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Beware of Bumbo


Please talk to a Physiotherapist or an OT who specialises in babies before you buy a Bumbo. We had a Physio come to our Mother's Group to warn against using a Bumbo. Babies have been known to develop problems with their hips and backs after being seated in the Bumbo on a fairly regular basis. Some babies have required extensive Physio work to correct the problems associated with Bumbo use. The Bumbo website claims all sorts of ergonomic features but the Physio told us that these claims have not proven to be correct.

Check with your Physiotherapist/ Chiropractor/ Occupational Therapist before use! Babies should not be encouraged to sit up before their whole bodies are ready for the position.



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Good for short period of time


The bumbo is great as it is easy to clean and use. You can also buy covers for it which are handy for washing purposes. Baby is secure in it and seems to enjoy being upright in it. Negative aspect is that the bumbo is only useful for a short period of time for average baby. This is because baby will either outgrow the bumbo due to size, or will be very active and want to reach and lean out and over the bumbo, making bub at risk of toppling over whilst being stuck in the bumbo. I think the bumbo is great for a limited period so maybe but this item second hand, rather than new.
Ease of use
Limited period of use



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What a Waste!



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Not worth it!




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Unnecessary item for baby


I purchased the bumbo seat for my 3 month old baby after seeing great reviews but it wasn't for us. He has chubby legs and I basically had to squeeze him in it (he's average size) I found it to be really unsupportive and only used it once for a few minutes. I guess I would have kept it to try him when he is a bit older if we didn't have the issue with his legs. I do however know a lot of mums who love it so that's why I gave 3 stars.


Mandi78QLD, 4509

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Toxic trap


Do not use a yellow Bumbo. The other colours are reported to be safe to use however the yellow are reportedly toxic and can make your baby very ill. I really dont know how products as unsafe and toxic as this make it onto the market to harm babies. Where are the manufacturer's ethics?!!
They contain lead and cadmium. Here's a link I found
Alternative to a high chair


ID76LD87Frederickton, New South Wales

Not that impressed


By the time my son could sit in the Bumbo his legs were too thick, when getting him out of it it's awkward trying to pull his legs out and hold him at the same time. He also can push himself out of it. I don't find it very safe and would rather spend the money on a more practical product
Convenient to get my son off the floor for the short amount of time he fit in it
The leg holes are too small. Expensive for what it is



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Ok product


I like the concept however my little ones legs are fat (shes 3.5 months and 7.5 kg) so I would have to wedge them into the slots. I hope she grows and looses the leg fat so she can fit into the chair.
I like the idea that it has accessories for use as a high chair etc.
Small, light and colorful
Expensive if she continues to not fit the chair

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i found the fatter the baby the better it worked as they could not pull themselves out :) just pull the middle bit accross slightly to get eat leg in. My big babies loved there bumbo seats.



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I love this little chair. It's perfect to let your little one practice sitting up especially when they are so close yet still tumble over. It's very light and portable so it's fantastic to take along to friends places or picnics. My daughter adores this. Mine didn't come with the straps but they do now which is good as my daughter is strong enough to try and lift her bottom out. They are offering complimentary seatbelts for them via their website so am waiting on mine right now. The tray seems a little useless and doesn't stay on very well so we don't really use it.
Portable and light. Perfect for little ones learning to sit up.
The tray is pointless so far and doesn't stay on too well


scotty05taraQLD, 4350

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Money well spent


We purchased the Bumbo for our 3 month old baby, he is now almost 17 months and we still use it everyday. This is one item we still take with us if we dine out, so baby has his own seat. The Bumbo is not hard plastic like other brands therefore seams quite comfy. Ours was purchased used but looks great(only slight fadeing in colour).
Love the colours, the softness/squishyness, easy to clean


KateH21QLD, 4500

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Likeable but not for long




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Comfortable throne


This little seat is a gem for mum and grandparents with a baby, especially a baby that is not keen on lying down. I have found it perfect for a baby that is visually impaired as they are slightly behind their age in achieving milestones. e have a Bumbo at home and one at the grandparents. Both kids loved it and we sit it on our large kitchen tabe when the family sits around to chat over a cuppa. Bub i right there, securely held, in the family mix.
Holds securely, no clips, lead, harness (we were sent one but will not use it as we NEVER walk away and leave bub without supervision) and easy to clean.
I have the lime and it is badly discoloured. i do not know how this happened but it will not come off and does make the Bumbo look 'dirty'.



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Could be better


Bub isnt a fan of sitting in the bumbo although i think it is a good product that is very useful. Bub has managed to tip seat back even on the floor. Now with the 3point harness it makes it harder but when he gets upset he still can get it to push back. Bub is only 3.5mnths! He does enjoy using it for 5mins but then wants out.
Portable, soft, useful for bub to sit in
We had to install the 3point harness as the bumbo didnt meet standards and chn had been injured whilst using product. The store we bought it from didnt tell us!


ErinneSouth East Queensland, QLD

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Great invention


I quiet like this item my baby likes to sit and this. Chair gives him the opertunity to do this the only thing I don't like is that the tray needs toys attached my boy keeps dropping his toys kmy boy and I like this as he can look at his brothers while they run around
Baby is able to sit up
Needs toys for tray



Love the bumbo! Great to cook with and happy to have in my kitchen.
The most amazing thing about the bumbo is that you can sit your baby inside it and work in the kitchen, laundry or anywhere around he house and be able to watch your baby at the same time.
Reliable, cute



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Handy but not essiential.



CraigKate25SA, 5725

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Very versatile!


We use this with our 3 month old daughter for some sitting time - not too long, but helps her with her upper body strength. Used today with the tray & she was using toys to hit & make noise. Friends of ours have used as a portable chair for feeding too so looking forward to that.
Sturdy & no things to join together or assembly. Nothing for baby to catch or get stuck with either
Unable to use at height - which makes sense, but makes feeding a little tricky

Fabulous but not essential



mamanpapaVictoria, 3165

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Perfect feeding chair for baby just starting on solids!


I bought this for my 5 month old son who just start on eating solids lately, he can really sits on his own yet so this chair is perfect for his age, to help him to sit upright when introducing solids, and most importantly he loves it! This is perfect solution for baby who can't really sit by themselves and is too young to use a proper high chair, but which mean the lifespan of this product is not that great,as baby will soon start crawling out from the seat, and i find it just enough to fit in my 5mo son legs, once he get any bigger or start crawling, i have to switch him back to normal high chair.
Portable without any assembly work!
Short lifespan of usage before baby gets too big or start crawling out from the seat.


jess9911PERTH, WA

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Not for us


I know alot of my friends swear by Bumbo but my baby did not want a bar of it.

It was a little concerning how easily he managed to climb out of it from a young age. We never put it on high surfaces so it wasn't a huge issue, it just made it a little useless. In saying that as he pulled himself out the sides or would thrust it way out it never tipped over and was very sturdy.

It is very easy to clean, the play tray is great and there are some fun colours! We are going to hang onto it and hope the next baby shows more interest.
Easy to clean, quite sturdy

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Kat Whitcher

Kat Whitcherasked

Does the bumbo come in more than one size?? I put my 4 month old daughter in it and I had to squeeze her into it. She is almost 6 kgs.

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Sarah Leitch
Sarah Leitch

I'm having the same problem especially with colder weather and more clothing on. How are they meant to fit when they are bigger?

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