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We are looking at doing the Egypt, Israsel, & Jordan tour - Inotr that Alexandria is not included in the Egypt part of the tour and I wondered if we arrived a day earlier (in fact Day 1 according to the itinerary, is there any possibility of arranging a day tour to Alexandria - does your local guide arrange sucha tour?
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Good luck! We had a very unpleasant experience attempting to negotiate a half day tour on Day 1 (on arrival) as an advertised "add-on" to the tour. The whole tour is just "full on" and no room for extras really. Was not well received by local Bunnik's representative in Cairo. Don't forget to offer extra cash to the reception in your Cairo hotel to get a room with a view of the pyramids. The car park view was not what we would have expected. Rest of Egypt and Jordan was great. Shame about tour guide in Israel and poor planning for "Sabbath" with no options and being dumped on Israel/Jordan border hours earlier than expected.Thanks Peter - how long ago since you did this trip? We are probably now going to arrive 2 days before Day 1 and take the Extension tour or Alexandria with an overnight stay. Hopefully that will avoid any problems.

Is it ok to have a walking stick on a Bunnings tour. I can walk well but sometimes require a walking stick if I get tired.
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On our last tour, a couple of people had sticks when we went out climbing. We also visited sites where a normal walking stick would have been out of the question due to the terrain. I think the best solution would be to ring Bunnik (or online) and discuss the trip you are interested in. They are quite helpful. Cheers.

If one arrives a day early than the actual tour start day is one still met at the airport by a Bunnik rep and is this assured?? As I would be a solo lady traveller this is really worrying me. As well I will not have international roaming only wifi so means with which to phone someone if no-one appears to meet me. Thank you.
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PS...I meant at Cairo as I am interested in the Highlights of Egypt tour!Hi Rae, Thank you for inquiring about our arrival procedure into Cairo. All arrival transfers are included in the cost of our tours when arriving on day one of the tour. However we also arrange private transfers for our passengers who have pre-tour arrangements which means that you would be met by one of our representatives holding a Bunnik Tours sign upon arrival into Cairo. We provide emergency contact details to you in the unlikely event that you encounter any issues upon your arrival and the airport staff would be able to assist you in making contact with them. Egypt is such a fascinating place to visit and if this would be your first time there you are in for a real treat! I hope I have been able to answer your query however should I be able to assist you any further please don't hesitate to contact me. Kind regards, Julie Moran-Bunnik Customer Care Manager

Has anyone done the Moscow to Prague tour? Wanting to know about the optionals as well as walking in the tour, is it difficult?
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I am considering a tour to Morocco. Can anyone tell me why Bunnik tours are three times more expensive than any other tour operator? I'm talking much more than a couple of thousand dollars difference between Bunnik and other tours. Are they really worth it?
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I do not know about Morocco but we did a small group tour with them to Namibia, Botswana and Victoria Falls last Sept/Oct. We were extremely well looked after with a window seat for each one of us on the bus so we had plenty of room and local guides used to ensure we had the best chance of seeing the variety of animals even although the overall tour guide knew the various places quite well. Everything happened very smoothly and any problems were quickly overcome or dealt with. No skimping and we were very well briefed as to what we needed and where we needed to be at what time. We have heard nothing but good about the quality of their tours.Thanks for your feedback. It helps me decide which company to choose.

Do bunmik tours supply backpack ...travel wallet???
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Yes to both backpack and travel wallet.Hi Gogirl, Ken also from Perth. A good size backpack, not too big for a lady, two compartments, large one with no pockets, smaller one in front & separate with two small pockets for pens, small note book & audio headset. Basic travel wallet, 4 narrow compartments for documents only, not RFID tech secure. I bought a Kathmandu travel wallet, more versatile, slots/compartments for cards, p/port, coins & currency notes, and has RFID tech secure fabric, which is reassuring for peace of mind. $42 last July, now $69, cheap compared to cost of replacement p/port & cards, and inconvenience! Another consideration - airline. All that service Perth are very good however, T3 at Dubai is HUGE - Concourse A is 924 metres long ( Emirates & Qantas use it ) & Concourse B is 945 metres (Emirates only ). Changi (Singapore ) Singapore Airlines home is much smaller & is officially world best 6 years running. If I travel in 2020, and with Bunnik, it'll be with them. If you want to, keep in touch, Product Review have my e-mail. Cheers & good luckThank You Double J & Ken I am off to Middle East in October flying 1st time Emirates. Last year in flew Singapore to Amsterdam on the A350 - rather uncomfortable. I have had the credit card RFID for a while now but for this year I will have to invest in the passport protection. This is my first Bunnik Tour. I did a Trafalgar last year and many previous years and I find it difficult to be packed into a bus with 40 - 50 other poeple. Last year I did WW1 Battlefields Tour with The Backroards Toring Co. 14 people on a very comfortable Mercedes bus. It was and is the only way I will travel now. Quite a few months to go and very much looking forward to the experience.

