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Bulk Powders Australia

Bulk Powders Australia

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Package Damaged and Returned to Auspost

The postie came with a leaking package which I refused to sign for, totally Ausposts fault for disregarding the huge Fragile sign on the package but they won't take responsibility, so at the end of the day the customer is the only one losing out.
I emailed Bulk Powders with my order number and details and got no response. The postie informed me the next day that they were returning it to the sender so I am without the goods and out of pocket with no communication from the Bulk Powders. I had to re-order and spend more money. I'm crossing my fingers that this time (with insurance) the product arrives intact and I have not wasted my money again.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Average Product & Poor Customer Service

I have ordered protein powders from this company a couple of times before & was happy with the delivery & product. This time I ordered BCAA powder in addition to my protein powder & received it promptly. No issues so far. Upon trying the BCAA powder, I found that the mixability & taste of the product wasn't good at all & emailed their customer service enquiring about their returns process. All I wanted was a store credit so I could choose a different product instead of the one I received. The rep [name removed] who replied back was least helpful & tried to fob off responsibility saying the product was better tasting than the raw version & I should give that a try! Although, I clearly mentioned that I wasn't happy with the product, he made no efforts to address my concerns & didnt even bother replying when I mentioned that I was disappointed with their service.
I have shopped with other supplement companies (AminoZ) that happily take back products (they paid for return shipping as well) & provided refunds when I haven't been happy with a purchase. I guess I'll go back to ordering with them in future.

Hey Raj; We’ve reviewed the correspondence with our customer services; As our customer rep mentioned, you need to be comparing apples with apples and if have never experienced the product in pure form (raw or flavoured) then it can be difficult to pass judgment on the subjective subject of taste, this BCAA product has been in our range for 8 years with many happy customers reordering it. This issue with taste is it is very subjective and what may taste nice to one person, may not to another. Let’s be honest most raw supplement powders naturally don’t taste great, therefore before we release any formulated product we ensure the taste is very acceptable and the best it can be for that product type whilst still maintaining the products integrity and potency. As we operate manufacturer direct to the consumer we stand by our products and unfortunately, we don’t accept personal “taste” as a reason to accept a return. We also offer products in different sizes which allows the customer to try a smaller size if unfamiliar with the product or taste.I also mentioned mixability in addition to taste & the product just doesnt mix well. In any case, if a customer is unhappy with the product, I believe its good customer service to offer to take it back and allow them to choose a different product. Its not like I am going to send back an half empty bag. I have barely had two scoops. A lot of other retailers follow this practice. You need to review your returns policy if you dont want to lose repeat customers.

No free gift

I deliberately ordered a lot so as to get the free gift & I never got it. Really angry at this false advertising!

Hi Tina. We hope you enjoyed the $28.00 discount you received on this order. The free gift offer is fully controlled by the user prior to purchasing, once your order meets the free gift rule the user is prompted by links and pop-ups to select and add a free item to the cart. Unfortunately we cant manually add these to any order and any deal, discount or offer must be applied to the order before checking out.Yes im aware and I selected the Glutamine gift but never recieved it!!Hi Tina, thanks for the reply, if you could please refer back to your invoice you'll see there is no gift added to the product list, these are the same details our dispatch crew receives when pick packing orders. Because you used a discount code this may have dropped your order value under the free gift offer, if your order value at any time fails to meet the free gift rule, any free give will be automatically removed from the cart. If you then add more items to your cart and the value triggers the free gift again, you'll need to select the gift and add to cart. Hope this better explains that every thing is fully automated and controlled by the users actions.


One of the products was contaminated with bits of plastic. I emailed them to inform them but never heard back.

Not buying from them again.

Hey Bear, we respond to all emails within 24 hours or less, we're always here to assist, there are no emails of this nature in our inbox. Plastic contamination is impossible given our HACCP plan and food safety programs in place. A contamination would see multiple inquirers of this nature; however this seems to be an isolated concern you have. Feel free to provide more details to our customer serves team helpdesk@bulkpowders.com.au or call us at 1300 BULK 00.I sent an email with a pic of the plastic involved and never received a reply. It was several months ago.Feel free to provide more details to our customer serves team helpdesk@bulkpowders.com.au

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Questions & Answers

do you have a distributor in nz
No answers

Do you know when femme tone chocolate will be available?
1 answer
Hi Redboy, it would best to email this question directly to the customer service team at helpdesk@bulkpowders.com.au

Are you shipping from NZ? Ordering mct power and wonder how long to deliver to Christchurch central? Thanks
1 answer
Hi there, you can order from our NZ online store https://www.bulkpowders.co.nz generally from the time your order is received, processed, dispatch and delivered takes 2-3 working days.

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