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Bush TR82 Retro Style

Bush TR82 Retro Style

MPNs: 35904891 and TR82DAB
3.5 from 14 reviews

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works as it should

looks nice and sounds great (not tinny sound, more enriched) i love rock classical and jazz, and it's nice to get a fuller sound with this
display is good and bright, memory sets well for my favourite channels
Inputs and outputs an advantage to connect phone and use my playlist, outputs great for headphones or speakers
I love it, can't fault it

Purchased in May 2018 at The Good Guys for $50.00.

What a cool radio

Love my retro radio I got mine is dab digital clear crisp sound nice bass looks really nice totally amazed with my purchase. Bought directly from Bush online got a great price to seen them previously in retrovision when it was going but never got one. Highly recomend them they are usually around 100 dollars but sometimes you can get some specials online come in diff colours to

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Can not rate this as a digital radio

As my heading says, l can not rate this radio as a digital. For the simple reason i get no continuous digital coverage, twenty seconds at best with breaks of over ten minutes in between. Have tried another brand and results are mirrored which eliminates a problem with the wireless. As a fm radio it is brilliant the sound quality is superior to my hifi stereos wireless and it looks great.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Great radio, great sound

Bought this radio in the Dick Smith sell out for 89 $ as I liked it retro style. My mother had one of a similar model in the kitchen, so that is where this one went. Not too impressed with the digital part of it, normal FM is just as good and I even like to listen to AM sometimes (even more of a retro feeling).
Can recommend this radio if you want an easy portable good sounding 'transistor' and close your eyes and dream of good old days gone by.

Correction to previous review.

I took it back to Harvey Norman. Staff member diagnosed the problem as in the lead and replaced it. Now radio works well and does not drop out. Classy and great sound. Still not conversant with the digital side of things ( maybe no or poor reception) but more happy.

Great Radio with bags of style

When my previous digital radio decided to stop working I missed the noise of the radio in the kitchen in the morning. After researching and looking for a new radio I chose this one originally based on its looks. However, this is a Great radio, easy to set up, good sound and easy to use. Looks great in the kitchen too :-)

This Bush Retro Digital Radio is the best!!

Digital Reception is absolutely clear and the speaker clarity is fabulous. It is a fashionable looking Radio and it has AM as well. I plug my smartphone and MP3 into it and it sounds awesome. It even has numerous one touch select buttons for your favourite stations. The big round manual station select dial in the front really works.

shocking reception

Live on Mt Tamborine, can see Brisbane, but reception is practically non existent some days. Sound breaks up or stops for seconds at a time making it impossible to follow a conversation or listen to music. Usually switch to an FM programme or turn off altogether. Sorry we bought Digital altogether.

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12 month later it has packed up altogether.

I l

It's great to see the merging of New technology, with a Retro style look.It supports AM/FM/LW, as well as DAB. I don't have Digital radio in my area, so I cant comment there, but AM with a good reception has a warm feel.

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On a side note, I purchase this @ 2011, and it's still going!

Broke within 1hr of first switching on...twice!

Initially delighted to be given this radio as a present,however this quickly soured when the LCD screen&sound stopped working less than 30 mins after first switching it on - the screen would only flash a blue light then nothing at all. Returned it to officeworks&obtained a replacement of the same model...which also stopped working (no sound&LCD screen went dead) this time after only 1hrs use! Needless to say,returned unit to store again but for refund this time. Will not be buying Bush again! Oh&I rang their support phone line&was on hold in a queue for so long I gave up...
Sound was good for the short time it actually worked
Everything else...stopped working x2! Also be aware unit is quite large for a radio.

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Disappointing for you.

Worked good for 18 months.....then.....

i bought this radio 18 months ago, worked fine up until now. Turned it on like i usually do in the mornings and the blue LCD screen had gone all jumbly, full of characters. I rang bush and they stated that the warranty for these radios are 12 months and better still they couldnt suggest anywhere i could actually get the screen repaired/replaced. Poor Product, Poor Customer Service, Buyer Beware!! You'd think something like this would be lasting for at least 10 years.
the retro look
LCD screen failed, all jumbled up, can see anything

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Very disappointing for you happyegas. Sounds like the problem might have been similar to what I had experienced, but only after two uses. (As per my comments in my own thread, below.)

