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Perfect everyday pram and jogger

I purchased this pram for my 12 mth old daughter after going through a few different prams. This one is near perfect. I've been using it for 6 mths now as my everyday pram, my walking pram and jogging pram. Love love love it! The canopy provides amazing coverage even when jogging early morning or late evening. The basket is a great size and really accessible. It's super comfortable with the flat recline and adjustable footrest so my daughter sleeps beautifully in it. Lightweight and a dream to push and runs almost as well as the BOB but has all the added luxuries you want in an everyday stroller and isn't enormous. Love!!!

The only improvements I'd like to see are a taller seat back (my tall 18 mth old only has an inch spare, I'm in the market for a twin and want to buy the indie twin but am unsure there'll be enough room for her under the canopy at 2-3 years), more venting on the canopy, a longer bassinet hood and a reversible seat (dreaming I know!)

In all - highly recommend this pram if you like to walk/ jog/ have an active lifestyle. I did a tonne of research and this was the best out there. Hasn't disappointed.

Love this pram, especially for all terrain.

This pram initially caught my eye as it was new to Australia and was really eye catching in the Aqua colour. I needed a pram that'd do me well off road and there were a few similar prams in the store but the sales staff recommended this one and I'm so glad. It's so light and easy to push and really does do well over all terrain - plenty of grass tracks and bumpy dirt roads where we are. The basket is a good size, the canopy is excellent for sun coverage and air flow, and the suspension and air tyres are great. It's easy to fold up and the wheels come off easily if need to fit it in a tight space.

I also bought the carrycot which we used loads, both in the pram and for out and about. I like that it just clips on and off, sitting on top of the seat. It's great that the seat can be used for a newborn too and the sides fold up making it nice and cosy.

The only downside to this pram is that the seat recline mechanism isn't the easiest to use, but you just get used to how to use it.

Overall I'm so happy with this pram & am now considering the Indie Twin.

Best out there

Easy to move, absolutely no issues with stearing.
Foot brake is so easyto use, without looking.
Build quality is exceptional. Have not seen a stroller, twice the price, perform as good, or get as favourable reviews from any parent i've met to date.
Still behaves like new after twenty months

Best Pram

Honestly this is the best pram. So easy to steer and super light. Love love love. I just can't fault it and im so glad i purchased one. I also bought the maxi cosi adaptor and maxi cosi car seat makes.moving the capsule from the car to the pram a breeze.

The only pram you'll ever need

The bumbleride indie is easy to use, robust, light weight, trendy and good value for money. I often take it on gravel roads and go jogging and it is a comfortable ride for my baby. It is also extremely easy to fold down and put in my car and the nappy bag area is large.

With this being such an amazing pram I'm surprised that there aren't many stockists in Melbourne. The only place I could find it was Twinkle Tots in Northcote.

Reliable and easy to use

We have been using this pram for about 9 months and so far are very happy with it. It looks good, it is light but seems sturdy enough to use on fairly rough tracks, it's very easy to steer. Folding is pretty easy although we have the 2015 model which has some manual locking latches, I think the 2016 model would be better which apparently has automatic lock (and better suspension).
The range of the adjustable incline is good. You can also fold up the bottom to make a kind of bassinet shape but our baby's legs were too long for this pretty quickly. I do think he is going to be too long for the pram well before the weight limit but I don't know how this compares to other prams.
The space between the seat and the basket would be better to be a bit higher, to make it easier to get things in and out. Also needs an extra zip on the canopy so that you can keep it attached at both ends and stil unzip a little section to be able to reach in (I did this by buying an extra zipper that can be attached anywhere in the zip - not bumbleride brand).
I haven't used any other prams but this one seems pretty good to us.

Good pram for walks and runs

Purchase this pram before bubs was born. Now that I have used it with bubs for 6 months I felt it was a good time to write a review about it.

1. It has big wheels and a big frame, if you have a small boot space you might want to consider another brand as it does take up a lot of space.

