budget Direct Travel Insurance

Hi, I am 21 going to the US for 3 months winter, as I did a quote your company able to do unlimited medical and hospital expenses for this period for $246.47 (Last Minute) cover with Personal liability $1,000000, is this true?
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Hi Andi, thanks for contacting us. I'd like to look into your quote so I can provide you with an accurate answer. Please could you email your quote number and contact details to hello@budgetdirect.com.au so I can follow up for you? Alysse

Hi we are traveling over to New Zealand next year and we have hired a car with basic insurance which has a excess of $2000. Does budget direct travel insurance cover that?
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Hi Ashlee, thanks for getting in contact with us. Yes, there is coverage for rental vehicle insurance excess but there are certain conditions that need to be adhered - please refer to Section H on page 33 and 34 of the PDS (you can find that here: https://ecommerce.disconline.com.au/branding/resources/BUDD/legal/travel/PDSA.pdf). If you have any further questions, please email your contact details to hello@budgetdirect.com.au and we will be in touch to discuss. AlysseHi Ashlee Budget Direct Travel Insurance does state that they cover for rental car excess, however I strongly advise that you seek travel insurance elsewhere are this company are very, very difficult to deal with when it comes to trying to lodge a claim. I will never use them again as I did not receive good customer service. I would recommend you look into other insurance companies via "Compare the market". For a previous trip to NZ I used Woolworths Travel Insurance and only changed for my latest trip to Budget Direct as they had a cheaper premium. In hindsight I wish I had used Woolworths again as they have fantastic customer service and hassle free claiming ( not that I have ever had to claim). Regards Adrienne

Hi i am traveling to thailand and while there will be having cosmetic surgery i realise that this procedure is not covered but can i still have coverage for all other aspects of my trip? Thanks amanda
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Hi Amanda, thanks for getting in contact. In order to accurately answer your question, I will need to look into your policy details. Please could you email me at hello@budgetdirect.com.au so I can follow this up for you. Alysse

I am going to Bally for 10 days, My friend payed 89.94. what does it include?as I want to get the same insurance
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Hi Galya, It is difficult for me to know what your friend has purchased without her policy details. However, to get a travel insurance quote please head to https://www.budgetdirect.com.au/travel-insurance.html. Alysse

I am booking tickets for a colleague who lives in Papua New Guinea. Can I use budget direct for his travel insurance?
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No please don't. You will be better off with other Travel insurance but not Budget Direct. They are horrible and irresponsible and after you buy cover pretty much they find ways to so that you were not covered for stuff you just bought... Stay away... Look at "travel insurance direct" Good luck... Hope it helpedProbably not most insurance purchased in Australia is for residents only and point of departure from Australia.Hi Scott, thanks for your question. Unfortunately Budget Direct Travel Insurance is only available to permanent residents of Australia, and must be purchased before departing for your trip. If you have any further questions, please email your contact details to hello@budgetdirect.com.au and we will be in touch. Alysse

I have a comprehensive policy with Budget Direct. I've bought and paid in full for flights to Ireland to attend a family wedding which has now been cancelled. Can I claim a refund of the tickets?
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Hi Roshel, thanks for getting in contact. In order for me to accurately answer your question, it is best that we get your details and have a look at your policy. Please could you email your policy number to hello@budgetdirect.com.au and we will be in touch shortly to discuss. Alysse

I just received this Email from the Hotel, Can I claim it on my insurance, I have already asked about this and no one has got back to me about it and now I get this email : Dear Allan, We are very sorry to inform you that your booking use promotion "Best Available Rate". Cancellation policy for this promotion is non-refundable. We tried to discuss with the hotel but this hotel is very stick about policy. So payment is non-refundable for cancellation. Refund and cancellation policy. Special tariff. Full prepayment required. Booking is non-refundable. No amendment allowed.
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Contact the insurance company and explain your circumstances

What is the cost for travel insurance for 2 persons aged 71 & 73 for 8 days cruising the Queensland coast?
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Hi Gary, In order to provide you with an accurate quote, it is best to speak to one of our Customer Service representatives. Please could you email you contact details and your preferred call back time to hello@budgetdirect.com.au and I will organise for someone to give you a call to help you get a quote. Alysse

I have had to cancel my hotel reservation in Thailand and they inform me that there is no refund as per hotel policy. Can I claim on my travel insurance ??
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Hi Allan, Thank you for your question. It is difficult for me to comment on your travel insurance cover without knowing your policy details, as it may depend on which level of cover you have purchased. Also, your current situation may affect the cover we provide, such as whether you are cancelling your reservation because you journey has been altered due to circumstances out of your control, or if you are cancelling because you have changed your mind. Please could you email your policy number and contact details to hello@budgetdirect.com.au and I will get someone to get in touch shortly. Alysse

My trip goes for 3 week in Asia. If I purchase this insurance for 2 weeks only, is it valid for the entire 2 weeks I am overseas? I am planning to return to Australia, just unsure which region I might travel to after the 2 weeks.
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purchase your overseas insurance for two weeks, if you return to Australia and are still travelling, just purchase a domestic policy . if still overseas still, purchase a new policy on-line for the remainder of your stay. this is slightly more expensive but it will cover you for the best of all your situations. ensure you get the right cover, for any activities you are doing, download and read pds, its worth the effort. Hi Cal56, If you’re unsure which region(s) you will be travelling to, it would be best to select the highest region out of the possibilities you are contemplating. For example, you may be travelling to either America or Bali, you should select the Worldwide region to ensure that you're covered if you decide to travel to America which is in the highest region out of these countries. In exceptional circumstances, we can 'upgrade' your policy to a higher region which can only be processed after a policy's start date. However, it is your responsibility to contact us to arrange the additional payment prior to departing to the higher region. Our Travel Insurance policies are designed to insure a journey (defined as beginning from the time you depart up until the time you return to your home within Australia), we don’t recommend purchasing a policy for only 2 weeks if you’re aware that you’ll be travelling for longer. Please contact us on 1800 062 750 if you have any further enquiries. Rachel

If I find myself in hospital as a result of a medical emergency during an overseas trip, do I have to pay the hospital and medical fees and then seek reimbursement under my policy, or does the insurer pay the hospital directly?
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Part 1 of 2 Thank you for your question Zirca; fortunately for us we had a safe holiday and carry cash in reserve for such a predicament as hospitalisation and or in-case medical fees had to be paid upfront… Please note; we are talking about America, not the Insurer! As I am unfamiliar with your particular policy, and know that you’d prefer a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, we are talking about Insurance companies, right!? Here, I can best advise you, just as I had done, to call Budget Direct Travel Insurance and personally speak to someone qualified in this area. In comparison, our claim was minor to a hypothetical Medical emergency situation, although I did ask those questions of them. I understand your scenario; and it is simple from the outside looking in… However, to answer you from an Insurers point of view, it’s a mine field, and it would be irresponsible of me, as a lay-person to interpret their policy clauses and speculate, even with the best of intensions.Part 2 of 2 Nonetheless; our Silver Plan cover with Budget Direct assured me; (given my hypothetical scenarios), that they would pay the Hospital one way or another (and the resumption of our journey within a certain time frame). However, there are the necessary phone calls to make and procedure to follow. All of which any ‘prior existing’ injury or illness will not be covered unless specified in their policy etc. and that goes for any Insurer across the board. Sorry I could not be more helpful to you Zirca, other than I would strongly advise anyone to always call the Insurer direct for absolute clarity and peace of mind. Please accept that I have had no experience in a claim of this nature and that a third person’s word means nothing in the scheme of things. Policies change as do peoples needs Cheers Angie

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