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I am travelling to Thailand for an extended stay as I do each year. I own a motorcycle over there. Yes I have an Australian motorcycle licence and a Thai motorcycle licence and wear a helmet. Now my concern. I worry about lying on the road somewhere after an accident and being taken to a private hospital Am I covered for private hospital? I need a policy that will cover private care because the public hospitals are bad Even Thai people say they might die in public hospital system. Just need peace of mind that if something happens I can get good emergency treatment at a private hospital Phil
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Hi Phil, It might be better to talk to BUPA themselves as our particular policy said that we weren't covered for quad bikes or motorcycles in Bali. They were great when we asked questions so hopefully you can give them your scenario and they will give you a direct answer.

Hi there, may I ask if non-Australian is eligible for the BUPA travel insurance and does it covers pregnancy? I'm a Malaysian and going to Australia for holiday. I'm looking for travel insurance that can cover pregnancy while in Australia.
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Hi there, I made a travel Insurance for me and i am pregnant, during all the process i was not asked if i am pregnant or not but i heard from others that they cover me anyway...is that correct? i got the premium one* thank you in advance.
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Your website says it covers pregnancy up to 36 weeks but i see you mention in another question that cover for pregnant mummas ceases at 24 weeks?
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Hi, I'm looking to have a couple of questions answered before taking BUPA Travel Insurance: 1. Where is the Emergency Assist Team located? What country? 2. Does BUPA Travel Insurance offer First World Care? Thanks.
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does Bupa cover Diabetics patience?
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I dont know - you are best to contact BUPA. There is an option to cover preexisting illnesses, so it would be wise to select that option and declare it EVEN IF IT COSTS A BIT MOREHi Riya, The travel insurance policy covers non-insulin dependent diabetes automatically so you don't not need to pay any additional premium for the cover. Insulin dependent diabetes can also be covered but an online medical assessment would first need to be completed and an additional premium would apply. If you would like further information, please contact our team on 1800 819 996. Many thanks, Sarah

Where can I see the travel insurance PDS?
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This is so funny, the vast majority of the positive comments is about the easy of buying the insurance and paying for it and all of the unhappy customers complain about claiming insurance from Bupa, so why almost no comments prising Bupa for getting the insurance claim paid out without a problem ? ;-)
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That’s because it takes ages for them to pay out. They are for more information which you supply, then they ask for something else. I was supposed to get an email on Friday with my payment details, but sadly it’s Monday arvo and I’m still waiting...won’t be buying this product ever again

Hi can you advise if BUPA cover mountain biking in Canada? Heading there next June for family holiday.
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I would imagine so. You can go onto the website and check, although I don't remember seeing anything that excluded certain activities. My big concern was health/medical cover; and the questions all related to medical conditions, not what I might be going to do! Regards, DebHi Patrick, Thanks for getting touch with us. To answer your question, Bupa Travel Insurance does cover cycling, however there are a few things you should be aware of. We will not cover any loss or damage as a result of, or caused by: - Failure to take reasonable care to avoid accidental injury, including your failure to wear and/or use appropriate safety equipment - Racing, other than on foot - Motorcycling, moped riding, or mechanically assisted bicycling without a current Australian motorcycle licence, without a helmet, and if you're not following the local safety laws - Quad biking - Any sporting activity for which you receive or are eligible to receive a financial reward - Abseiling, mountaineering or rock climbing if you need to use climbing equipment We highly recommend you consider the PDS and speak to one of our travel advisers who can discuss your travel insurance requirements in more detail. Private message me with your contact number and suitable time to call. Kind regards, Erin

Happy with Bupa insurance when we travelled to Norfolk Island in Nov - Dec. Our plane was diverted to NZ on the first day. We lost a nights accommodation and 1 day hire cover. Could not claim because of the $200 excess. Can't complain as Air NZ really looked after us. What I can complain is that the day after taking TI insurance for travel to USA and Canada, I received this email saying that I could have got a further 10% discount. Can this be rectified? We have been BUPA members for years.
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Hi Jeff, Thanks for your question. Apologies that you received our returning home promotion after purchasing a Bupa Travel policy for your next trip. Can you private message me with your policy and trip details, so I can ask our travel team whether it is possible to honour the discount. Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, JessieThanks Jessie, Ido not know how to private message you though. Many thanks, - JeffHi Jeff, Apologies for the delay in coming back to you - the private message option does not seem to exist within the Q&A section unfortunately. If you could please let me know your policy number on here, we will be able to contact you to discuss honouring your the discount. Many thanks Michelle

Travelling from Australia to LA was fine. Travelling from LA to Mexico was ok Travelling by bus from Mexico City to Puebla was a big drama, I have registered 8 suitcases and only received 7. No one wanted to accept responsibility and didn't get any help. Sorry to say but there is so much corruption in Mexico. Called the airport and bus company and no one wanted to take any responsibility. I went to the police to document the incident. What should I do next?
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Please ring the Travel insurance line immediately and file your case. They will tell you everything they need.Thank you Michelle for your kind response. Hi Cecelia, sorry to hear about your experience. If you are an existing Bupa travel insurance customer, please call our Global Emergency Assistance, our consultants will help you with your questions and other help you may need. Within Australia: (02) 8895 0694 While Overseas: +61 2 8895 0694

