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Why use an agent!

After having a number of agents through our house I came to the conclusion that the house would sell its self. The bonus from that would be the huge savings. Our house was under offer after the second home open which was a great result. The staff at Buy my Place were very helpful and were available should you need them.

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Hi Kev, Thank you for your review. We are so pleased about your success. Fantastic result and massive savings, well done!

Couldn’t have expected a better outcome

From start to finish, complete control of the whole process. If you’re ready to do the work and research the market you really can affect your best outcome. That was our experience.

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Hey Pablo, Thanks for sharing your positive experience with us. We love hearing our vendors' success stories. Congratulations on selling your very own home!

Best way to sell your house

Very happy with the service we sold our house after 5 weeks on the market, on line help was a bit clunky at times this was probably due to our age lol. I would recommend this site to any one wishing to sell their house.

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Hey Clive, Wow, what a story! Congratulations on your success and thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Saved a lot of money

Using this site allowed access to all the prominent real estate web sites not accessible for listing by the general public. This mainly all real estate agents do. It was just a matter of being there for the openings and downloading the generic "Make an offer sheet" for people at the openings. Updating descriptions, photos and changing opening times is web based and very quick and easy. The sign provided by "Buymyplace" did its job and the delivery was prompt. I did not require any help with creating the listing and taking photographs but help is offered. The house sold well within the average time frame for this area. If you are prepared to put in a bit of effort with openings, you do not need expensive real estate agents doing the same thing you can do yourself. Do not believe the line "We have clients waiting for houses" They may have clients waiting for cheap bargains but most buyers look on the internet now.

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Hey Brian, Congrats on selling your own property! We agree, all it takes is a little bit of effort. You know your property best, so who else would be better for the job? Your success is a perfect example of this! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Saved over $10,000 in commissions, offer within 6 weeks using buyMyplace

Very professional service offered at a great low price. I paid just $650 for a full internet listing on all the main property sites, comprehensive help with writing my particulars and instant leads from genuine purchases. We were able to interact and explain everything about our property that no agent could ever do to our buyers who offered near full listing price. No dramas just more money in our pockets!

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Hey Anita, Wow! Congrats on an incredible achievement. We couldn't agree more, nobody knows your home better than you. Thanks very much for sharing your story with us, we appreciate your kind feedback!

If I can do it anyone can

Being a widowed senior lady I sold my home with the help of buy my place, saving money which would have gone to an agent.
Thank you buy my place

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Congratulations on such an impressive achievement! We are so happy to hear about your success and that you had a positive experience with us. All the best!

Incredible Service and Delivery

Was a little unsure if I could sell my place on my own. BuyMyplace were incredibly helpful throughout the entire service and it truly was simple. Ended up selling my house in 8 days.

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Thanks for your review Belinda. 8 days, what a success story! We are so pleased to hear that we could help you with your achievement. Congratulations!

No issues with services provided by byMyplace

I have used their services to advertise for tenants for rental property and very happy with outcome and service.

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Thanks for sharing your positive experience with us. Congratulations on leasing your very own property!

Terrible Service

Very disappointed in the service (or lack of it) provided. From the start there was terrible communication and emails and phone calls were not returned for the most part. I did test enquiries and these never got to me. When I contacted the again and was actually able to get a hold of someone, they said that they would like into the problem but of course never got back to me. A request for a refund or even partial refund was outright refused.

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Hi John, Thank you for your review. We are disappointed to hear that your experience with us fell short of the high expectations we set for ourselves. Our customer support team are hard at work 7 days a week to ensure our vendors have plenty of help throughout their campaigns. We value your perspective and are always working to improve our business. As such, we invite you to extend your constructive feedback to support@buymyplace.com.au so that we may review your concerns. Thank you kindly.

