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Bush BR25DAB

Bush BR25DAB

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Not beating around the 'bush' - this radio is terrible!

This radio is absolutely terrible. Bought it from Officeworks for approx $50. Within days of use, the power adaptor cord would not connect properly and the radio wouldn't work unless it was pushed hard against an object to stop the cord from falling out. Even then, if you slammed a door, the cord would disconnect and you'd have to re-connect it again and go through the same process over and over. So, I switched to battery use. It takes 4 x AA batteries and whilst it works well on batteries, it uses them within 2 days! It constantly needs battery changes. I have spent hundreds of dollars by now, just on batteries. I have tried very expensive battery brands and cheap ones too and they don't make any difference at all! Then the aerial tip broke. In frustration, I returned it to Officeworks for a brand new replacement. And guess what...I have exactly the same problems as before! Unbelievable! I thought that maybe the first one was just a 'one-off' faulty product...but no, the second one is just as bad!! DO NOT BUY!!

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Problem power adaptor

Poor quality power cord has frayed and now unit won’t work. Tried going online to see about purchasing a new cable but no prices listed - only the image. Glad I read the comments about battery operation being poor so won’t waste money on that option. Note to self; read reviews BEFORE purchase!

Date PurchasedMar 2016

buyers regret.

Faulty volume control from the moment I switched it on.
Turns volume up to max no matter what (you) want,, turning down only turns it up,, maximum customer frustration. A friend had one with the same fault so I wasn't even tempted to exchange unit. Cheap,, and nasty, its a sure way to kill repeat business and credibility.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Poor build quality, cord a bad fit, won't run on batteries at all

Stay away from this brand and model. Thought I was getting an affordable radio that would do the job, but after limping past the warranty period, it's now no better than a paperweight. The powercord is poor quality and the socket itself wobbles around, causing the radio to turn off intermittently/not turn on at all; won't operate with batteries (tried old, new, rechargable); and when it did work, it didn't reliably pick up or retain stations.


Date PurchasedJan 2016

Not even in the top10 of my favourite radio receivers

The initial setup of preset stations was a bit too complex, and even with 10 fm and 10 dab presets, getting onto the station you want takes longer than it should.
Dab reception is too sensitive to location, weather, etc, and the many obscure interest digital stations really should not be internet only.
And alkaline batteries don't seem to last long.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Does the Job

I have this radio connected to a pair of powered computer speakers by using the Headphone Out Socket. Used this way it produces quite good results. The reception has always been good and I have never experienced any issues with fading. It is always connected via mains electricity so I can't comment on its operation when used with batteries. It is quite easy to operate and programme the stations.
A reasonable performer for the price

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Rubbish Radio

This radio fades in and out at times. The batteries last a few hours and that is it. The electrical cord is a poor fit and therefore at times will just stop working. I was happier with my radio from the early 80s. Do not waste your time or your money.

BR25DAB BUSH Digital Radio

I have been defrauded twice by Bush with the BR25DAB. I thought maybe the first time was my fault. The product does not meet my expectations. It does not run on new batteries or cable. I recommend all consumers to stay away from Bush products until they get their QA/QC (maybe HSE for the consumers) problems sorted out. The second radio was treated like a baby and lasted about 2 weeks. Stay away. Gordon

Don't buy this one if you want to run on batteries!

This radio, model BR25DAB, consumes power when turned off. A new set of batteries will be flat within a week even if you don't use the radio much. Bush know about this and their best advice is to take out the batteries when not using it!! They would not accept that this is unsatisfactory for a portable radio.
In my opinion this is a faulty design and not fit for it's intended purpose. It should never have been sold.
I will be getting a refund and purchasing another brand as the Bush engineering design and Customer Service was so poor.

Questions & Answers

How do I turn this darned radio off without having to remove the batteries? It switches off momentarily but comes back on. Pain the the perverbial to say the least
2 answers
That sounds like a fault to me. I would return it for replacement or refund.I don't know, I haven't had that issue with it. But one power issue I forgot to mention is that it takes about four (4!) seconds to come on after pressing the power on button.

how long is the warranty?
1 answer
Twelve months


Price (RRP) $74.98
Battery TypeInternal

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