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Bundaberg Ginger Beer

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Love this Drink

I love Bundaberg, it's the one that I go for if I spot it on the shelf. There's a few ginger beer that I like, but Bundaberg is my favourite. I've even tried using it as a marinade once on a bbq, it was really nice but unfortunately I lost the receipt.

soft drink with attitude.

Finally, a soft drink that is really interesting. Whether or not it is good for you is a moot point. So many luxuries we love are not overly good for you anyway. However, I don't know much about its nutritional value, but I do know that it is seriously enjoyable. Almost as good as alcohol.


Wish this drink didnt taste so good im addicted to it. Also is sweetened with cane sugar not fructose which is better for you i hear. Bottle needs to be bigger though.

Great full body taste

Growing up in Bundaberg I used to drink this all the time. After moving away I forgot how great it taste. I would recommend this ginger beer to anyone

my fave

my favourite fermented ginger beer with real ginger. love it, made the old fashion way, not many come close to this one commercially.

Love this drink

This is hands down my favorite ginger beer. Great Aussie family run business producing great drinks. I'm looking forward to trying out the new range of Lemon & Apple Cider.

Weak !

Just sugar and a little flavour! Not ginger beer! Coles have it everyday for half the price I paid, so buyer beware! Spoilt me for online auctions - a real con job. Come in sucker!
I should have looked in Coles first, but believed this was an auction clear out. How did Product Review get my email addy? From Gray's?
Bottle looks great!
Sugary, weak, expensive.

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What the?? This would have to be one of the best ginger beers Snack King has tried. Snack King can't help but feel your one star review is because you paid too much for it using an online auction. That is not really the fault of the ginger beer which definitely deserves higher than one star.

Don't know why I didn't discover this earlier!

Great taste, bit expensive, Australian Made. At least is is properly brewed rather than just a mixture of artificial flavours mixed together. I'll always have one at the back of my fridge. Just as good as many home brews I've tried. I don't know of a better ginger beer. If anyone can point one out, mention it in the comments below.
Great taste, Aussie Made, don't need to home brew yourself
Bit pricier but worth every cent

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the only thing close is Goose island Ginger Beer.


Not really a fan of Ginger Beer and would not pick it as a drink to have for enjoyment. I used this Ginger Beer throughout both of my pregnancies as it was fantastic to help with nausea. I do love the bottle that the Ginger Beer comes in as it looks great but I don't find it practical. I love that it is glass but as it does not have a screw top you have to drink all of it at once. When pregnant I liked to sip on it now and again so it would go back in the fridge at intervals and loose some of it's fizz.
Great to help with nausea.
I am not really a fan of the taste of Ginger Beer but must admit it tastes better than I imagined it would. Cannot close bottle if you do not want to drink it all at once.


I never was really a ginger beer fan till I tried Bundaberg Ginger beer. I don't find the taste too over powering. I like that it comes in individual bottles.
It tastes like decent ginger beer. I also like how you can buy it individually (as shown in picture) or in a 4-6 pack or a slab of the drink if your real keen.
I don't think it's that cheap, but I guess you pay for good quality.


Before trying this product, I hated ginger beer. However, after trying this product, I now love ginger beer. Compared to all other ginger beer products I have had, this one is the best by far. This is what real ginger beer should taste like.
By far, this is the best ginger beer on the market. It is so full of flavour and you can really taste the ginger in this product. It is also a good remedy if you have a sore throat!
It is a bit expensive, but this is a quality product, so it is to be expected. And there are no other cons to speak of!

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This is really great stuff. It's not hot, but still tastes of lots ofreal ginger. The flavor has a lot of different notes too making it really lovely to drink. Our Costco was doing a tasting of it and we liked it so much we bought a case and asked them to keep carrying it.


Bundaberg Ginger Beer is one of the best tasting ginger beers you can find at the supermarket. Its flavour is wonderfully rich and tastes like a well brewed soft drink should. It is a huge difference from some of the other more watery ginger beers on the market and is very refreshing. It comes packaged in glass bottles which is great because I find that drinks taste better when they come in glass. It is a bit expensive, but well worth the money.
Delicious flavour. What you would expect a real ginger beer to taste like.
A bit pricey but worth it

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Questions & Answers

if bundaberg ginger beer is brewed, why is it necessary to carbonate it? after all, alcoholic beer is brewed but no need to carbonate it. with the recent sellout to a japanese or chinese company, product quality has declined.
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Is bundaberg ginger beer healthy for you?
3 answers
Probably not. very sweet. But quite nice. Not a proper ginger beer.In my view the benefit from ginger and the way the beer is fermented and processed is good. it comes down to the sugar use (cane sugar far better than white) and it says on this bottle processed the old fashion way. All things in moderation is the saying and still sticks in my view. A store bought ginger beer this one is my fave at present. Havn't tried any organic yet.No not good for you To much sugar. Not brewed the old fashioned way We do need sugar in our diet, but we get enough from the fruit we eat, but don't drink fruit juice either, way to much sugar without the benefits of eating the whole fruit. Only have 1 sugar drink per week (coke, ginger beer etc) should only be drunk as a special treat. Try lightly sparkling mineral water instead, you might be pleasantly surprised

Is Bundaberg ginger beer made from the root or oil?
2 answers
THIS lot is pure chemicals. Proper GB made when I was a kid in the bush grew from a ginger plant in the Coolgardie we fed with sugar. The plant was part of a ginger root, which served several families.These ginger beer soft drinks are only flavoured & are not real brewed ginger beer that out grand parents made, Even alcoholic ginger beers are only flavored with added alcohol.


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