Bought one today

Hello All. As a result of the reviews at this page and also from other places on the net I went out today and purchased one of these radios from JB HiFi with two gift cards I had been given last Christmas. I tested the radio out earlier this afternoon. So far so good. I live in a rural area where according to the DAB website I should not be receiving DAB reception. I did in fact test out the digital reception with a radio which I had borrowed from my mother and it worked well, so as to ensure I could receive digital reception before making my purchase today. The Bush TR82's digital reception is excellent. The FM reception is excellent. However, the AM reception is poor; this being no different to other radios in our house, owing to our rural location. Of course this is not a fault of the radio. From my research it appears the latest TR82 radios have an "aux in" socket, as opposed to an "aux out" socket on the earlier model. This is one of the reasons I purchased this radio because I am able to plug my mp3 player, via a cable into this radio and listen to music. A great feature; however, the radio's "tone" function does not operate for the "aux in". As has been posted previously at this site, the radio's footprint is quite large. Excitedly I showed my wife my new "retro" radio and her reply was, "Could you not find a larger radio?"
retro look, inexpensive price, in addition to receiving digital and FM broadcasts the radio also receives AM broadcast

I used the radio for only two short occasions. On the third occasion the digital display had blocks of "black" over the entire screen. As a result, I could not determine what was on the display. I contacted the JB HiFi store from where I had purchased the radio. They instructed me to return the product to them, in order to swap it for another unit. I did this last weekend. I can not complain about the after sales service which JB HiFi provided to me. Thanks JB HiFi.The replacement radio went back to the store this morning and I have been given my money back. I am disappointed that I had to return the radio, as I was impressed with the quality of the sound from the speaker, the tone adjustment, the ease of operation to select channels (digital/FM/AM), the ability to plug my mp3 player into the Aux-in jack, the ability to receive AM transmission and the retro look. The replacement radio had an electrical humming sound coming from it when the power switch on the radio was turned off, but the mains power outlet was turn on. I spoke to Bush Australia and they said I should return the radio to the place of purchase. The sales assistant tested another radio, of the same type and for some reason the unit would not power up and then eventually it would, but then it took a lenght of time to power up again. I decided that enough was enough and I asked for my money back. I looked at other radios in the store but nothing was to my liking. I can not fault the service I have received from JB HiFi to resolve my issues.

Very highly recommended purchase to all and sundry

A friend of mine got this radio for $83 from DSE. When he showed it to me I knew I had to get one ASAP. So I bought this one from the same store my mate got it - Dick Smith's in Midland.
This was in February 2013. Got it at a reduced price ($99) albeit for a little more than my friend paid. Still a great bargain! (I think the usual r.r.p. on these is about $170?)

Not only does it retain the exact appearance of the analogue-only model, it still has all the analogue tuning functionality, (AM, FM and MW). But with the older, non-digital transmissions coming to an end very soon (April 2013 in WA) these features will, obviously, be redundant.

So...how does the DAB side of things work with this rig? Exceedingly well! It's fairly easy to tune, all the controls are in the top recess, under the carry handle. I found programming DAB channels into memory a little tricky, as there are just 5 preset buttons, yet 10 preset memories offered. I got the hang of it, without need to consult the user manual.

The sound quality is most certainly acceptable; nice bass, which is never tinny, with sufficient treble, that never saturates. There's an old school tone control, which is a genuine analogue pot (remember them?) as is the volume control. To boot, the volume knob, when turned right down, terminates in a 'click', which turns off the power. .ahh memories...

An ideal gift for older relatives, who are technophobes. They'll love the ancient(!) design and look of this receiver.
Price, looks, performance
Tuning can take a bit longer than usual but I am really splitting hairs

First digital radio for our house

Loving the sound quality of digital radio. The digital display is good for knowing what station youare on. I was surprised how large it is though -surely a lot larger than necessary so make sure you check the measurements before you buy to see if you are happy with the size.
Sound quality, digital display
Quite large

Questions & Answers

My bush tr82 dab is not working . The screen is blue but nothi g else and no buttons work can anyone help thanks
2 answers
Sorry can not offer any help only to say mine died a similar death. Did you also find itvstopped for longer intervals while not picking up a signalI sent my old one in for repair to Bush or find a local rspair. Some old vuys still fix radios use google

How do you tune in the back to receive channel.
2 answers
Select your band, db am FM then auto this will automatically scan for stations or you can select manual and add stations yourselfTune in the back ?

the digital capabilities of my Bush radio have stopped working. AM/FM works fine, just nothing (no static or anything) for digital. Radio has worked fine for a year and was not moved. any clues?
2 answers
Very Odd simply contact them I have found them great to deal with also they sell 2nds on ebay try puckn up a factory 2nd for 50 bucks lolI can not answer your question, only to add same thing happened to me, so l bought a new didgital and that like the other didnt work on the didgital band from day one Gave one of the radios to mum, who lives just streets away. The radio worked fine there for six months or so then stopped. At a geuss i would blame it on new dwellings even trees becoming larger that are blocking a tempermental band width. Wont buy another


Bush TR82 Retro Style
CategoryDigital Radios
Price (RRP) $139
Battery TypeExternal
Release dateMar 2011

Visit official website - Download manual
  • MPN: 35904891 and TR82DAB
  • GTIN13: 5018309972183 and 5018309973180

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