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I just bought a second hand bushman sc35-42 and it freezes. It won't stop running, any help would be great. Jason
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Hi Jason. First check under the control panel. There is a toggle switch which should be in the OFF position. Take the top off the compressor compartment to get to it. If you’re still stuck, call us on 03 9437 0737 when you are with your fridge a we’ll talk you through some tests. Cheers. Tom.

I would be operating on a boat with 12 V DC and 240V AC. In DC, how many amps will it draw in freezer mode? Regards Mark
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Hi Mark, the average consumption in 35L as a deep freezer (-18º) will be between around 1.5 Amps per hour average.

Hi Just purchased a secondhand sc35 can't see anything on the online owners manual should the power light be red once at temperature Cheers
1 answer
Yes -the redlight shows its working. Green light shows its at temperature. Try "Set' the temp down to say - 10 . The fridge should start showing the red light. Then raise the set temp to say + 3 and the fridge should stop and the red and green lights come on. Hope this helps.

Hi. I have an old bushman sc 35 that needs a new control panel. However the wiring is soldered onto the curcuit board. No plugs. Is this a job for a technition or how can I do it myself at home
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Hi Steve Best thing to do is contact Bushman at their Melbourne phone number and the Tecs there will explain to you how you can connect a new control board. RonLThanks Ron I will call on Monday. Hopefully its an easy fixHi Steve, it’s an easy fix. We supply spade connectors with a new control panel ($133) and all the instructions you will need to swap them over. No soldering needed. Cheers.

My fridge is about 6 years old, switch not working, Removed cover, turned fan on, it's working. Any suggestions please to fix it?
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Hi Colleen It sounds like a control panel problem. Contact Bushman at their Melbourne address and explain the problem, and you will be able to get technical advice and they can supply a new control panel if you need one. Contact phone number I recall was 03 9437 0737, I found them extremely helpful. RonL11Hi Colleen, It could be a problem with the rocker switch. Feel free to call us at head office and we'll sort it out for you. 03 9437 0737 Thanks, Tom.Rang Bushmans, confirmed that the control panel needed replacing, ordered a new one, it arrived the next day .It is working .Excellent service.

Hi Bushmans, just wondering how long the Anderson plug you sell for the 35/52l unit is? Cheers
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Hi Brad, The HD Anderson lead is 2m long. Then the extension piece which has an Anderson on one end and a cigarette lighter plug on the other is another 30cm long. Cheers, Tom

I have an SC35-52L, the CIG connector on the power cable has given up the ghost. I would like to change to an Anderson plug connection. My question, is the power cable polarity sensitive, and if so, how can I determine which is the positive side of the twin core cable? BTW: Had the fridge since 2013, dragged it all over the roughest parts of northern Australia as well as many other places throughout QLD, NSW & Vic, never had a spot of bother with it and never run out of cold beer/wine or lost any food along the way... wouldn't consider any other brand in the future...... :))
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Hi, The wire with the writing on it is the positive :)

Hi there, my Bushman runs fine until it cycles off and then won't restart. Battery is fully charged. Could it be thermostat issue? Any clues? Cheers Roo
2 answers
Suggest you contact Bushman. They are very helpful.Sounds as though it is hitting low voltage cut out. This could be in the fridge or your wiring. there are a few things to check but best you give us a call and we will run you through procedures to try and idetify the problem.

Is it possible to buy a new control board for my bushman??
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Sure can, just ring head office in Melbourne.

Hi all I have a bushman 3 way XD70. Never been used on gas. Lights fine, but the flame dies once the manual button is released. Any ideas?
2 answers
Could be a couple of things, faulty thermocouple, rotary switch pins not making proper contact, fluff in the burner etc. Best give head office a call and can run through a few things to try.Thanks for that. So in frustration, with a sore thumb from trying about 20 times, I pulled the line off the gas bottle to pack it up. Then decided to try again. Worked first time. Left it on for 2 hours. Fridge got cold and the flame kept burning. No idea why, or why not. Maybe just the almighty having some fun. Cheers Mike

My bushman starts for a couple of seconds on 12v then turns off when I leave it I can hear it want to run but turns of again could the condenser be dirty?
2 answers
A previous post asked your same question.Bushman replied with "In the scenario you explain it sounds like the fridge is sensing a low current after it has been running on your battery for a few hours, so when it senses the low current it stops running to protect your battery from further discharge. There could be many different reasons why the compressor is sensing low current and hitting low current cut-out. We are more than happy to look at the fridge for you and the setup in your car to diagnose the issue. Please contact us at head office in Research, VIC on 03 9437 0737. Cheers, BUSHMAN."Thesr’s a built in low battery voltage protector that stops the fridge running if the voltage is below 10 point something. Mine does the same. Try charging the battery. DERICK

giday I've got an old bushman its an over-lander just scored it from a mate, took the plug of my other one and it works but the temp control will not change setting so it just goes right down. It has no reset so it there a way of correcting this? Cheers
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Hi. Wow an overlander, that's a really old fridge! Must be about 25 years old. Please call us at head office 03 9437 0737 and we'll see what we can do for you.

