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3.8 from 264 reviews

Excellent company

This is first as we usually use bank offer. But as I didn’t buy trip through bank needed insurance from elsewhere. Checked several
other companies who were in a couple of cases twice as much as Direct. We use Direct for our house insurance as well and find them great.

Insurance claim madeNo

easy to use

first time used and happy with the results would recommend to my family and friends and would use it again

Insurance claim madeNo

Exact Travel Insurance I needed without any hassles

Never. This is my first time.
Exact Travel Insurance I needed without any hassles. Your review table needs updating though as it won't let you submit anything less than twenty words. Make it 20 characters!

Insurance claim madeNo

Didnt make a claim so cant rate it. It was an easy purchase though

This one time. It was easy to purchase online. Straight forward. I dont have anything else to say. 20 word minimum is a bit rough guys.

Insurance claim madeNo

Good peace of mind

This is the first time I have had travel insurance with this company. Fortunately didn't have to submit a claim but cover seemed to be very good. Will use again in the future.

Insurance claim madeNo

Purchase Experience

I purchased on line. The process was straightforward. After purchase I was unsure of one of my responses. I was given clarification using the chat facility. I then modified my policy and an adjusted certificate was issued. Very happy so far. Can’t make any comments on the claim process.

Insurance claim madeNo

Easy to purchase, didn’t need to use it though.

Never used before, first time. Price was right and we already have our cars and houses covered by real so it met what we needed and a familiar brand.

Insurance claim madeNo

5 out of 5

This is the first time I have used Budget Direct but not the last. I found the premium very well priced and easily applied

Insurance claim madeNo

Impossible outreach from South America

Couldn't use their doctors network in Argentina. Try to call to the number on the website (for medical service in South America) and couldn't get through. Hired the service in Brisbane before my trip, when I try to reach them from Argentina (through chat) they said I have to call to a number to be able to know what hospital to use...
Wouldn't use this travel ensurance if going to South America...

Insurance claim madeNo

Never received any communication

Never received confirmation or a PDS despite an email stating that I was going to receive one in 24 hours.

Insurance claim madeNo

First time using budget direct

As a first time user the process of getting travel insurance online was quick and easy, and the price seemed good in comparison.

Insurance claim madeNo

Too early to review policy

First time I have taken out a policy with BD, ask me to review next June after the trip. The policy seems reasonable, like all insurance policies you will not know good it is unless you need to make a claim

Insurance claim madeNo

I'm happy with it great stuff

this is the first time i use Budget so far I'm satisfied what I can see and I hope you much better what I've used

Insurance claim madeNo

Great customer service & good value

I decided to go with Budget for the first time because it was better value than the travel insurer I used previously, so glad I did. I ended up catching the flu whist I was travelling in Hong Kong, and had to go to hospital as an outpatient.
All together it cost be around $1,500 Dollars with all the tests, consultants and medication.

When I got back to Australia the first guy I talked to was super helpful, and once I completed the claim online I for a message back 2 week later telling me that I will getting around $1,300 back on the medical expenses (minus the excess).

Insurance claim madeYes

Very good

Have never used this travel insurance company before because I havent had many opportunities to travel before. This insurance is good so far because it was very simple and straight forward to use.

Insurance claim madeNo

excellent service

Twice I have used Budget Direct travel insurance. It is so easy to just call and request insurance. Easy to do and peace of mind. Thank you Budget Direct.

Insurance claim madeNo

Easy to use, cheap

Easy to use website, best price with best cover out there. Would recommend the company, however I haven't made a claim as yet, hopefully I won't need too though.

Insurance claim madeNo

Good value

Each time we travel overseas we always want peace of mind and while we have yet to lodge a claim, your reviews are good

Insurance claim madeNo

Good quick easy comprehensive

Easy to read easy to understand and easy to interpret - liked the full disclosure of the terms just easy

Insurance claim madeNo

Great Service

This was my first time using travel insurance and was handy to know how easy it was to use even though i didn't get around to using it fortunately it was awesome to know it would have been easy to do.

Insurance claim madeNo

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Questions & Answers

My husband and I are going on holidays from 9/9/19 to 30/10/19. We are going to Norway, Finland,Sweden,Denmark,Iceland,Spain, Italy. We won’t be doing any dangerous snow activities, only a group glacial 2 hour walk, car hire in Iceland and self guided easy walks in Spain and Italy. We are both retired, so we don’t need any insurance to cover missed work days. We were wondering if you could suggest a full comprehensive insurance for us during this time. Thank you. Sue
No answers

Planning to travel overseas next year and main concern is the obvious possibility of a 103 year old very close relative dying. She is currently in excellent health and still very able to move around on her own but as with most elderly people, she does take prescribed medication for blood pressure. Does your cancellation policy cover such unforeseen events?
1 answer
Perhaps you should direct this question to Budget Direct. https://www.budgetdirect.com.au/travel-insurance/compare-travel-options.html

Hi,I am international student living in Australia for 4 years , I am planning to travel to my country for 1 month and come back to Australia again, the last minute travel insurance could cover my wife and me ?
1 answer
Hello, please see our frequently asked questions to see if our cover will suit you needs or contact us on 1800 444 424. https://www.budgetdirect.com.au/travel-insurance/travel-insurance-faqs.html#who-can-purchase

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