2. It folds down quite easily, weighs approx 10+ kgs, can be tricky to get into the boot of the car of a sedan the first few times till you get the hang of it. Unfolds with one motion when you are ready to use it.

3. Glides around footpaths easily, perfect for long walks and running. Very easy to manoeuvre, can steer with one hand if necessary. I have a four wheeler of a different brand, and can feel the difference immensely. You might find that it is hard to get into restaurants due to larger frame. Shopping centres have been okay so far.

4. There's a bar under the seat that sometimes prevents you from putting bigger items like boxes etc, but otherwise the space is ample for shopping.

5. We had a puncture of tyre in the first 2 months of use, replacement tube can be bought from bike shops. The retailer we bought it from were not very helpful. It's also cheaper not to buy parts from the retailer where possible.

6. Sturdy frame, good choice of colours, solid build.

7. You can purchase adapters to use with maxi cosi capsule if desired. We didn't, we just had the seat fully reclined and it acted as a bassinet as well.

8. If you wish to have your baby facing you when using the pram, just be aware that the seat is forward facing only. I bought my second pram because of this reason.

No complaints with the pram, will recommend to others.

I love this pram and toddler board!!

This is the fourth pram we have had for our kids and I have to admit was a reluctant purchase as we were in need of a wider seated pram for our 4 month old who had become uncomfortable in the pram we had been using due to treatment for hip dysplasia. I had read many positive reviews on the Bumbleride Indie and it seemed to tick all the boxes for us - wide seat, large storage area, suspension, nice size hood, reasonably compact fold and good for shopping centres and outdoors. When I saw this pram in person it was even better than I had expected - the foot rest clipped up on the sides to make a bassinet like environment for my baby and her legs didn't stick out the side as the seat was nice and wide, the seat fabrics are very good quality and it was quite light and easy to place in my car boot.
The best thing we did was purchase the Bumbleride toddler board for our 3 year old son. The purpose made toddler board is fantastic - we don't hit our feet on it when walking behind it, our son can see over the top of the pram easily, pram is still very easy to maneuver when it's attached and he actually asks to hop on it (a big surprise for us!). We've used the toddler board attached to the pram on so many surfaces with no problems, inside shopping centres, footpaths, dirt tracks, uphill/downhill, grassed areas - it is so sturdy!
We have been very happy with this pram and toddler board for the last 4 months and would certainly recommend it!

Great ride and comfort

I have 3 kids the youngest is 7 months old we are very busy. We spend lots of time on sports fields, at the Beach and do lots of walking. The Bumbleride Indie is so well suited to our busy lifestyle.
* Easy to maneuver in the soft sand and great in the park and on a very rough track. Goes up and down footpaths easily. The ride is so soft with the air filled tyres and suspension. I have topped up with air a few times. The pump supplied is excellent.
* Fold down and unfold without any hassles. Love that the wheels come off easily this makes it even more compact this helps with space in my car.
* Love that the footrest is adjustable and can be clipped up to enclose front for baby. Like a little bassinet.
* Love the extra large hood. Great for sleeping baby and protecting from wind and sun.
* The rain cover is great have used this a lot. Baby and pram stay really dry. Wish Bumbleride offered a sun cover for the gap between hood and footwell.
* Material is great. I have aquamarine and was a little worried about stains, However the fabric seems to repel liquid and any marks have come of with a wet wipe. I like that it can also be machine washed but have not need to yet.
* Love that you can adjust the seat for Sleeping Baby to sitting up. The seat is extra large so I am happy that I will not need a second pram when my baby becomes a toddler.
* Use the little pocket on the back hood all the time.
* Multi position handle is great. My partner is a lot taller than me.
* Basket is a great big size and like that it is easy to get into even when Baby is asleep.
* The cupholder was of no use would be great if you could get a Bumbleride parent pack for the handle of the pram.
* I am really happy with the quality and value for money.

