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Feeling dissatisfied

Have been buying gluten free soy-Lin bread in 650gm pack, new pack 500gm at same price and bread is really dry texture. Very disappointed, why the change, will now look for an alternative product.

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths for $7.00.

Disappointed with flavour and size of new gluten free bread

This was my favourite gluten free bread and I was happy to pay the higher price as it was a great product both for sandwiches and toast. But now, not only is the bread dry, but the size of the slice is way too thick. As this bread is expensive compared with other brands I won’t be buying it again in its current form. Such bad timing as Vegemite is now available gluten free.

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths for $7.00.

So disappointed....

My supermarket told me when my favourite bread - Burgen (Gluten Free) range - was not on the shelf that the company were changing packaging. Bought it yesterday, I am eating my toast now. So disappointed as it is so so dry! I have always loved my Burgen bread as not only it has been great for toast but that you can eat sandwiches - NOT toasted - the bread still soft a couple of days after opening the packet. Can’t believe the company have done this......

New Recipe fails to impress

This was our favourite bread and worth paying the extra $2 from its competitors until the recipe change. The change now sees this bread join the ranks or the less superior brands. The drier consistency means toasting and using bread a few days old only results in eating dry crumbs. The slightly doughy and moist recipe of old was perfect holding the bread together. This alone stood this bread out from its competitors and made the price tag acceptable. Now you may as well buy the cheaper brands.

Horrible new recipe

New recipe, disgusting, dry, crumbly, tasteless. Will never buy again. Sorry, this is the most backward step in baking bread. Price has stayed the same but slices decreased, goodbye Burgen.

You made a bad call on new recipe

Why change the gluten free recipe when it was the best out there. New recipe is horrid will not buy again

Bring back original recipe

Don’t like the new “improved recipe”
Why change a quality product into crap???
Dry and tasteless!!!
Burgen have reduced the volume of product 650g now 500g do you think we are idiots???
Double plastic packaging WTH !!!
Evironmentally devastating and not appropriate for today’s society
Definitely won’t be buying this product again unless the original Soy Lin re appears on the shelves

New recipe very disappointing

Finally I had found a GF bread that was enjoyable, but now that the recipe has changed it is just the same as other supermarket GF breads - dry. Why did you change the recipe? Was it for health reasons? If not then it was a big mistake. You will lose customers.

Crumbled to pieces

Just tried the new recipe version of this bread and it's a total waste of money. The slices literally crumbled into pieces like a pile of bread crumbs. Couldn't eat it as is or even toasted. The slices wouldn't separate and it was so dry.

New recipe is horrible.

Up until recently this was the best gluten free bread on the market. It was moist and dense. The company drastically changed its recipe and packaging. It is now dry, brittle with the texture of chalk. Bad move Burgen. You've lost a loyal family.

I hate the NEW recipe - it’s a disaster!

I have bought the Burgen GF loaves for a long time and was horrified to see that not only have they ruined the bread (it’s too dry, tasteless and crumbly to use for sandwiches or toast now), it’s also put in TWO layers of environmentally unfriendly soft plastic! Who does that!? I am so upset. It was the only supermarket gluten free bread worth buying, now it’s as bad as all the others.

New receipe is very dissappointing.

I agree with many of these reviews. For years I have enjoyed gf soy-lin as my favourite and loved the way the slices were equal in size. I could leave it in the fridge for a week, make great sandwiches and a peanut butter sandwich stood the test to take hiking. The new recipe lacks taste and texture. Now forced to use another brand. Please bring back the old recipe

Won't buy again

For years I have been buying and recommending Burgen GF bread but never again with this new recipe - it is awful - one sold in Aldi for $3.99 is much more palatable - sorry

Bring Back The OLD Recipe

I loved the old recipe especially toasted, my whole family loved it and have been eating for last 5 years BUT they just changed the recipe and it’s horrible! The new recipe is dry and cardboard like. Hate it. Won’t ever buy it again. If they change it back to original I will buy it every day. We used to eat 1 -2 lives per day. So disappointing! Why would you change the best bread in the world????? SAD ☹️

New recipe for gluten free bread is very disappointing

I used to love your gluten free Soy-Lin bread, but your new recipe is horrible. It is tasteless, and crumbly when put into the toaster. It has no flavour at all. Will not be buying this again unless you revert to the old recipe.

New recipe and packaging is a huge fail

New recipe is dry, tasteless, airy and just seems stale. Burgen gluten free bread was a favourite however will not be buying again unless the old recipe and packaging is brought back.

Not happy Jan!

I absolutely loved the old tasting recipe. I could leave in fridge and it would stay soft and fresh all week. The new recipe may be larger in size but it lacks flavour and is dry. Even toasted it's dry. As a coeliac I was delighted when I finally found a delicious bread for sandwiches that I didn’t have to zap in the microwave beforehand. Soy-Lin was my favourite but loved all the gluten free Burgen range. Unfortunately I will not be buying Burgen gluten free breads again. The problem is I don’t like any of the other brands and have tried them all. I did like another brand a few years ago but stopped buying once the recipe changed the slices bigger and packaging like the new Burgen packaging. Not sure if Burgen has just followed the other brands to get a bigger slice. Please bring back the old recipe with the new packaging. I will eat salads and substitute bread with gf wraps and rice cakes rather than eat any of the available gf brands :(


First time I've had this bread and it was only because my sister in law gave it to me. I'm glad she did. It is absolutely yummy yum yum...Thank you for this product.....God bless.

Best bread

Moist yummy high protein bread that doesn’t require butter to give it taste. Confused by reviews of uneven slices/ mould as have purchased this bread continuously over the last 8 years and have never seen this . Perhaps down to the storage principles of some supermarkets?

Wet, wet, wet

I agree with other correspondents that the bread is wet, slices tear when pulled apart and therefore cannot be toasted. I have taken the entire loaf out of the packet and still could not get the slices to separate easily.
The bread is placed on the shelves from the refrigerator and the shop assistant sticks on the used by date as he/she packs the shelves. Often there is upto10 day’s shelf life. This is far greater than the normal breads that makes me query what is in it. Nevertheless it does not dry out it just goes mouldy.
I seem to recollect that it was t like this until recently although maybe I am using another brand.
It is strange that the manufactures do not provide their name or location where this bread is produced.

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Does this bread contain nuts
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Does anyone know if Burgen has changed the recipe of soylin bread? The last two loaves I have bought have been much less soft & moist than usual. So disappointing! Many thanks....
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Unless they see a marketing advantage (eg "Now salt free" or "Reduced fat") I don't think they would make recipe changes public. One way to get them to change is first to acknowledge something good about the product... (eg "It has good texture") but then to make your point "Too dry"... or "too salty" ... Please fix to make the product better...

I have never had a problem since my niece introduced, me to burgen soy linseed bread. However over the last 6 weeks the bread is going mouldy under a week. I am a pensioner ,unable to get to get to Coles for a refund. I am paying top dollar for a loaf of bread that last 3 days, if I am lucky. Do I have to look for an alternate bread.
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I am no longer buying this bread because it was sticking together and making holes in each sliceTried again this week, with a different store, however I will not be buying, Burgen Soy linseed again. I have not been able to find a customer care number or address that I could tell them of the problem. Has anybody else had this problem.I have promoted burgen bread for almost 2 years as the best gluten free bread on the market BUT recently it has been going moldy within a couple of days and long before the useby date. I have looked in line to see where I can write to the company but can't find anything. $7 a loaf and you have to throw away half of it.

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