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Bush Heritage

Bush Heritage

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Very Happy with our Bush Heritage DAB+ Radio

We bought this for $112 as a "Refurb" on Ebay from Sydney and delivery was very prompt.The packaging and the Radio looked brand new and as this radio is well over $200 new this has proved to be a great buy.

It does feature a retro look with buttons and knobs which makes it much easier to use than our Sony XDR-DS21BT which we have in our kitchen (we do like the Sony too because it is smaller for example). The Bush Heritage is much larger than most digital radios and this is part of its retro charm. It is largely brown with a soft orange glow to the LCD screen and buttons. Which you may or may not like (we cover it up at night). I do need my glasses on to easily read the screen...but I need glasses to read most things!

Once we turned it on the Heritage scanned and found all DAB and FM stations without any issues and I do not think we are in a super good reception area. The Bluetooth and dual alarm functions were easy to set up and worked well. You can also plug a music device into it via the aux and there is also a headphone socket.Unlike the Sony you can not play music via usb. Overall, the knobs, buttons and LCD screen make the Heritage pretty intuitive to use.

At first I was a little unhappy with the sound because it sounded a bit too bass heavy and muddied but I chose a different eq preset and that helped a lot. I was not expecting great Hi Fi sound from a still relatively small stereo speaker setup but it is certainly sufficiently good to enjoy the radio music and streamed music via Bluetooth. Volume is reasonable but also do not expect dance party volumes!!

Overall, as long you like the retro style you should strongly consider purchasing this unit. It has been discontinued but you may be able to buy it as a refurb or at a sell out price. If you can do so it becomes an excellent buy.

Old world charm with modern features

The radio is quite large and heavy, so be prepared for it to take up real estate on your bedside table. However, the it has many convenient functions and is very easy to program with solid simple push button dials that make selections a breeze. Not hi-fi in sound output, but not too shabby either. Good even full tone comes out of the stereo speakers and it is loud enough for music but most appropriate for low volume listening, not filling a whole room. (You'll have to get a BOSE Wave unit for that and it will cost 5 times as much). The antennae on the back is really appreciated and it makes reception of both FM and the DAB+ stations spot on in my area. The LED screen is clear and the scrolling text legible. I would have liked a bigger and more contrasting time section so it could be read from further away, but I think Bush has really go a lot right with this radio and I can recommend it to anyone who has a place for a good radio in their life.

bad reception

I live in the Wollongong area.....
looks great, but.............
also found the same problem, bad reception,
tunes in to a station, if you like country music,
rock station tunes in, then slowly disappears,
the bluetooth is great, to listen to my own personal music
I also wish I could take it back,
might have to give it to some..........

Impressive radio!

Great looking radio and the sound quality is excellent. Live in Brisbane so had no problems picking all the channels. The Bluetooth works well when I want to stream from my iPhone. This radio retails for about $200 at Good Guys and Office works but I managed to get a refurbished one on eBay for $100 + $20 (Postage). Did not have any issues with the dim LCD display as mentioned in one of the reviews - seems ok to me. The label on the buttons glow in a subtle orange when in standby mode which looks awesome in the dark. I initially intended to buy the Bush TR82 Retro Style Digital Radio, but decided to get this one because it had better speakers and Bluetooth which turned out to be a good choice.

Great Retro look and sounds great as well

This is the best looking retro Digital radio around and has a veneered timber case, sounds great as well. Another nice feature is when it is in standby mode all the buttons glow at a reduced level this looks magic at night, I believe this model has been deleted now so I suggest if you love the look of this retro DAB radio that you find one before they have all gone.

Sounds beautiful- that is all!

I've had this radio for about 6 months now and have no regrets about buying it. It is my fifth digital radio [I love 'em].
When I first saw it some years ago I thought it was more gimmicky than functional with its retro styling . Discovering it had a 10W amp made me a little more interested. It was difficult to evaluate in-store because the DAB reception was not good, typical of many electronics shops. I finally went in and connected my ipod to it and found the audio quality very good for a small radio. However, the $275 price tag was too high. Kept an eye on the Dick Smith catalogues and finally got one when they were on sale for $175.
The Grundig it replaced in our living room worked without the antenna up but the Bush needed it for good reception. So, reception may be an issue if you're in a marginal area.
The sound is very nice. I tried it as an audio monitor with our TV thru the AUX jack- much better than the sound from the TV speakers without a doubt. There are a number of audio profiles for different types of music and speech, plus a custom profile you can set to your own taste eg., the ROCK setting boosts bass, SPEECH pushes treble more....
The LCD display can be set to a brighter level. It is adequate for the brightly lit room the radio is situated in.