I also used the Bassinet for 6 months and it was great both on the Bumbleride and when I visited friends as a quick bassinet. It was great that the raincover also fitted on pram when bassinet was in use.

The bumbleride is the perfect pram for me and I would strongly recommend it to all busy outdoor parents.

Still in love with this pram after 9 months

We purchased our pram and bassinet (aquamarine) at a baby expo shortly before our son was born. It was the only one my husband and I could agree, and I'm so glad this was it. This pram is fantastic.

- Easy to manoeuver
- Easy to fold up / get into car (for 1 person)
- Sturdy and easy to clean fabric (and green - it's made from 50% recycled bottles)
- Lightweight
- Can be used without bassinet from birth (forward facing)
- Have had no issues with the tyres, other than adding air - 9 months on
- Great accessories. We purchased the muff and travel bag for a trip to Canada, and will likely get the snack pack and "skateboard" attachment when bubs is a bit bigger
- Very reasonably priced (we got our bassinet for "free" at the baby expo, so a good place to purchase)

And honestly, I love having a pram that is a bit different to everyone else's.

Highly recommend

We are only three weeks in, but so far love the bumbleride and would highly recommend to all! We did get the newborn bassinet which I love as means he's a little more protected and also facing me, for some reassurance!

Love it and really happy with our purchase.it seems like a really good sturdy pram very good value for money

Free-wheeling dream, covered many kms!

This is an awesome stroller, I've used it daily for the last year, covering up to 10km a day. It's my vehicle... It wheels really freely (the 'freest' and easiest of any pram I've pushed) and is also great for light jogging (say, up to 6km). I used it from newborn stage in the lie-flat position, and my 1 year old still sleeps in it happily. Great adjustable leg rest. Safe/sturdy seat belt that has a clever fastener so you can do legs only if required. Stylish ergonomic/modern look. Fits stacks of groceries etc underneath. After all that time in the sun, the colour hasn't faded and it's easy to clean. Easy to un/fold, a bit heavier at 8kg but we've travelled with it (on airlines) often easily. Have pumped up tires only once in a year. Build quality is strong. Slight downfall is that the reclining seat fastener is a bit stiff to move and also the cup holder catches on things/people. But overall, the best purchase!

Great Pram for us.

We got this pram for our first born as I am an avid runner.
Love it!! You can lay the seating area flat for newborns and our baby falls asleep in this often. Easy to get in and out of the car. Simple to assemble and fold.
Great bag space, canopy goes all the way forward which is great too!

Very happy with our purchase and would definitely recommend this to friends.

The perfect pram for us

As others have said, this pram is light and super easy to maneuver. We've had it since bubs was a newborn, and used a maxi cosi capsule with the adaptors which has been great in terms of convenience, but bubs often cries as she's strapped into the capsule. HOWEVER, she loves the bumbleride pram and rarely minds being strapped in, so it must be comfy! The wheels seem great and we've not had a puncture yet with road or offroad use. We're yet to try jogging with it as bubs is only three months.

I do find it quite wide to maneuver through tight spaces, but I've never had another pram to compare it to and it might be my poor driving skills.

The rain cover and foot muff are great, the cup holder works well when used on even surfaces but swivels and drops my water bottle on bumpy terrain.

All in all, a fantastic pram and a shame its not stocked in more shops here in Australia!

No regrets.

I am so happy with my bumbleride indie, purchased Jan 2015. My baby loved it as a newborn (when fully reclined) and still loves it at six months. It goes everywhere! From bush tracks, and the beach, to shopping centres. So easy to push and bubs is comfy due to the great tyres. The included rain cover was a saviour during the nsw 'cyclone' earlier this year. I'm not a fan of the included cup holder but purchased the parent pack which I love. I highly recommend this stroller for anyone who likes being outdoors.

Easy, comfy and great value.

