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Bulk Powders Australia

Bulk Powders Australia

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Bodybuilding, weightlifting or just wanting to maintain a better health while keeping fit.

The BP webpage is an extremely easy to use online store for my training supplements. From the added free postage when you spend $150 or more to sweeten purchases to the BP$ you accumulate for discount on future purchases I find it very hard to think of buying the products BP sells from any other vendor. The top quality products with the low cost of packaging equates to more money in my pocket after I purchase my training supplements.

BP's range of products is adequate to suit most needs. The products themselves are of a very high standard, easily consumed and mix well with any beverage.

The postage and handling is quite fast with a timer that reflects when the dispatched goods are going to be shipped..!

Their communication after sales is great and very important to me.

All in all until I find a better outlet for my training sup's I will continue to use and shop online with Bulk Powders Australia..!

Well done BPA!!!!

Tastes like cardboard ground into dust

Sorry chief but this is pretty well inedible. It is tasteless yet somehow offensive. The Pure pea protein is way better.

Total lack of customer service

Placed an order with Bulk Powders which was lost in the mail. Totally understand that this can occur. The most disappointing factor was the total lack of customer service from here on. BP tried to finds reasons as to why the parcel went missing, all in correct. Not once did they offer to chase the tracking number up from their side, nor did they make an effort to contact myself via phone when requested. Their was absolutely no care for the customer in the circumstances, and no effort BP to aid in finding the package. Do not buy from!

As reliable as Australia Post is, unfortunately errors or mistakes do occur and is why we offer customers several delivery options including a fully secure, traceable, insurable and signature required delivery service. Customers selecting the insecure express post option will be presented with a disclaimer and waver; whereby the customer must confirm they fully accept all risk and responsibility allied with this high risk delivery service. We further explain that we do not recommend the Australian Post Express delivery service and strongly recommend all customers use our standard delivery option as it is fully traceable with regular email and sms updates that requires the receiver to sign for the delivery.Like stated once again BPs, understandable that parcels going missing. The TOTAL LACK OF CONCERN and CUSTOMER SERVICE once this had occur was the greatest concern for myself as a customer. No empathy displayed towards the customer. No effort at all to try and help in locating the parcel. No effort to try and contact the customer via phone when requested by the customer. In fact all Bulk Powders proceeded to do was make a false allegation regarding the address (due to looking on google maps), or make other excuses as to why the customer was at fault. Like stated earlier, understandable that parcels go missing. The TOTAL LACK OF CONCERN or CUSTOMER SERVICE is the greatest matter that I am stating. You are still trying to do that now!

Unable to contact anyone.

Ordered 2 packs of Acetyl L-carnitine - both packs one hard lump with spoon set in like concrete. Tried to phone goes to message bank, tried to message goes to blank page. This is the only way I can contact.

Hey Karlene, if you have a concern our customer service team is contactable via helpdesk@bulkpowders.com.au or via the contact us page form. Cheers BP Crew!I shouldn't have to contact, why would you send the packs when it was obvious they were hard as rocks. Now I am up for return postage to get product I should have received in the first place.

Never again unfortunately

Was really excited to use this brand as had tried and loved. Website is easy to use and like idea of loyalty program.. BUT unfortunately when I went to use the shaker, it was leaking out of a very this crack within the grooved part.
Contacted straight away with a photo and was told that $7 was placed on my account. Great except postage is the same amount and I'd already paid postage and received a faulty product. Pointed this out to them and was promptly accused of breaking the shaker (had been in my possession for 3 days and just opened and used when realised broken), it was also suggested that it could've been broken in transit but it was wrapped in 2 layers of bubble wrap so also find that hard to believe.
As someone who shops online for EVERYTHING, I understand things don't always go to plan, but every company I have ever dealt with has always worn the cost if product is faulty.

Oh and they also tried to use the excuse "you received $10 off your order anyway" ummm yes that's their promo hence why I joined the mailing list - earning the $10 off. Not sure what that even had to do with anything.


I am also happy to post the email thread if anyone is thinking about buying or not, I'd go with another company as they are so rude if anything goes wrong! I'm disgusted. Have just received an aggressive email from them for doing this honest review detailing exactly what happened.It’s disappointing for us to see a customer who receives $17,00 in store credit, take a vindictive review path because they disagree with the terms and conditions that every other customer is happy to abide by for the past 10 years.Update: they have refunded the $7 and closed my account with them. Tad dramatic for an online shop but I'm happy as I will never shop with them again after this anyway. At the end of the day all I wanted was the item replaced without me being out of pocket but they would rather argue over it. Just to reiterate - my first order received a $10 credit as per their promo. I ordered 1kg of protein and a shaker and signed up with them and on their mailing list. They then placed a $7 credit on my account instead of replacing the shaker, leaving me to pay postage. AGAIN. So the $7 came after the order was complete. There was never once $17 on my account at the one time. Jesus Christ what a headache........


Good Product Staff Extremely Rude. Too busy to even finish my questions. I will order elsewhere which is a shame as i was looking for larger quantities.

Go elsewhere where!!!!

Product sent damaged they weren't the least bit helpful as well as tasting like dry plaster. Not mentioning the week and a half for delivery to Sydney cbd. Go elsewhere plenty of other company's.

