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Bush Aurora Digital Radio

Bush Aurora Digital Radio

2.8 from 8 reviews

Sounds good, but AWFUL corrupted button interface drives me to HATE this

There's something wrong with the buttons/controls. Pressing on does not turn it on. Press on maybe three times. Sometimes it will bring up the Sleep/Alarm Menu. Also same deal for turning it off. You press the on/off button, and it does something else, often going back into the Sleep Menu options, or the Alarm-1 Settings. No dude. OFF. Turn OFF. arrrgh! Generally, if left alone to run it's own thing of turning on as an alarm in the mornings it's fine. It works. It's good. But the front panel buttons are corrupt. There's a bug in the User Interface. omg so annoying!! I've been thinking of making a video to ridicule this radio. Definitely test the buttons do what they're meant to before buying.

Purchased in December 2017.

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One more thing. The Sound Volume knob also controls menu selection. Sometimes when you turn the radio on it starts too loud! However, the user interface drops you into some Menu Selection, like the Alarm-1 settings. So trying to TURN DOWN THE VOLUME does not work. Instead you are changing selections in the menu!! You have to wait (with it WAY TOO LOUD!) until the menu times-out and it changes back to be a Volume Control. Else try and press the knob inwards to 'click' and make enough selections to exit the menu so it returns to being a Volume Control. Then you can turn down the Volume. Often it means you have made new Bad Choices in the Alarm settings! So with the Volume at a more reasonable level, it's time to go back to whatever menu choices just happened and see if you can restore them. Sigh.. The DAB Radio is good. It's Sounds Good. The problem is the User Interface. Do you remember old radios that you could simply Turn On? They had a simple separate Volume Dial. They just worked? ...

Good DAB Radio and Alarm - No Complaints

I looked at buying one of these a few years ago when it was about $200 at HN - because Bush has a good name, but thought the price was way too high.
Have bought one now online for less than one-third of that price including delivery.

We have 2 other DAB radios in the house, so we know we good reception in our part of Melbourne. The Bush Aurora doesn't sound quite as good as our Yamaha DAB, but it's close. Not sure whether the difference is just down to speaker quality or whether the Bush reception isn't as good as the Yamaha, but Yamaha was over $300 so would expect it to be better. We could get all the usual local stations on the Aurora.

Tuning, setting the pre-set stations, and alarm functions are not very intuitive - you need to read the manual to work it out. I haven't tested the Bluetooth.

It all comes back to the price. If you're paying less than $75 it's good value in my opinion. But if it's a first DAB radio you should check out with neighbours etc that your locality has good reception.

goood bluetooth speaker

Got a new one from eBay about A$47.
Sound Quality
multiple Bluetooth device connectivity
FM reception
Logic of the interface (even Kmart $10 Bluetooth speaker can have next/previous function).
Useless of the USB(why not have a USB music player function?)
no remote and no wifi online interface (it is 2018 now)

Faulty bluetooth, and non-existent DAB reception

I live in a major metropolitan city, and regardless of where I put it in the house, I can't get DAB reception. That says something alone.

The biggest issue is that the bluetooth stopped working one day -- it connects to my phone, then the radio reboots a few seconds later. I tried getting it fixed or replaced under warranty, but it sounds like they wouldn't do that, and I'd have to pay for repairs. It was a Christmas present, about $200; you'd think it would last for more than a year.

Clear sound.

After setting up the Bush Aurora DAB radio, it proved to be a reliable alarm clock with a nice clear radio and Bluetooth speaker. The volume is fine for a bedroom.
It is worth browsing the manual to make sure you get the most out of this decent little clock/ radio.
Tip: I needed to turn my smartphone's NFC on to get the Bluetooth to set up. Once done, the Bluetooth then hooks up without using NFC (which I avoid for security reasons).

Better than other reviews are suggesting

I'm not sure why the reviews on this are so negative.

I picked one up for $AUD148 and the DBA+ and FM reception are quite good and after adjusting treble and bass the sound is decent.

It sounds a bit harsh at and over 70%, but that's to be expected for a device in this price range. It goes quite loud as well so I'll never use it at that volume anyway. It sounds a lot better than some of the other clock radios in the same price range.

I've also seen mention of the controls and menus being too hard to navigate and use, rubbish, no more difficult than any other radio and there aren't that many settings anyway.

There is a button to switch bands from FM, DBA, BT and AUX, once on DBA or FM you press the tune button and then you can switch stations using the main dial. Easy.

It also looks good which not everyone cares about but I do and it has 2 x USB charging ports, BT, NFC and AUX in\out.

I'm not sure I could recommend this at its RRP of $AUD 228 but at $148 or up to $170 I would recommend it.

So much potential but an unfortunate let down.

The good
- Easy to use
- Looks nice
- USB 2.1A charging ports

The bad
- Unforgivable reception
- Poor sound quality
- Volume level resets after switching unit off (standby)

The reception is so poor on this model I had to return it. Side by side with another much older Bush DAB+ clock radio was the perfect test. The antenna had to be in the perfect position to get a usable reception and even then it was on the brink of usable as the radio itself indicated to me.
The second unit was faulty and would reset itself after being on for 1 second. When returning it I ask the lady to try out the display model. She said you can't get any reception in store. This was true with the Bush Aurora but the Sony next door was able to get OK reception. I eventually left with the Sony which also had much better sound quality but no USB charging and cost only $9 more.

I did really like the Bush radio and would have kept it if not for the terrible reception but the volume resetting itself when switching the unit off would have eventually drove me crazy. Such a poor basic oversight by bush. This was my second Bush product and I've been disappointed with both. I'll not buy Bush again.

Don't waste your time with the Bush Aurora. An average brand with a hefty price tag.

Sleek look - sadly it ends there

Nice looking digital radio, doubling as an alarm clock. Probably one of the best looking digital radios I've seen. Reception is ok for Sydney suburbs although a few fade outs in the couple of days I've owned it. The sound quality is very disappointing though as the speakers distort at just 50% volume and I like my music with deep bass and loud. This occurs regardless of connection via Bluetooth or through radio. Very surprised as I thought Bush was a quality brand and disappointed with the performance considering the $199 price tag. It's my very first experience with digital radio and needless to say I'm returning it tomorrow to ask for my money back. I have high standards with sound quality and this doesn't even go close for me. Will try something different.

Questions & Answers

Any luck with the Station Pre-sets (for Bush Aurora DAB radio)? I did it the first time and it worked fine. Tried to save a second preset (following the instructions in the manual) and failed. Re-checked manual and re-tried, but failed repeatedly! If you can suggest an approach that works for the presets, I would appreciate that.
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Sorry, I took the product back for a full refund. I never got to that point. Good luck with it.Thanks Randall.

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