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Bulk Powders Australia

Bulk Powders Australia

4.8 from 1,106 reviews

Very consistent and reliable service

I'm consistently satisfied with the product I receive, the ordering system and the promptness of delivery. It's hard to fault Bulkpowders. The only (minor) criticism I have is that a couple of orders ago I was supposed to receive a free gift which never came.

Product Quality
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Very Good for the Price.

Easy to navigate the site and got my protein quickly. The range is big, I've only bought WPI at this stage but look forward to trying other products. All in all I'm satisfied with the product so far and will come back as long as the quality stays high and the price is low.

Product Quality
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Value for money

Good pricing compared with similar companies, Very nice packaging with all the nutritional values on them. I gave them 4 star because you can't ask them for samples even to buy.

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Very easy to use well description of productions let's see how it works.

Quiet easy to navigate through the whole site even sign up stage. Website is very user friendly. All product descriptions where fantastic can't wait to order more products thank you

Product Quality
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No digestion problem

It was easy to navigate the store and find what I wanted.
I've just ordered the second package of different range.
I'm not expert but the pakcge and delivery was very good.

Product Quality

Great products

I found it easy to navigate and select and order products through the website. Products come in good condition and easy to read instructions.

good prices!

Website is easy to use and has excellent prices and my emails with questions have been responded to quickly.
Lots of options for preworkout ingredients/ proteins /etc. to suit any athletes needs. thumbs up!

Very impressive product and business

The site is great, although it would be much easier if the products were in alphabetical order once you do a search. It takes a while to find my specific product and they do seem to run out of the vanilla flavor quite often.
Otherwise though, I can't fault the site or the product. The product itself is very tasty and is doing the job I require in regard to building up muscle. Their point system is also great and adds to some really good savings on order. Finally, their shipping and delivery out outstanding.

Good Value

The store was easy to navigate and the products are good quality, the flavour was good but a little powdery. he price is really good.

Great meal replacement

I blend 30mg with a banana and soy milk for breakfast, and it keeps me full until lunch. It’s a bit sweet but does the trick and blends really well.

Cheap and good quality!

It was easy to find the products that I wanted which was super helpful!
The range is great and covers all the bases. I would like for there to be creatine in a tablet form, just for convenience.
The products are great and im sure I'll be back when im done with these! I got the mass gainer in strawberry and chocolate, AA plus, creatine creapure, glucosamine and dextrose monohydrate and found that they were all great quality.

This is a necessity in my life

The easiest website ever, looked up what I wanted and it came with no troubles, paying was also easy. I will definitely buy more from this website in the near future.

Packaging for brown rice protein and pea protein.

Both the brown rice and pea proteins seem very good. My only gripe is with the packaging. The sides of the pack seem to squeeze in, making it a bit difficult to get a spoon in to remove the powder. Given the "powdery" nature of the products, pouring it out would create a lot of dust. Even using a spoon generated sufficient dust to make me cough.

Easy orders

Easy to find and order. The postage charge is a bit of a pain. I would prefer to get free postage than points. This is important if you are reordering something on a regular basis.

Use it everyday!!

love the vegan protein powder use it in breakfast or postworkout smoothies and even desserts.
keep coming back for more
Good Product,Affordable, fast Delivery! = Happy Customer

Quick Postage - Good Product

Store was easy to navigate and pay.
Product is very good, no nasty aftertaste.
My only wish was that there was some flavour options for the Hemp Protein, as while the taste is not bad it is very bland (but MUCH better than others I have tried, no bad taste at all).

Amazing taste and blends pretty well

The store itself was easy to navigate, although a bit laggy when opening menus etc (probably just my internet connection though).

The vegan protein powder blend is fantastic. Every other vegan protein I've tried has tasted, to put it mildly, like garbage. This one blends pretty well and tastes just fine.

Overall, very satisfied. 4/5 would buy again.

Seems to be working okay

Good product that seems to be doing okay. The Tri CreAtine is not as powdered as the mono Creatine but easy enough to take with water.

High quality products and excellent range

The set up of the website is perfect for searching for what you want with several options of categories to browse in.

The range of products is very suitable with a lot of things I was unfamiliar with, but the website contains satisfactory information helping you understand the mechanisms of each individual product.

The quality of the products I am very happy with they taste good and are refined properly compared to other companies I've experienced.

Sustained Release Protein

It’s great very smooth and filling, vanilla flavouring is subtle. Husbsnd is super happy with the product. Thank you for a great product.

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Questions & Answers

do you have a distributor in nz
No answers

Do you know when femme tone chocolate will be available?
1 answer
Hi Redboy, it would best to email this question directly to the customer service team at helpdesk@bulkpowders.com.au

Are you shipping from NZ? Ordering mct power and wonder how long to deliver to Christchurch central? Thanks
1 answer
Hi there, you can order from our NZ online store https://www.bulkpowders.co.nz generally from the time your order is received, processed, dispatch and delivered takes 2-3 working days.

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