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Unsubstantiated Organic claims - BP refuse to provide Organic certification ID

I've spent about $1000 with BP over the past year. My problem first started when one of my organic hemp proteins arrived with a split in the bag. Bulk Powders denied me my consumer rights to refund or replacement. They weren't prepared to refund or re send an undamaged bag. Insisting that a split bag does not warrant "damaged".
I was already suspicious of their organic status, and the shoddy customer service just elevated my suspicions. BP had previously claimed the Organic Chlorella was USDA cert and EURO cert organic. However, none of the products have any certification stamp or cert ID. Only the words "Organic" on the label. When I raised this with them they refused to provide any certification ID or proof that the products are organic - ACCC requires Organic claims must be substantiated. Certified organic claims must provide proof that what they claim is true.

I received a threatening email from BP stating that if I do not remove this review then they will sue for defamation. I replied asking them to provide me with their USDA and Euro Cert ID for the chlorella product I bought. If they provide proof then I'll gladly update the review as appropriate.

Strangely, it's far easier to provide their cert ID than it is to go back and forth and threaten legal action. I hear it's expensive to gain organic cert, and all products print the cert ID on the packaging. Except BP...

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https://www.aco.net.au/Pages/Search/ClientDetails.aspx?id=e2b681f2-e2cf-4197-9068-c2e3d8dc0400 Accusations made by this person are absurd and unfounded. This customer failed in its PayPal dispute after PayPal was provided with supporting Organic Transfer Certifications. These actions are vexatious and defamatory in an attempt to extort a refund. Such actions should not be supported by the product review website administrator and removed.

Online traumatised shopping experience

So Im on the hunt for a nice low lactose sometimes I opt for vegan choc protein powder. I’ve tried numerous brands online & in store, however when the protein powder was delivered to me it arrived with a hole through the protein bag, the protein powder was everywhere and the parcel seemed to have been repackaged twice. When I reached out to the team so they could organise a replacement, they questioned the validity of my package opening skills they asked if it could have been myself that opened the bag recklessly I found this very rude. If i did by any chance happen to have done that which I didn’t, I would of just kept it placed it in a jar however as it arrived damaged and exposed, I do not want risk any source of contamination of any sort. So many products are labelled do not consume if opened already. They did not want to provide me with a exchange, they said it’s not there problem. Apart from them falsely accusing me of damaging the parcel I had to pay for the damaged item to be sent back to them with tracking and also had to pay for postage again for the replacement item to be sent back to me. I had high hopes for them but at this rate not even low hopes would of cut it. I will never be buying from them again horrible and rude customer service. I ordered my item on the 9th Sep, I have finally received a replacement 10th Oct, with my extra out of pocket expense after receiving a faulty item.

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We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience Grace, It was unfortunate that Australia Post damaged your goods during transit. As you are aware we offer customers the option to cover their delivery with in-transit insurance as Australia Post doesn't automatically insure the delivery unless the customer has opted for the insurance service. Nonetheless, we still offered to absorb the cost of the damaged product in addition to you receiving a $10 discount. We also appreciate your work supplying the express post bag to help absorb the cost of the delivery.

Horrible texture - extremely chalky. Does not mix well.

Purchased the vanilla vegan protein powder, made it according to the instructions and the taste and texture is horrible. This protein powder is one of the worst I’ve tried unfortunately. Contacted Bulk Powders and they will not refund or exchange the product.

Items recieved were less than a week before used by date expired.

Misleading advertising.
The price was slightly discounted and the reason was not mentioned on the website.
It is supposed to be a vegan product and yet it mentions on the bag that it is made on an assembly line that may contain traces of egg.
It also mentions that it is made from local and imported ingredients, the website says Australian.
Customer Support kept trying to stall my request for a return and refund.
Will never do business with them again.
Most disappointed.

These guys are criminals

Was buying from these guys for a while but they sent me the wrong product and refuse to take it back. Customer service is beyond bad. Pretty sure what they are doing is illegal. Go elsewhere, you have been warned..

Avoid at all cost

Extreme rude and attack customers.
Unable to verify product claims, instead sledge other companies and claim customers buy into marketing.
Plenty of places to buy quality products from customer focused companies who will back up their claims.

Lousy contact service

I was able to place the first order with it much fuss but the second order was impossible even though none of my details have changed. I won’t buy from these idiots ever again

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Hey Mik - We're always online to attend to our customers needs, had we simply received a quick message, we would of had a chance to point out there is an error in your address suburb. Given our system integrates with Australia Post to ensure deliver efficiency, the suburb needs to 100% correct and complete. "Mt" is unacceptable as the correct suburb recognised by Australian Post is Mount Egerton for post code 3352. It would great if you could removed this review and in the future please contact helpdesk@bulkpowders.com.au for assistance.