do you do tours in Australia, especialy NT and Darwin?
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Regretably, as far as I know, Bunnick Tours do not do tours in Australia even although they are an Australian organization. Regards, Double "J"Unfortunately, as noted by the above response Bunnik does not offer tours in Australia. There are quite a few companies that offer a range of adventure tours for small groups especially in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, Central Australia and Tasmania. All the best Henry

We are considering doing the 23-day Egypt, Israel & Jordan tour in October 2019. Of the safety reviews and posts we have read so far from different sources it seems that all three countries are safe. Can anyone enlighten us further about our safety concerns?
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Hi Rod, I have to be honest it's 13 years since I was in Egypt...even back then it had the same warnings and precautions as now ...we had security screening in Cairo hotels and lots of armed security everywhere but fortunately everything was fine..I'm of the feeling that anything can happen anywhere...but Egypt is still the highlight of all my travels!! It's a big decision but Bunnik certainly look after you...Hi Rod, we were in both Egypt and Jordan in March/April 2018 doing the Bunnik In Depth Tour. We felt 100% safe at all times and there is security screening at all hotels and many tourist sites. There is also lots of armed security everywhere. You are with your driver and/or tour guide for most of the time. They are both taking these steps as they want to promote tourism to their countries. We had a fabulous time. We did not go to Israel so cannot give any comments on that countryHi Rod, I did the 23 day Egypt,Israel & Jordan Tour in Oct 2017. I felt safe in all 3 countries and was travelling as a single lady with Bunnik. As Liz mentioned there is security at all monuments and hotels and I traveled independently for a few days before the tour started with no problems except trying to cross their roads. October is a perfect time to travel as it was not too hot. Our tour was full with 20 travelers and it was my 3rd trip with Bunnik and I am planning my next trip with Bunnik to Kenya and Ethiopia if all goes well. I would not hesitate to recommend visiting Egypt, Israel And Jordan and I would totally recommend Bunnik Tours. Thanks Mary

What airline do we travel with on the Spain Portugal Morocco tour?
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Hello Mick, For the 2018 Season the Spain, Portugal & Morocco tour schedule is based on Singapore Airlines, and for the 2019 Season it is based around Emirates Airlines. However, if you prefer to fly on alternate airlines, this can also be arranged, as well as any extensions you wish to make. Please note that supplements may apply. If you would like more information you can contact one of our knowledgeable Bunnik Tours consultants, or your local travel agent. I hope this helps. Kind Regards, Bunnik Tours

Looking at Jewels of Dalmatia tour, has any one done this tour.?
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Yes I did the version offered in 2015. It started in Budapest rather than Zagreb but otherwise the same. Well-organised from start to finish - decent accommodation, excellent guides, good well spaced itinerary and reasonable amount of free time. The few group meals were pleasant but of very average quality but a minor issue given most meals other than breakfast were self organised. The only other issue was the range of physical capability in the group. Whilst it says you have to be capable of carrying bags and walking stairs one of the group needed the assistance of a walking stick for mobility and this can sometimes slow everyone down. Again not major and an inevitable part of group travel which necessarily involves some compromise but also some pleasant company. The group was a mix of couples, friends travelling together and solos - demographic 50 plus years. Sufficiently impressed by Bunnik setup and organisation to do an Egypt tour with them in November 2017 which was absolutely fabulous although strictly not a reflection of group travel as only my travelling companion and I were on the tour. If you don’t want to organise and travel independently Bunnik is a very good option.I have just returned from this tour and having done a number of different tours, over the years, I can say that this has been outstanding. Accommodation, small group of only 12 in a big bus and an amazing variety of experiences. Our tour leader was very well organised and of course it helped that we had sunshine every day. The age of the group was all over 50 but everyone mixed well and kept up. There is a fair amount of walking because you do a number of walking tours with local guides who were all excellent. I could go on and on but thoroughly recommend this tour but go early in the season. Even though we were the first group both Dubrovnik and Split had plenty of tourist bus loads so it will only get worse later on. I also found it worth while getting to Zagreb a couple of days early as the tour kicks off with only a short city tour. This is a lovely city and easy to get around and can recommend doing a walking tour with a local guide.We have only just returned from this tour just over a week ago and I can tell you it was fantastic. There were 19 of us ranging in age from early forties to late seventies but we all meshed well as a group. The coach was modern and spacious and our driver was very helpful and friendly. Our tour leader, Branko, was well organised and knowledgeable with a great sense of humour and helped our group bond well. The weather was great which always helps to make a holiday enjoyable but the scenery and locations we stopped at would make it hard to not have a great time. The city tours were all enjoyable with good local guides but I particularly enjoyed Sarajevo and Dubrovnik. Of course, I’d also have to mention the day trip to the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro, the boat cruise (&swim) out of Split and the Plitvice Lakes. Really there were so many highlights that I can’t think of any disappointments. Of course there were some early starts, either because of a long days travel or just so we’d reach somewhere ahead of the other tourists, but no one minded if you had a bit of a nap in the coach as we drove along. We finished up in in Venice which made for a great farewell but I believe that next year the tour starts and finishes in Zagreb. I can’t say whether that will be good or not. This was our third Bunnik’s tour and we’ve enjoyed them all but this may well have been the best one yet.