This is now our all-day radio, mostly used for listening to talk rather than music. It has been faultless since buying it and, as I've said, it's very pleasant on the ears.

Works well, sounds great

The radio worked exactly as expected straight out of the box. I'm in an area designated for good reception and it works well and picks up all stations with the telescopic aerial. Good sound and the bluetooth works nicely when streaming from my laptop. Rotary actuator for tuning and setting menu items is quite nice.

Wish I could take it back

All good except poor reception, not as good as the Radio it was to replace. Suggestions that I could get an external antenna are falling on deaf ears! Why do I need to do that after paying such a premium price? Disappointed! After all, a radio that has poor reception is like a car with a defective engine.
All good except . . .
Poor reception!

LCD display useless

The quality of the LCD display on this radio is very poor even when set to "High". It is unreadable (except maybe for the time) in a room with any natural light. I am not talking about sunshine here either! Even in rooms without, or very limited natural light the display can only be read within about 10 degrees either side of "straight on".
The radio itself is fine and has a great sound. WiFi would have been nice although it does have Bluetooth.
Whilst I like the radio sound and its features I am going to return it as using the functions where one has to read the screen (such as what band, what station, setting the alarm etc) is impossible if your room has a window!
It is unbelievable that a radio would be marketed with this fault or an LCD of such poor quality, especially at this price!
Good sound, bluetooth, appearance
LCD display is useless

Never Judge a Book by its Cover

Had this radio for a few weeks . It has good Bluetooth reception . It picked up my iPhone and MacBook Pro without any issues . I streamed iTunes with both . Has AUX in and a headphone jack . The telescopic antenna works well in strong DAB+ reception areas . The antenna can be removed and a external antenna attached to it . I live on the outskirts of Melbourne where DAB+ reception is patchy . I have a DAB+ roof top antenna that works well with both a Yamaha and Scansonic DAB+ radios .But this radio struggles to pull a signal ( same socket , same antenna ). I'm going to sell it as this flaw is unacceptable . This radio costs around $200 upwards and Bush should have put a better tuner in it .
Good Bluetooth connection. Good sound quality , Wooden cabinet .
No USB ., No line out , Poor reception in weaker transmission areas .

Hey there, I'm in Healesville trying to figure out the best solution for DAB+. Our radio worked fine in Lilydale but we are on the wrong side of Mt Riddell to pickup signal. Can get a couple of channels now and then in the very far corner of the house! Don't know whether to invest in another radio or buy and install an external DAB+ antenna. What do you think?A DAB roof antenna is the way to go . The antenna cost around $65 on eBay . It must be mounted vertically and pointed in the direction of Mt Dandenong . ( that's the transmission tower for DAB+ ) . Other towers only relay tv and fm broadcasts . Also check your radio to see if the telescopic antenna can be removed and allow a external antenna to be attached . ( many radios don't ) . But you can buy radios that do . Thanks! I was thinking something like that but you've confirmed it and added detail. The tx maps show signal pouring out the side over to Yarra Glen too

Questions & Answers

Several months ago I moved from Melbourne to regional Victoria (approximately 4 hours north close to the Murray River) and couldn't understand why neither of my Bush DAB+ Radios no longer worked. Recently I was devastated when I discovered that digital radio isn't available in my area according to the Australian Digital Network website?!!! As it's also near impossible to pick up the closest FM stations I'm going insane without it... I desperately need help/advice from someone who has technical knowledge about this issue that could recommend what to do and help save my sanity.... PLEASE!
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Have a look here: put in the postcode and it will tell you what the reception is like http://www.digitalradioplus.com.au/can-i-get-digital-radio If you are out of luck, you might have to go the way of the internet for radio. You can get radios that work on wi-fi and you can store your favourite station. Keep up with the radio listening. This one is apparently good and portable, but you need half decent internet. Good luck! https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sangean-WFR-28-Wi-Fi-Internet-FM-RBDS-Network-Player-USB-Portable-Radio/332642469615?epid=1717170836&hash=item4d730946ef:g:c2gAAOSwk3Fa7xp~Or there are "long range" radios available such as this: http://www.radioparts.com.au/product/34543105/prd3-fm-am-long-range-radio-sil-fringe-reception-sangean#.WxxaloozaUkI agree with the above!!

Why is the reception so poor? The thing costs so much but is virtually useless. My somewhat less expensive Sony works fine in my location. Vert disappointed!
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Hullo Vert, I am dissapointed too


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