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Hi! Does anyone know is the Bumbleride Indie pram is suitable for running? I know the Speed model is marketed for running, but is it also safe to do so in the Indie model? Thanks!
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I have used mine for the occasional jog and it is fine. Although if you were running at speed and/or quite regularly then I would think the Speed model would be better suited.Thank you!Hi Bridie. The Indie is a great jogger and all you have to do is lock the front wheel so it doesn't swivel. If you run longer than let's say 5km or more than twice per week, it would be worth getting the Speed. It is a slightly longer frame and has the bigger wheels so its bigger in the boot (and you miss out on the adjustable foot rest) however you get the unique 3SpeedSteering: full 360° swivel, full lock plus 30° swivel for getting around corners which together with the 16" rear wheels makes the run easier. Good luck with your decision

Hello, do you know what the capacity of the basket is?
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Hi, I'm not sure of actually size but I can normally put around 2-3 full bags of groceries in there.:) If you contacted Bumbleride direct I'm sure they can let you know.

Does this pram come with a 3 year warranty if you live in Australia?
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If purchased in Australia yes mine came with a 3 year warranty.. Bumbleride has just updated and now have new model Indie as well as a new run pram "Speed'' which look amazing and have some even better features. You can see them on the website www.bumbleride.com.au. I love the new extended hood, Better recline, Gear assist fold, , Suspension on all wheels. Extra pockets on both basket and back of pram. This looks amazing I would love to update.

We are thinking about buying this pram for our bubba on the way. Other options have the reversible seat so your baby is facing you. It looks like Bumbleride Indie in stroller mode doesn't have this. Anyone have any thoughts on if this should be a deal breaker? Also the reclining function doesn't seem as good as other prams, however all else looks to be great. We are active beachy people so love the reviews from peeps who take their Bumbleride everywhere.
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Hi there, we go surfing while the other takes our baby girl in the Bumbleride often - it's great on dirt beach tracks (like the ones on the surf coast around Bells Beach etc). You can buy the bassinet separately if you really want your newborn facing you but I never bothered and personally think it is good for them to be able to see out and see the world and what's going on (as they get older and can see) - and not just look at my mug all day! You can still see them through the mesh peep hole. As your baby gets older you can increase the incline so they can see more. I also think the fact she's always gone front facing has contributed to her still being so happy in it now (at 13mo). Hope this helps :)

hi is this a running pram, i need it for my newborn and toddler who is turning four? can you run with it and are there any places in perth wa where i can go have a look at one. thanks
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I am pretty sure it is considered a running pram, but only for 6 months plus. My husband has taken our son running several times with it.

Hi, I already have a britax safe and sound unity car seat (australia) and am really keen to purchase a bumbleride indie. This is not one of the car seats listed as compatible but have seen one reference to someone who managed to use the combination. Have you got any comments: recommendations on whether and how I can do this? Thanks
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Hello, The Bumbleride Indie comes with a universal car seat adapter bar and a strap that goes over the capsule to secure it to the pram. I used the Chicco Keyfit Infant Car Seat with the Indie until bub was about 7 months. The Chicco capsule also isn't listed as a compatible car seat but it worked really well with the pram. Hope this helps :)

Hi Catherine34, We're about to but e Bumbleride Indie and also thinking about buying he Maxi Coxi Mica in the US, I know it's compatible with the pram but how did you get it installed in your car. I thought that i was not compliant to Australian standards and no one would install it here? Thanks
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Hi there, we installed it ourselves from the instructions. We only found out it wasn't compatible after we bought it...

Hi I'm wondering if there is an attachable toddler seat for this pram? Thanks!
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Hi not that I know of...

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