Inferno will steal your soul

I am not altogether sure what added extra is in this product but both myself and my wife experienced what could only be described as, as psychosis within 30 minutes of taking a recommended dose. I persisted and found even half a dose far to heavy on my head. I am well versed in pharmacology and I can only ascertain that this product has some added extra or cleverly worded caveat. The existing reviews appear to be astroturfed at best.

Worst Customer Serice Ever

Bought some supplements on the 7th of December, 2017. Spent a total of $85.00 thinking their supplements are good and I am getting a good deal. The top right hand of their website tells us when the next order will be dispatched and when I bought mine, it was showing next delivery in few hours on the same day.

I noticed that I did not get any information about the shipment or dispatch of my supplements even though full payment was done 3 days ago. Went to their website to login to my account and check the status of my order but could not login at all. Was getting a message "Account is not active". Tried calling them a lot of times but their phones just keep on hanging up on me so I sent them an email. I finally get a rude reply from their customer service after 24 hours. This guy here is telling me that they've taken my money but deactivated my account just because of some reviews and they will not ship my order but mentions nothing about provifing a refund. I reply to him advising him that he is confusing my order with someone else but to date no reply from this company and the worst part is I haven't received my supplements or refund after 7 days of paying for them.

Their customer service is the most pathetic I've come across and it is very hard to contact them. And they are really good at deactivating your account so you have no idea of what is happening to your order. I've read similar reviews about them here from other people but only after I've already paid them. These guys need to be made to close down their business if they continue such practices. I still haven't got my refund from them. Can anyone give me some ideas on how to get them to refund me? Oh and if you are thinking how these guys are getting good reviews. They offer people to leave good reviews for a chance to win some free credit to buy their supplements. So they are basically paying people to leave good reviews!!! Do not buy from them!!!!

User originally opened multiple account and was found to be in breach of website terms of use, unfortunately due to the misconduct their account was suspended. User again tried to open another new account under a different name, given their original breach, their order was canceled and refunded via the pay pal process. We have a zero policy for the misuse of our website and services.What are you going on about? I was told that my account has been deactivated and asked to remove some review from Product Review Australia. Not sure what you are talking about but you certainly were pressuring someone to remove their review and that's against ACCC's guidelines. You need to stop making things up and just inform customers that you cannot supply their supplements on time instead of making excuses. I still have not received any refund and I have proof of that so you can stop with your lies. Fix your website, your phones and most important your customer service instead of blaming customers. You need to communicate with your customers better. I am not the only one complaining about this and you know very well.

Total lack of customer service

Placed an order with Bulk Powders which was lost in the mail. Totally understand that this can occur. The most disappointing factor was the total lack of customer service from here on. BP tried to finds reasons as to why the parcel went missing, all in correct. Not once did they offer to chase the tracking number up from their side, nor did they make an effort to contact myself via phone when requested. Their was absolutely no care for the customer in the circumstances, and no effort BP to aid in finding the package. Do not buy from!

As reliable as Australia Post is, unfortunately errors or mistakes do occur and is why we offer customers several delivery options including a fully secure, traceable, insurable and signature required delivery service. Customers selecting the insecure express post option will be presented with a disclaimer and waver; whereby the customer must confirm they fully accept all risk and responsibility allied with this high risk delivery service. We further explain that we do not recommend the Australian Post Express delivery service and strongly recommend all customers use our standard delivery option as it is fully traceable with regular email and sms updates that requires the receiver to sign for the delivery.Like stated once again BPs, understandable that parcels going missing. The TOTAL LACK OF CONCERN and CUSTOMER SERVICE once this had occur was the greatest concern for myself as a customer. No empathy displayed towards the customer. No effort at all to try and help in locating the parcel. No effort to try and contact the customer via phone when requested by the customer. In fact all Bulk Powders proceeded to do was make a false allegation regarding the address (due to looking on google maps), or make other excuses as to why the customer was at fault. Like stated earlier, understandable that parcels go missing. The TOTAL LACK OF CONCERN or CUSTOMER SERVICE is the greatest matter that I am stating. You are still trying to do that now!

Unable to contact anyone.

Ordered 2 packs of Acetyl L-carnitine - both packs one hard lump with spoon set in like concrete. Tried to phone goes to message bank, tried to message goes to blank page. This is the only way I can contact.

Hey Karlene, if you have a concern our customer service team is contactable via helpdesk@bulkpowders.com.au or via the contact us page form. Cheers BP Crew!I shouldn't have to contact, why would you send the packs when it was obvious they were hard as rocks. Now I am up for return postage to get product I should have received in the first place.