You get what you pay for

Never got an offer on my house using them and ended up using an agent. After much arguing and a complaint lodged with NSW Fair Trading I received a full refund. The points below are copied from an email from them acknowledging that there was a lack of service based upon:

Email not being changed accordingly (I left my job when I engaged them and despite repeated requests to up update to my personal email address, they kept sending all correspondence to my old work email which was read by the person who took over my role);
An unfavourable arrangement of photos (they offered to upload the marketing photos on the website and placed a photo of the toilet as the main photo so it was the first thing you saw on domain.com);
Lack of response from our support team (self explanatory);
Listing advertised at the wrong time (agent turned up with potential buyers on the wrong day due to the BuyMyPlace dashboard not updating inspection dates properly);
Incorrect details on the advertisement (self explanatory - despite me proof reading the ad content they still posted it with incorrect details);
brochures being sent to the wrong address (despite explicit instructions on where they should go).

Would not advise using them.

Sold my place with honesty and integrity

I used this facility after ridiculous promises, huge over the top advertising costs made by Real Estate Agents just to get the sale Then talking it down by making crazy comparisons.. Each new one talked it up and was disingenuous. 1 hour twice a week with expensive advertising was ineffectual. Also a friend came on a few open houses incognito to check out what the Agents were doing. They had so much stock they were pulling people aside and talking it down and saying they think they owner would settle for less if pushed which was a total porky. The just wanted the sale. I was also annoyed at the continual push to auction which drove me crazy. For sale or nothing. I was in no hurry at all which I suppose was a bonus. I hate auctions and they are expensive and too hit and miss.

I had given the souse a fresh painting inside and out and had all the maintenance overhauled in the outside and inside, de-cluttered and had a a thorough spring clean before I even put it on the market.

I decided to do it myself with the advertising and the showings. Had the flag for showings when it was convenient for me, didn't have to hide my pets and go over the top on false decorating. Sold in no time and all. I actually found this organisation by stumbling on it after a bit of a search. I let go all the real estate agents and Used Buy My Place and within a very short time, had the right buyer and had it sold and settled in no time at all and both the buyer and myself were more than satisfied. I used the conventional legal and conveyance done by my solicitor though and wouldn't do that kind of thing anywhere else. I have no regrets only perhaps that I had the dosh to keep it in my ownership before moving on to new fields. Keep your house clean and tidy along with your yard or outside area. . I put everything away and had everything in its place. A few other "my secret" touches and it was far less stressful and this is the way I would go into the future without hesitation. Good luck everyone!!

Missed Enquiries

Disappointed that because of technical issues I received a bunch of enquiries all at the same time which were more than a week old. Didn’t put me in a good position with buyers having to explain why I left it for a week before returning their call.

Straight forward, good customer service!

We used Buy My Place to sell our rural property. Quick and easy to set up ad and had great customer service. Good customer service and support.

best way to sell your house

"10/10. All the buyer's were very happy it was a private sale by the owner and not an agent. Nobody knows your house better than you and to market it your self i highly recommend buyMyplace website for selling your own property you will save thousands in commission."

Not very helpful at all

I found it difficult to get hold of customer service to help with questions, when calling the 1300 number, it would ring out and you'd be forced to leave a message but no call back. I requested a contract of sale form but they wouldn't send it to me because I'm not a conveyancing client? Just poor. Discount fees comes with discount service!

The Worst

From the moment of the first call it was total confusion with staff not explaining packages or inclusions properly. I was passed to 6 different people all unwilling to give me simple answers. It took 3 emails just to get a copy of the invoice and over 15 emails of me following them up before anything was printed.

Terrible! Worst customer service

By far the worst after sales support. I bought a $1195 package and $799 auction and paid with credit card over the phone but was never given a receipt or tax invoice.
I phoned 3 times, was given different information each time. I phoned another 3 times, left voice messages and no one had the courtesy to return the calls.
Finally after having sent 4 emails that no one bothered to reply to I phoned again. On this occasion I was told the accounts person was attending meetings out of the office.
I asked what time they would be back in the office and was not surprised to be told that they really couldn’t tell me.
I then told them that I didn’t believe the accounts person was out of the office and it’s obvious I’m being given the run around and I’m tired of being told lies, not having calls and emails returned etc.
I was told I should have an update as to when the accounts person would provide my invoice by close of business.
At that point I explained that I was tired of the crap and I would call again in a few hours and I expected my invoice that day.
I also sent a follow up email to which I added that if I didn’t have my invoice by 4.30pm I would have no option but to lodge complaints with the ACCC and the Ombudsman.
Needless to say I received a call a short time later to advise that the invoice had been emailed.
This company has a good concept but they are unfortunately like many others and lack sufficient numbers of staff.
They tell blatant lies and their after sales service is pathetic or non existent. buyMyplace is just another company endorsing the negative perception people have of real estate agents and I highly recommend avoiding this mob.