I have had 3 different prams in the past and this is my 4th pregnancy so, trust me- I know my prams. This pram was exactly what a pram needs to be.

Great pump up wheels, has never got a puncher and a pump is included with the pram so only ever pump them every 6 months.
really largy comfy chair. I love the bamboo fabric on this chair, its so much softer than the canvas I had on my mountain buggy pram. Also I love that the foot rest comes up and my child can sleep lying flat - trust me this is important.
And most importantly the push is amazing, even with my 3 year old whose about 15 kg now it just glides.
Highly recommend this pram.

Love this PRAM!!!!

I did a lot of pram research and this was SO lightweight, easiest to pack down and what I love about it are the natural fibres its made from as bugs is in there so much. Its easy to steer and its just the best!!! Love it!!! Storage is great, cup holder a saviour and its comfy...bubs loves being in it!!

Best all terrain pram

Before my little boy was born I did a lot of research into purchasing the 'perfect' pram. I found the Bumbleride Indie over the internet and decided it was the pram for me. At the time, the Bumbleride Indie wasn't available in Australia so I was a little nervous about ordering a pram that I hadn't seen in a shop.

One year on, I have absolutely no regrets in getting my Indie!

Overall, it's light, all terrain (I take it jogging 4 times a week), narrow (to fit shopping aisles), it looks nice, fits a baby capsule, there's a large storage basket and most of all my little boy loves it!

The Bumbleride Indie has some great accessories too. My favourites are the Footmuff & Liner, Snack Pack, Carrycot and Mini Board.

I purchased my Indie through balkowitsch enterprise. Great customer service and fast shipping to Australia.


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Hi Mini1. Bumbleride Australia here. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review. It means a lot to us to hear from customers and so wonderful to have Australian reviews online. As you would know there are many happy reviews from the US but now that Bumbleride is here in Australia local comments are so much more useful. Thank you again and all the best. Gillian www.bumbleride.com.au

Great stroller with a few design flaws that need improvement

Ok, so this is the second indie i have owned in the within the last 18months. The first was the older model, prior to the improvements that bumbleride made for 2013. I had a major issue with the frame bending and the recline was impossible to operate..So ended up getting rid of that stroller. Since then i have been through a fair share of strollers, including the bugaboo cameleon 3 (which i sold due to some concerns about the dodgy recline method which does not offer a smooth transition when lifting the seat from the reclined position...It flew up and my daughter flew out..).
I was in need of a different all terrain stroller, and after some research i decided to give the indie a second chance due to the improvements in design that bumbleride has since made. Here are my thoughts on the pros and cons.

* beautiful materials which offer soft and comfortable fabrics
* huge canopy which with the new model now has a mesh peekaboo window with magnetic closures.
* handles perfectly over all sorts of terrain with the wonderful air filled tires. These are much better than the ones on the mountain buggy swift which was another contender when i was looking at strollers in this range.
* the indie i purchased in australia now comes with a tire pump and rain cover which is a plus.
* the stroller is very light for its class - only 20 pounds!

* i like how the harness can be converted from the shoulder straps to just the waist straps. This allows for my daughter to be able to sit up straight for eating out at restaurant or cafes and still be strapped in. The nice thing is that if all the parts are together the harness doesn't fall apart every time you get the child in or out.
*it is handy that the footrest adjusts especially when my daughter is sleeping and i can create a flatter area for her to lie in.
* there is a heap of room in the bottom basket which is awesome for this style stroller

* the adjustable handle is very easy to customise for any height and is very comfortable to use
-- i really like how although the seat does not have a very up right seat, my daughter can still see out the sides of the stroller. I tried a few others like the baby jogger city elite, but she got annoyed as it was kind like she was in a cave and her only view was straight ahead..Maybe for bigger children it's fine but at 1 years old she is not quiet big enough to lean forward to get the side view.