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Hey Patrick. Our customer serve team did welcome you to return the item. Here’s a copy and paste from the email should you wish to revisit the offer; if your unhappy with the item you can secure it by tapping up the small hole, bubble wrapping it and securely returning it to: PO BOX 30 Braeside 3195, we can then store credit you for the returned product. This is very much a standard consumer option in Australia. As we did not hear back from you we assumed the small hole was not overly concerning enough for you to return the item, especially given the outer packaging was not compromised or damaged and the powder remains usable. As your order came in at 5.30pm we dispatched your order the next day and it was available in your parcel locker within 4 days. Please also note as you have ordered the raw unflavoured micellar casein, you can only expect a bland dry powder, not just from us but from any brand or supplier it’s just how the product is. If your unfamiliar with raw unflavoured protein powders, it’s always best to choose a flavored option. If you require further assistance with returning the item, please respond to yesterday’s email.

Bad product + bad customer service

I purchased a intrawork out BCAA watermelon flavour. Now let me start I am a forma professional boxer and have taken literally thousands of BCAA's. After receiving the product I tasted it and all I could taste was sodium with some watermelon flavour. I didn't think too much of it until 2 weeks later I was a big ballon of water! I thought that there must of been some kind of mishap with the product while it was being made, after contacting Bulk powders with my problem I was spoken to Rudely like I had taken a personal dig at the company, then proceeded to receive a harsh email on my report as there product is top of the range!
Customer service poor!
Product poor!

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Firstly thank you for taking the time to share your experience. With hundreds of boxing and mma customers both amateur and professional we understand the importance in making weight and the need to drop water. It’s unfortunate you had this experience with the product you ordered, the product selected was not a pure BCAA supplement. Our Intra Pro BCAA supplement http://www.bulkpowders.com.au/intra-pro-bcaas.html contains a series of amino acids, electrolytes (salts), vitamins and minerals. Individuals sensitive to salts and water retention would be better suited to a standalone raw BCAA supplement. All our products come with detailed descriptions and nutritional profiles and our customer service team is on-line everyday to help refine product selection or to answer questions within 12-24 hours. We’re here to help!

Value products

Easy to understand site without the confusion often presented with multiple links.
Reasonable value on what are sometimes hard to get products.
Straight forward payment gateways and delivery systems that are timely.
Repeat customer.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Highly Nutritious

First time order from BP. Quick delivery. Ordered the Hemp Protein Powder Raw and Stevia. Drops. Use both in my smothie and I feel great and it tastes delicious with my Maca Powder and banana.

Return Claim MadeNo

Very Good for the Price.

Easy to navigate the site and got my protein quickly. The range is big, I've only bought WPI at this stage but look forward to trying other products. All in all I'm satisfied with the product so far and will come back as long as the quality stays high and the price is low.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Highly Recommend!

The pea protein powder tastes great and mixes well with prompt delivery! The price is very affordable I will definitely order again. There is a great range of products something for everyone.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Quick delivery, quality product

Have brought these products from BP several times. The free shipping option is great and always arrives quickly and the quality of the things I’ve tried so far is good

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Valued and fast

Delivered as promised. It was fast and reliable. Would never pay more ever again. Good reward system. The store has very good product range. The interface is very easy to navigate and use.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Great alternative protein powder

Got the vanilla flavour. Cheap for what you get.It mixes well, taste great and not too sweet. Im vert satisfied and will def buy another set. Highly recommend and fast delivery too

Return Claim MadeNo


Great communication for first time orders and letting me know where they were up to.
Think it is a great product to order on line with its speedy low cost delivery

Return Claim MadeNo

Great service and quality product.

My husband and I ordered the Vegan Protein Powder, we wanted something less expensive than products we'd previously been using and wanted to give this a try.

The website made it easy to find the product we wanted, easy to order and we think it's well priced, much better than the others we've tried. The delivery was prompt and we received our order within a couple of days or so.

The product itself is very good, we got Vanilla because you can't really go wrong with that. We have it in our porridge and make shakes or sometimes blend it in a smoothie with some fruit. It's as good as any other plant based protein powder, better because it isn't overpriced.

For us it's ideal because it has the full amino profile, being plant based that's what we're always looking for and I was able to find that information on the website.

It's the best we've tried so far, I am actually about to order a couple more kilo's of it now.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Easy straightforward transaction

Website is well laid out, good search engine, excellent range of products. This is my first order so will see how quality goes. Have ordered the organic pea, hemp and rice proteins to make a mix, would buy the Vegan mix but try an avoid Soy were I can.

Return Claim MadeNo

Most there products are unavailable and payments are troublesome i tried purchasing over $300 6 months gave up with page

Average quality value for price and is easily shipped to New Zealand better than dealing directly with China. But website needs improvements especially around payments have had better experience with steriod websites.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

This is fantastic

I was very impressed with this product and I did feel like it was very well priced. I would highly recommend this to others. I’ve added it into my shakes with other products. You can barely taste it.

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Questions & Answers

Do you know when femme tone chocolate will be available?
1 answer
Hi Redboy, it would best to email this question directly to the customer service team at helpdesk@bulkpowders.com.au

Are you shipping from NZ? Ordering mct power and wonder how long to deliver to Christchurch central? Thanks
1 answer
Hi there, you can order from our NZ online store https://www.bulkpowders.co.nz generally from the time your order is received, processed, dispatch and delivered takes 2-3 working days.

Can u please send me the nutritional profile for NATURALLY FORMULATED WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE chocolate i would like to see the exact carbs and sugar contents thankyou
2 answers
Hi will let u know when I receive it should b a few days just ordered my first lotOk thanks

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