Wow! Appauling service

The service this company provides is appauling. I tried listing a rental property and asked them why it wasn't showing. They said they had fixed the problem but when I went to see if the property was listed the next day it still wasn't. They then told me I needed to send compliance documents which they said they emailed me (which they did not). I then sent the documents in and received an email confirming documents had been received and the property would be listed within 2hours. The next morning I checked and still no listing, I then received an email saying they were still waiting on the compliance documents. Absolutely no communication within their own company. Website ad setup template is horrible to use. Will not use this company again. Will use the other one, much better.

Take your money and run.

I tried to get them to auction my house.
They outsource signs... For Sale ... For Lease.
A sign saying Auction etc. proved almost impossible.
They asked me for photos. They said that the photos l provided were sideways and upside down.
Hence not suitable. A bizarre situation I'm guessing most would agree. A simple graffics issue.
Days passed ... still no progress.
No refund ... no refund ... no refund.
$580 plus down the drain.
I advised them to photograph a blank wall and use those photos. All l needed was a sign showing that my house was up for auction.
This amazing idea was rejected. I finally advised them to put each of my three photos on their computer screen one at a time and take screenshots of my photos and use them.
I feel sorry for the innocent people working for this organization.
An organization that takes your money and runs away from what they say they offer.
Get wise before parting with your hard earned.
Why did l write such a damning review? Do your own sign.
Just do your own sign. Just do your own sign.
Overall .... A typical internet moneymaking scheme driven by greed. Not service.

Really easy to advertise BUT don't use their conveyancers

Their service could not have been better, it was so easy to get started and get my ad online......so I took the option of signing up for their conveyancing too. What a mistake. OMG, they bury you in UNNECESSARY red tape. How hard can it be to get a blank contract, for goodness sake. They told me it would take up to 10 working days to give me a contract.... by then ANY buyer would have walked away. This was ridiculous. I cancelled the conveyancing and within 30 minutes had a contract though KRG Conveyancing.... and they were cheaper!!

But the actual advertising with buymyplace was good. The corflute board they sent me (took about 2 weeks) was useless (and very late). It advertises buymyplace NOT my house!!! Just as bad as an agent would do.... Instead, I made up a photo board on powerpoint (using my old laptop), got it printed and laminated on large poster (A1 I think) through Officeworks and wacked it up on a board I had oin the shed - all easy to do myself and for about $75.00. Better result and quicker!

We will NEVER EVER sell through an agent again. OMG, I worked it out that I can pay myself about $750 per hour for the 15-20 hours I probably spent in selling the place. It's dead easy. No way will I ever pay someone such a huge amount of money for what is a very low skill level role. It's time real estate agents were brought into the 21st century and forced to take a humungous pay decrease. They should be paid by the hour, rather than on a commission basis.

The buyers love dealing with the owner... there's no lies, no games, no crap. So good for them. They loved being able to deal directly with the seller. Definitely will sell my own houses in the future. No question. It's dead easy!

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Questions & Answers

Where does the conveyancer send the marketing contract to?
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I'm thinking of selling me house in beenleigh qld. Are there upfront fee ? I would like to know more about how it all works.
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Hi Tracy, Thanks for getting in touch. It's awesome to hear you're interested in selling your property yourself! Yes, there is only one upfront fee upon signing up with us. The price depends on which campaign you select. (For more information visit https://www.buymyplace.com.au/packages/) I'm happy to set up a free consultation for you to chat with one of our Private Property Specialists. In that conversation, we'll work together to identify your property goals and priorities to see what option best suits you. Kindly email support@buymyplace.com.au with your contact details and we'll get you started! Looking forward to hearing from you. - Emily

Hi, planning to sell your property and is considering Buy my place. Are you able to run me through the process and what happens is a potential buyer commits to buy our property? Do we need a broker? TIA
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