Overall the indie glides easily along and very easy to manoeuvre with one hand, even with a heavier child on board..Which i test tonight with my almost 4 yr old, who never rides in a stroller, but i wanted to get a feel of how versatile the indie was in this instance.

* the strap recline on the indie is very badly designed! I still have the same issue i did with the first model i owned that in when a child is in the stroller and leaning back the button mechanism on the recline does not push in and simply will not allow you to pull it down to adjust the seat. The first time i took the stroller out with my daughter the other day i literally struggled with this problem until i was cursing the thing. Now, i did research the problem online and found a solution which i believe may work---

Apparently the trick is to use one had to slightly push the seat forward from the back and use the other hand to push the button and pull the recline mechanism. I test this with the weight of my 4 yr old in the seat and got it to work several times. I believe from my readings that the weight and tension on the straps engages the clip to lock, which is why when you try and use this device while your sleeping child in laying in there it locks and will not move. If you put some slack on the straps it allows the button to unlock and the recline to work as it should.. I hope this helps some readers and i know it can be very frustrating.

* although the fold on the indie is fairly compact, it does not compare at all to that of the baby jogger city ming gt or elite..
In addition it would be very nice to see an automatic lock which would make folding, putting the stroller in the trunk and getting on with your day, a lot faster.
* i do wish that the seat did sit up a little more, although that is rare with strollers that have a strap recline system

These are really the only complaints i have about the indie. I am overall very happy with my choice and do not feel the need to search for an alternative for what i plan to use it for. I would not recommend it as a mall stroller, but it certainly could be used for this function if the person has the room in their trunk etc. I have 4 children and little boot space at times, so the babyzen yoyo is perfect for my shopping trip needs.

18 Months on- Still great

I purchased the Bumbleride Indie ( Natural bamboo ed) with basinet attachment 18 months ago when my daughter was born.
It has been fantastic. Used the basinet for around 6 months and since then just the pushchair itself.
It has been used on very rough surfaces ( dodgy North QLD roads!), the beach and for running and performed well on all terrain.

The only issue i had was one of the wheels buckling and having trouble finding a replacement.

It is light and easy to fold up or undo. It does take up a bit of room in the boot but you can also easily take the wheels off to make it more compact.

After 18 months it still looks new and i couldn't be happier with my purchase.

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Questions & Answers

Hi! Does anyone know is the Bumbleride Indie pram is suitable for running? I know the Speed model is marketed for running, but is it also safe to do so in the Indie model? Thanks!
4 answers
I have used mine for the occasional jog and it is fine. Although if you were running at speed and/or quite regularly then I would think the Speed model would be better suited.Thank you!Hi Bridie. The Indie is a great jogger and all you have to do is lock the front wheel so it doesn't swivel. If you run longer than let's say 5km or more than twice per week, it would be worth getting the Speed. It is a slightly longer frame and has the bigger wheels so its bigger in the boot (and you miss out on the adjustable foot rest) however you get the unique 3SpeedSteering: full 360° swivel, full lock plus 30° swivel for getting around corners which together with the 16" rear wheels makes the run easier. Good luck with your decision

Hello, do you know what the capacity of the basket is?
1 answer
Hi, I'm not sure of actually size but I can normally put around 2-3 full bags of groceries in there.:) If you contacted Bumbleride direct I'm sure they can let you know.

Does this pram come with a 3 year warranty if you live in Australia?
1 answer
If purchased in Australia yes mine came with a 3 year warranty.. Bumbleride has just updated and now have new model Indie as well as a new run pram "Speed'' which look amazing and have some even better features. You can see them on the website www.bumbleride.com.au. I love the new extended hood, Better recline, Gear assist fold, , Suspension on all wheels. Extra pockets on both basket and back of pram. This looks amazing I would love to update.


Price (RRP) $759.95
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 25 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Included)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Height-Adjustable Handle and Under-seat Storage
Wheel MaterialInflatable
Weight10.8 kg
Folded Dimensions29 x 62.2 x 81 cm

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