Absolutely appalling service

Unfortunately they separate their service center from their dispatch center and you get nothing but problems.
Then service just tell you it's no longer their problem because dispatch stuffed it up and they wouldn't have known what to do.
Don't fall for all the freebies they promote, it's just a sales tactic. When anything goes wrong, the truth of their business comes out and you'll end up regretting your purchase. Stay away!

Never again unfortunately

Was really excited to use this brand as had tried and loved. Website is easy to use and like idea of loyalty program.. BUT unfortunately when I went to use the shaker, it was leaking out of a very this crack within the grooved part.
Contacted straight away with a photo and was told that $7 was placed on my account. Great except postage is the same amount and I'd already paid postage and received a faulty product. Pointed this out to them and was promptly accused of breaking the shaker (had been in my possession for 3 days and just opened and used when realised broken), it was also suggested that it could've been broken in transit but it was wrapped in 2 layers of bubble wrap so also find that hard to believe.
As someone who shops online for EVERYTHING, I understand things don't always go to plan, but every company I have ever dealt with has always worn the cost if product is faulty.

Oh and they also tried to use the excuse "you received $10 off your order anyway" ummm yes that's their promo hence why I joined the mailing list - earning the $10 off. Not sure what that even had to do with anything.


I am also happy to post the email thread if anyone is thinking about buying or not, I'd go with another company as they are so rude if anything goes wrong! I'm disgusted. Have just received an aggressive email from them for doing this honest review detailing exactly what happened.It’s disappointing for us to see a customer who receives $17,00 in store credit, take a vindictive review path because they disagree with the terms and conditions that every other customer is happy to abide by for the past 10 years.Update: they have refunded the $7 and closed my account with them. Tad dramatic for an online shop but I'm happy as I will never shop with them again after this anyway. At the end of the day all I wanted was the item replaced without me being out of pocket but they would rather argue over it. Just to reiterate - my first order received a $10 credit as per their promo. I ordered 1kg of protein and a shaker and signed up with them and on their mailing list. They then placed a $7 credit on my account instead of replacing the shaker, leaving me to pay postage. AGAIN. So the $7 came after the order was complete. There was never once $17 on my account at the one time. Jesus Christ what a headache........


Good Product Staff Extremely Rude. Too busy to even finish my questions. I will order elsewhere which is a shame as i was looking for larger quantities.

Go elsewhere where!!!!

Product sent damaged they weren't the least bit helpful as well as tasting like dry plaster. Not mentioning the week and a half for delivery to Sydney cbd. Go elsewhere plenty of other company's.

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Hey Patrick. Our customer serve team did welcome you to return the item. Here’s a copy and paste from the email should you wish to revisit the offer; if your unhappy with the item you can secure it by tapping up the small hole, bubble wrapping it and securely returning it to: PO BOX 30 Braeside 3195, we can then store credit you for the returned product. This is very much a standard consumer option in Australia. As we did not hear back from you we assumed the small hole was not overly concerning enough for you to return the item, especially given the outer packaging was not compromised or damaged and the powder remains usable. As your order came in at 5.30pm we dispatched your order the next day and it was available in your parcel locker within 4 days. Please also note as you have ordered the raw unflavoured micellar casein, you can only expect a bland dry powder, not just from us but from any brand or supplier it’s just how the product is. If your unfamiliar with raw unflavoured protein powders, it’s always best to choose a flavored option. If you require further assistance with returning the item, please respond to yesterday’s email.

Bad product + bad customer service

I purchased a intrawork out BCAA watermelon flavour. Now let me start I am a forma professional boxer and have taken literally thousands of BCAA's. After receiving the product I tasted it and all I could taste was sodium with some watermelon flavour. I didn't think too much of it until 2 weeks later I was a big ballon of water! I thought that there must of been some kind of mishap with the product while it was being made, after contacting Bulk powders with my problem I was spoken to Rudely like I had taken a personal dig at the company, then proceeded to receive a harsh email on my report as there product is top of the range!
Customer service poor!
Product poor!

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Firstly thank you for taking the time to share your experience. With hundreds of boxing and mma customers both amateur and professional we understand the importance in making weight and the need to drop water. It’s unfortunate you had this experience with the product you ordered, the product selected was not a pure BCAA supplement. Our Intra Pro BCAA supplement http://www.bulkpowders.com.au/intra-pro-bcaas.html contains a series of amino acids, electrolytes (salts), vitamins and minerals. Individuals sensitive to salts and water retention would be better suited to a standalone raw BCAA supplement. All our products come with detailed descriptions and nutritional profiles and our customer service team is on-line everyday to help refine product selection or to answer questions within 12-24 hours. We’re here to help!