Has Anyone done any india tours with Bunnik Tours?
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Hello pjBabs,I am sorry that I can not help you with your question on Bunnik's Indian tours.However we toured South Africa last year with Bunniks and had a great time.Good luck with your enquiries,I would also like to hear from anyone that has toured India with Bunniks. Regards WillYes. We just completed the Colours of Rajasthan tour and it was beyond expectation. The tour was very interesting and I learnt a lot about India. Would highly recommend.

I also want to know how people have fared with a Bunnik tour to China?
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We travelled to China with Bunnik in May this year (China in Depth) From the beginning our contact Chris at Bunnik was great. The trip was amazing and we had a wonderful guide for the whole time we were there.Theresa went out of her way to make our experence in her country one to remember. The local guides were very knowledgeable also. The hotels and our dinning experiences were terrific. It is hard to discribe the magnetude of China. We have traveled with Bunniks before and are planning to again. Kristene

Can anyone give us a comprehensive review of the Jewels of Dalmatia Tour late 2016 or 2017? Thank you, Liz.
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I toured Eastern Europe in September 2015, a wonderful trip, group of 20, 5 couples and 10 singles, Andre from Slovenia was our guide who I found very helpful, efficient and easy going. This tour covered a good cross section of the countries visited with local guides giving informative information and history. Accommodation good, large coach very comfortable with good driver, beautiful scenery. Weather very comfortable at that time. Enjoy!

We are traveling with you on the Tour Discover South Korea, Japan and Taiwan on the 29th of March. Would like advice on adequate clothing and packing ideas, since we will be in warm and humid climate as well as cold in South Korea. Also we have not been fully informed on the tour, and we only have a sketchy idea of days. Up until now no info on hotels, flights, trains etc. If it will be forthcomming I shall wait.
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I have not been on this specific tour so cannot comment on clothing. You are best to direct your questions to the Bunnik website. They have live chat, or you can email the questions to one of their travel agents. We have travelled on four Bunnik tours and have always been pleased with their helpfulness when emailed with any questions. A few weeks before your departure you will receive a comprehensive itinerary which lists day to day activities, plus a list of hotel contact information. With such great travel destinations you are sure to have an amazing time!We travelled for the first time with Bunnik Tours to Japan in September so can't comment on clothing. We can say, however, that our emailed or telephoned questions were always answered promptly and to our satisfaction. The tour was well-organised from start to finish. Enjoy!

Has anyone done the alpine discovery tour? If so how did it go and would it be suitable for a single women?
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I have not done this tour but if it anything like the Scandinavia Discovery tour your are in for something amazing

Looking at the 12 day India triangle tour in October. Has anyone done this trip with Bunnik.?
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Not me.

any feedback / experience on Bunnik's Italy/Sicily/Malta tour - did it measure up to the brochure?
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Sorry John but I haven't done the trip you are enquiring about. In addition to the Scandinavian trip, I had previously been on their Discover South America. Both trips were well worth doing and not in any way inferior to the brochures.

Has anyone done the Bunnik jewels of Dalmatia tour? if so what time of year and how was the tour?
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Yes my husband and I did the Jewels of Dalmatia tour with Bunniks which started on 17 April 2016. Right from the very beginning we found the tour to be well organised. Our guide Anamarija was excellent, very knowledgable and kept everything running smoothly. Especially great was the fact that we were sixteen on a fifty seater bus. We enjoyed the fact that we did not have to be up extra early every morning and did not have to cart our bags from the bus to our rooms and from rooms to bus. What a luxury as we are used to travelling on our own. There were quite a few afternoons that we had at our leisure and most evenings also. The set dinners were great as we went to local restaurants, enjoying local foods and entertainment. I would gladly recommend this tour.

Any Reviews on the Bunnick Moscow to Prague Tour?
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Sorry haven't done this your .No but totally dissatisfied with my recent Sri Lanka tour. There are many better operators. TonySorry I haven't done Moscow to Prague. I am doing Turkey in Depth in September with Bunnik and the Moscow tour is next on my list. The only tours I can comment on are the ones I already reviewed and that's Egypt and Jordan.

Considering Cairo to Zanzbar Africa Tour with Bunnik Tours. Seems to either high or low reviews, nothing in between. Have enjoyed Insight but thought after a disastrous 2 Trafalgar Tours ( terrible) I'd try a smaller company. I expect the company to fulfil itinerary and expectations and as history teacher are guides experts??. Is Bunnik value for money. ??
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Hi Lulu Cate, I can't answer for the Africa part but the Egypt part I can. My guide was brilliant. He is an Egyptologist with a PhD. [name removed]. So yes he knows what he is talking about. I have been to Egypt twice and Jordan once with Bunnik and have had the best trips. The tours ran very smoothly. If you want a detailed trip in Egypt I would do their Egypt in Depth tour. They are value for when compared to other operators like Scenic. Any more queries I am happy to help.

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