Hi Bupa, your premium is much higher than others. Also, you do not list coeliac disease in your pre existing conditions. Is that because you do not consider it a condition? Is the premium higher because I listed an 'other' condition?
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Hi Shiba, Thank you for your message, I have forwarded your message to our product team and will come back to you as soon as I have a response. Thank you for your patience. Regards, JessieHi Shiba, Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, you would need to complete the assessment on coeliacs disease. An assessment needs to be completed on all ongoing medical condition. If there are any complications which arise as a result of the coeliacs disease, member would not be covered unless an assessment is completed. The premium for covering pre-existing condition may be higher depending on your pre-existing condition. I highly recommend you speak to one of our travel advisers who can discuss your travel insurance requirements and premium in more detail. Please private message me with your contact number and suitable time to call. Apologies for the delay in coming back to you, let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with. Kind regards, Jessie

Hi Bupa, My partner and I are looking to travel to Europe next year. We are wondering what happens if she gets pregnant before and is advised by the doctor not to travel. Are we able to cancel the holiday and claim for any payments we have made prior? For example claiming back the costs of flights and hotels already paid for? Thanks in advance for your answer. Kind regards, Andrew
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Hi Andrew, Thanks for getting in touch with us. To answer your questions, Bupa Travel Insurance does cover pregnancy, however these are a few things you should be aware of: • We automatically cover pregnancy via natural conception so long as there are no complications • Your partner would need to apply for cover for pregnancy if the pregnancy was medically assisted (IVF) • All cover ceases at the end of the 24th week of pregnancy regardless of whether we have automatically approved or the insured (your partner) has applied for cover for pregnancy We would cover cancellation of the trip before the 24th week if your partner was advised she was unable to travel as long as the pregnancy fell within the terms of cover above. Cancellation cover would indemnify for any amounts you have pre-paid, and are unable to recover. We highly recommend you speak to one of our travel advisers who can discuss your travel insurance requirements in more detail. Private message me with your contact number and suitable time to call. Kind regards, Jessie

Hi, we have used Bupa Travel Insurance for Motorcycle Travel (hiring) in Europe and New Zealand over the last two years. We were wondering if the full coverage still remains using large capacity motorcycles (1200cc) We are licensed and insured in Australia to ride this size motorcycle. We will be carrying an international drivers licence and hiring from a reputable and registered company in Spain. Harold
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Hi Harold, Thank you for your message - I will confirm the policy details with our Travel team and come back to you ASAP with an answer to your query, Thank you for your patience MichelleHi Harold, Sorry for the late reply. Bupa Travel Insurance policy does not have a capacity limit on motorcycles. We only require that the rider holds a full and current Australian license. If something were to happen you would need to have hired the motorcycle from a registered hire vehicle company, and the insured would need to be listed as the rider on the rental agreement. We highly recommend you speak to one of our travel advisers who can discuss your travel insurance requirements in more detail. Let me know if you have a preferred number or time to call. Kind regards, Jessie

Hi Bupa have three young men travelling to America next year they have a two week motor cross leg included in this trip where they are riding 250cc and 450cc motor bikes on dirt tracks. I have contacted the company and they do not require any licences to ride on the tracks or on the bikes they are not competing just riding on the tracks, their is no licencing laws in US for just riding on tracks. We would like cover for their whole trip including the motor cross leg, we want one that has no out of pocket expenses for medical injuries including all ambulance cover (air and ground) the boys are all seasoned riders in Australia but incase something does happen we want them covered. can your company help?
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Hi Karen Thank you for getting in touch with us - we would be happy to help with your enquiry. It would probably be best for one of our Bupa Travel Insurance experts to give you a call so they can discuss your options - please let me know your name and a contact number, plus the most convenient time for us to call? Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Michelle

I am a bupa member of many years standing I am going to Canada next uear n wonder what the charges would be for insurance cover I am 71 years and in good health . I have had high blood pressure but controlled with meds.bp now around 120/70.Usual complaints for my age Please advise cost of insurance .I will be away for 19 days Thank You
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Hi, Thank you for getting in touch with us - we would be happy to help with your enquiry. It would probably be best for one of our Bupa Travel Insurance experts to give you a call so they can discuss your options - please let me know your name and a contact number, plus the most convenient time for us to call. Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Michelle

Thanks for the welcome home Bupa team and I am pleased to say we have no claim to make. Your offer for a new policy is tempting as we are considering a cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam with APT in June next year. We are aged 76 and 75 and with the same medical conditions as on last policy. No 09C 3422122... Proposed dates are Depart Brisbane 9th. June 2017 cruise 10th.June and return Brisbane 26th. June 2017. Would be most happy to receive your quote for same. Thank you John PS This policy included a surcharge to CGU
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Thank you for the review John. Glad to hear you had a good experience with us. Thank you for the details too, I will pass your information to our contact centre and get someone to get in touch with you regarding to signing up your next policy. As this forum is public, to protect your privacy, I would recommend you removing your details in the message above. Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. Kind regards, Jessie

Does bupa have a adventure sports travel insurance policy? I can buy a bupa adventure sport policy from a USA broker just wondering if I can get this from bupa au for travel in USA?
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Hi Chris, Thanks for getting in touch. Can we have more details around what you mean by adventure sports? Is there a number that we can you call to discuss the details, private message me if this suits. Thanks, Jessie

Am I covered to ride a motorcycle on a Bali visitors licence?
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My understanding is Bupa does have varying levels of cover & you can pay extra to be covered for this. I did not have this cover. Always clarify what you are covered for.Hi Scott, thanks for your question. You will need to have a current Australian motorcycle license to be covered while riding a motorcycle overseas, you would also need to meet any other requirements of the country you are riding in.  So in this case, you will need to have an Australian motorcycle license + license required by Bali to be covered.  If you have any other questions, feel free to let us know. Kind regards, Jessie

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