Average Product & Poor Customer Service

I have ordered protein powders from this company a couple of times before & was happy with the delivery & product. This time I ordered BCAA powder in addition to my protein powder & received it promptly. No issues so far. Upon trying the BCAA powder, I found that the mixability & taste of the product wasn't good at all & emailed their customer service enquiring about their returns process. All I wanted was a store credit so I could choose a different product instead of the one I received. The rep [name removed] who replied back was least helpful & tried to fob off responsibility saying the product was better tasting than the raw version & I should give that a try! Although, I clearly mentioned that I wasn't happy with the product, he made no efforts to address my concerns & didnt even bother replying when I mentioned that I was disappointed with their service.
I have shopped with other supplement companies (AminoZ) that happily take back products (they paid for return shipping as well) & provided refunds when I haven't been happy with a purchase. I guess I'll go back to ordering with them in future.

Hey Raj; We’ve reviewed the correspondence with our customer services; As our customer rep mentioned, you need to be comparing apples with apples and if have never experienced the product in pure form (raw or flavoured) then it can be difficult to pass judgment on the subjective subject of taste, this BCAA product has been in our range for 8 years with many happy customers reordering it. This issue with taste is it is very subjective and what may taste nice to one person, may not to another. Let’s be honest most raw supplement powders naturally don’t taste great, therefore before we release any formulated product we ensure the taste is very acceptable and the best it can be for that product type whilst still maintaining the products integrity and potency. As we operate manufacturer direct to the consumer we stand by our products and unfortunately, we don’t accept personal “taste” as a reason to accept a return. We also offer products in different sizes which allows the customer to try a smaller size if unfamiliar with the product or taste.I also mentioned mixability in addition to taste & the product just doesnt mix well. In any case, if a customer is unhappy with the product, I believe its good customer service to offer to take it back and allow them to choose a different product. Its not like I am going to send back an half empty bag. I have barely had two scoops. A lot of other retailers follow this practice. You need to review your returns policy if you dont want to lose repeat customers.

No free gift

I deliberately ordered a lot so as to get the free gift & I never got it. Really angry at this false advertising!

Hi Tina. We hope you enjoyed the $28.00 discount you received on this order. The free gift offer is fully controlled by the user prior to purchasing, once your order meets the free gift rule the user is prompted by links and pop-ups to select and add a free item to the cart. Unfortunately we cant manually add these to any order and any deal, discount or offer must be applied to the order before checking out.Yes im aware and I selected the Glutamine gift but never recieved it!!Hi Tina, thanks for the reply, if you could please refer back to your invoice you'll see there is no gift added to the product list, these are the same details our dispatch crew receives when pick packing orders. Because you used a discount code this may have dropped your order value under the free gift offer, if your order value at any time fails to meet the free gift rule, any free give will be automatically removed from the cart. If you then add more items to your cart and the value triggers the free gift again, you'll need to select the gift and add to cart. Hope this better explains that every thing is fully automated and controlled by the users actions.


One of the products was contaminated with bits of plastic. I emailed them to inform them but never heard back.

Not buying from them again.

Hey Bear, we respond to all emails within 24 hours or less, we're always here to assist, there are no emails of this nature in our inbox. Plastic contamination is impossible given our HACCP plan and food safety programs in place. A contamination would see multiple inquirers of this nature; however this seems to be an isolated concern you have. Feel free to provide more details to our customer serves team helpdesk@bulkpowders.com.au or call us at 1300 BULK 00.I sent an email with a pic of the plastic involved and never received a reply. It was several months ago.Feel free to provide more details to our customer serves team helpdesk@bulkpowders.com.au

Most there products are unavailable and payments are troublesome i tried purchasing over $300 6 months gave up with page

Average quality value for price and is easily shipped to New Zealand better than dealing directly with China. But website needs improvements especially around payments have had better experience with steriod websites.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

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Do you know when femme tone chocolate will be available?
1 answer
Hi Redboy, it would best to email this question directly to the customer service team at helpdesk@bulkpowders.com.au

Are you shipping from NZ? Ordering mct power and wonder how long to deliver to Christchurch central? Thanks
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Hi there, you can order from our NZ online store https://www.bulkpowders.co.nz generally from the time your order is received, processed, dispatch and delivered takes 2-3 working days.

Can u please send me the nutritional profile for NATURALLY FORMULATED WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE chocolate i would like to see the exact carbs and sugar contents thankyou
2 answers
Hi will let u know when I receive it should b a few days just ordered my first lotOk thanks

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