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I required eye assessment by an ophthalmologist. Last visit I required a scan "Item MT12, OCT-non rebatable from Medicare". Could you please advise if this is covered by Bupa Extra membership. With thanks ... Robyn
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How many Indian rupees of couple insurance in Australia in 3 year insurance
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i was told i was 3 months ahead in my payments how cold that be
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I lost my Bupa card , what can I do
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I have lost my Bupa card , what ca I do
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Hi Sue, Cards are easy. If you have an account you can reorder online otherwise, just ring them up, it's very easy. Good luck Mercy

Hi just wonder how much for a single 20 year old female cover?
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Hi Codi, I do not know how much the cover is. I just did a product review of Bupa. All I can say is I would not choose them. I have changed to 'WestFund'. I did a lot of investigating and they were the best for me. Use product review and you will see that Bupa does not get many good reviews. Good luck....Unless you have some ongoing health problem you are wasting your money with private health insurance. And even if you do have an ongoing health problem you won't get any benefit for at least a year's worth of payments because the problem is "preexisting". So you pay for two years premiums, then pay up the "excess" and then pay the gaps, and you will then find you were better off not buying the insurance because you get far less back than you paid. So don't do it! The only time you need to get private cover is when you get to an income where the extra tax for not having insurance is more than the insurance premiums, and that's a pretty high income, you are not likely to be making that much at age 20.

Hi all, this query relates to pregnancy cover. ive been with Bupa for a number of years now and added pregnancy cover to my policy in Jan 2016. With the 12 month wait period this means cover kicks in Jan 2017. Turns out my due date is the exact same date as when cover technically kicks in. They say they won't cover me unless my baby is born on or after due date. Seems so unfair when I have no control over whether baby comes early or late. Anyone had similar experiences?
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Congratulations I wish you a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy. See your doc and get the date of conception from scans they can tell and get them to provide a letter. Babies are born prem all the time it's date if conception if they continue to be difficult report to private health ombudsman. I was on a separated family policy and BUPA did not tell me ex deleted me they lest me uninsured and unaware and refuse to acknowledge or change their system to ensure this doesn't happen to others. They have 80% more 1 stars unhappy compared to all other stars. I went thru choose well and now with HCF. Sort and move as they do not care about their members. Good luck and I wish you the very best as you embark on Motherhood typical of BUPA to stress you at this time take care xxxu should be alright if u got pregnant after 2 month's as its not pre existing u have no control over it

Does Bupa Health Insurance cover HRT therapy?
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Not sure but BUPA have bad rep in industry check there star rating 1 star 80% higher dissatisfied then other stars. Contact choose well and they will help you find the right policy for you. Good luck ps I saved $30 a month with HCF and even received a welcome Call :)Thanks for that. :)

Does bupa cover pre existing injuries that need surgery? Regards, lyn
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No, they don't if you have an individual product but if it is with your company you may have a mhd (medical history disregard product so any pre-existing condition will be covered.Yes but there is a 12 month wait for pre-existing conditions, so you have to pay for the package for 12 months before you are eligible. The exception to this is if you are transfering from another fund for which you have had the pre-existing condition covered, in which case it will be covered as long as you provide a transfer certificate.

If the pathology and/or radiology provider at a pte hospital where a member is being treated charges fees above the schedule fee, will BUPA cover the gap fees or will the member be out of pocket? If this varies depending on the hospital with whom BUPA has an agreement with, can BUPA advise of this list at present?
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Sorry. I am not a person within Bupa, I am just a member like you. This is a question best addressed to Bupa.If you want to know a provider/ lab that is contracted you can search by using facility finder tab on their site in any country.

Where do I find a claim form to make a claim?
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Hi Tom, you can claim online by going to MyBupa. Here's more info on other ways to claim: http://www.bupa.com.au/health-insurance/common-questions/i-am-a-member/how-to-make-a-claim

If I take out insurance here in Australia can it be automatically transferred if I moved to Republic of ireland?
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I'm not sure what the policy is when it comes to that. I would suggest going with a different insurance just to be sure they don't over charge you.We were with BUPA in the UK and moved to Australia so I am sure it will be the same if you are going from Australia to RoI. When we left the UK we got a certificate of cover from them. I think we had 4 or 6 weeks to take out cover here to continue our coverage at the same level. By doing this all the waiting periods were waived and all pre-existing conditions were covered. It worked really well for us and we would be doing the same if we moved country again.

Can I go with Bupa health insurance for me and my wife ? Kindly suggest
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Hi Katheresh, I don't know your age, health status or if you have children. So I am probably not the best person to ask. If you are a couple 25 to 35 years old consider AHM, it is a no name and no fuss brand, that is owned by Medibank private (www.ahm.com.au). It is fair and good value, they give you a lump that you can spend how you want, or how you need to. In other words you can spend all your allocation or just chiro or just physio. Or spend a little more on dentistry, some on the physio and bit for new glasses at the optometrist. The beauty of this is you don't pay for things you don't need. Remember, only hospital cover is compulsory and that depends on your income. If you use Bupa and see a practitioner that is not one of their preferred providers you will receive significantly less money back from them. It is in their contract with you they just don't let you know it exactly this way. Any of the "Members Own Funds" are good. St Lukes pays very well. https://www.gmfhealth.com.au/help/members-own-health-funds.

Is Bupa part of Hi Caps for extras?
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not sure as i didn't made any claim from BUPA. But i had NIB and they has HICAPS for extrasCertainly on my plan they are, but it probably depends on which plan you are on. It's BUPA. DOUBLE CHECK. Then CHECK AGAIN. Then, when you are sure, CHECK AGAIN!!!I can confirm that Bupa is part of HICAPS extras on dental services at least. You can easily find the required information on HICAPS website - Practicing Partners section.

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