I accidently broke my 12v socket to the ciggie lighter, thought it was easy to replace with a narva 12v plug but the wires are too thick to close the covers..so do i need to buy a genuine part with a new lead ect thanks murf
2 answers
Hi Murf. Did you break the socket or the plug? On the 12V lead or on the transformer? You should be able to put another socket or plug on the existing wires. When you say you can't close the covers, which covers are you referring to? Cheers, Tom. BUSHMAN.hey mate i did the same but i joined the wire back up from the plug

What is the price of the 45 lt ? Do you have a Adelaide dealer?
1 answer
Hi Ross, When you buy The Original Bushman 35L - 52L, you get the full kit which enables you to use the fridge in 35L, 42L, 45L and 52L configuration. RRP $1295. We have a couple of dealers in Adelaide, check out the dealer map on our website bushman.com.au. All the Best. Tom, BUSHMAN.

Im a little worried about frezing my beer i have two collars with small lid making it 55 ltr. I would like to know what temp to set so the beer on the bottom doesn't freez?
3 answers
We have the 52L setup (collar and dome lid). In normal Brisbane weather ranging from 20 to 35 degrees, if I set ours at -2 the meat will stay frozen on the bottom and a few cans of soft drink can go down on the bottom and stay ice cold though might ice up over time. If you are only using the fridge for drinks, I think setting the controller to zero would be a good start. It might be something you have to experiment with a bit. Many factors will come into play - how long the beer will be in there, how often the lid opens, the ambient outside temps.Thanks Dom but i want to freeze several meal size stews in the bottom then beer then fruit & vegies in the basket above i set it to -6 i just hope the beer wont freze. Does anyone know the right way to do this.Hi again Shellie, when we set our fridge to -2 our meat stays frozen in the bottom, we have fruit, veggies and butter in the basket in the top. Milk, soft drink and beer go in the middle. At -2 the beer, milk and soft drinks will be very cold (a good thing). Hope this helps. The best people to speak to would be Bushman themselves, their customer service is excellent, they are in Melbourne phone 03 9437 0737.

What temp do I set the fridge at for it to be only a freezer? Are there any special packing instructions i.e Can I stack the freezer to the lid level?
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I’d give Bushman a call directly, they will sort you out. Call 03 9437 0737Hi, You can use the Original Bushman fridges as a dedicated freezer in either 35L, 42L or 45L configuration. Usually I set my fridge on -8º to use it as a freezer. You can set it much lower, but if you are only freezing things for a week or two at a time, you really don't need to have the fridge at -18º. Enjoy!

On my new 35/52 is it normal for there to be a little hole where it says reset on the control panel?
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Hi Shellie, I had a look in the fridge manual and the hole is a reset switch for the control panel. In the event you are unable to get a response from the control panel, and can't change the temperature settings, this means the control panel has lock up. The manual says you insert something thin into the reset hole to reset the control panel. I've never had this issue myself. If you have any other questions I'm happy to help, and I can also highly recommend giving Bushman a call directly in Melbourne on 03 9437 0737. Their customer service is brilliant and they will help you with anything you need to know. Cheers Dominic.Cool thankyou Dom.

Anyone know the answer to this problem- When i connect my bushman to 240 the motor goes for a few seconds then stops , The panel shows H1 .
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Hi, not sure if you have sorted this problem yet. I'd call Bushman (Off Grid Refrigeration) directly in Melbourne on 03 9437 0737. Their customer service is terrific and they will get you sorted asap. Cheers Dominic

I have a sc 35 bushman the aa battery in the control panel has gone bad and has leaked onto the printed circuit board is this panel available and how much I live in the hawkesbury area nsw is there a dealer in the hawkesbury?
3 answers
Give Bushman a call they are very help full.Ring bushmen they will send a new panel to you and it will fit right in where the old one was, no more battery's needed cost $ 88 plus postage hope this helps, Macca.Hi Ray, Jeremy and Macca are onto it for you! About 5 years ago we moved over to control panels that do not need batteries. You can easily plug one of these newer control panels into your older fridge. Only $88 for the entire control panel assembly. Cheers. BUSHMAN.

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