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Cadbury Cherry Ripe Bar

Cadbury Cherry Ripe Bar

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Why change a good thing


Why have they changed cherry ripe. I bought one today and was sadly disappointed, the coconut seems to be very course, not as many cherries and not as moist. You have ruined a great chocolate bar, won’t be buying another.

Purchased in September 2019 at Woolworths for $1.00.

Not great


Had a cherry ripe last week and noticed straight away that the taste was different. Bad different. Too much coconut and less of the wonderful cherry taste so might have to call it Coconut Ripe instead. A good product ruined in my humble opinion.

Purchased in June 2019 for $1.00.

Asha L

Asha LGippsland, VIC



Cherry Ripes are fine the way they are, I'm not fussed if they changed the original recipe because the new one is great. Cherry Ripes are the lion of the chocolate world. Not to sweet, not to savory. The perfect balance. Cherry Ripes should be fed to starving children in Cambodia to brighten their day. They have a certain rustic quality to them that makes them better than other chocolates. They can be used in so many recipes. You don't see any Crunchie slices on the internet DO YOU?!? A Cherry Ripe would be my last meal. I would die for a Cherry Ripe. I am Cherry Ripes. Cherry Ripes are me. We are one.

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths for $1.00.

Boris Yasminsky

Boris YasminskyNear You

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ABSOLUTE FAIL @ $52.40kg


As with all Cadbury chocolates, they're absolute failures in taste and price. However, with Woolworths discounting Cherry Ripe DD to $0.85 (normally $2.20), that's ok, because that's all they are worth.
1990 = 100g, 2000 = 80g, 2010 = 52g, 2014 = 50g, 2017 = 47g and October 2018 = 42g. At this rate, Coles miniature thingo's will be the actual size of everything Cadbury makes.


Leigh71Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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Another rock hard bit! Piece of cherry pit?


First bit of a mini one, I crunched down on a super hard bit, right on my crown (seeing dentist next week). Spat it out and found a rock hard bits, on about 2 x 3 mm, that feel like pieces of gravel.

I had this happen 30 years ago, and Cadbury said it was a piece of cherry pit then. That time was really gross, with lots of flaky bits throughout the whole bar.

Tastes great, but never eating Cherry Ripe again.......

All coconut no cherries


The recipe has changed and it now has so much coconut in it that it is difficult to chew and swallow. I will not be buying any more Cherry Ripes until I know that they have gone back to the original recipe.

The Most Delicious Chocolate Bar


Cherry ripe is the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted in my life and is by far the best out of all the chocolate bars about there. The richness of the chocolate and the cherry in the middle omg even just thinking about it makes me want to eat.



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Double dipped, double ripped off! No one likes a shrinking bar - disappointing!


What has happened to the rest of the chocolate bar? Looks like Cherry Ripe has joined the rankings of shrinking food, yet still pay the same amount for less, yeah that makes sense...not! That was my last “BITE” sized double dipped Cherry Ripe. Not feeling ripened at all, more ripped off.



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Pale imitation of a legend

Sarra B

Sarra BGold Coast

What's happened to the Cherry Ripe


cherry ripe is my favourite chocolate bar hands down but where is it going?? It's disappearing before my eyes and becoming increasingly dearer!! The packaging is large with a skinny small bar in it.. not cool Cadbury... not cool...



this is the best chocolate i have ever eaten. you bite into it and it feels so warm and heavenly, the cherry goodness explodes you taste buds with so much pleasure.

It's way shorter inside the packet than it used to be.


I used to like Cherry Ripes. I've had my last. I bought one tonight at IGA in Racecourse Road, Hamilton Brisbane. The packet is the same size as in the past buy HEY!. The Cherry Ripe inside is about 30-40 mm shorter than the ones I have previously bought and is way shorter than the packet. What a lousy trick. Same size packet and a third of the bar missing. You think we are stupid Cadbury, well not as you obviously think. Anyway, no more Cherry Ripe for me, yes it's my fault for buying it but I consider myself ripped off, in my opinion. No more IGA and no more Cherry Ripe.

cherry ripe changed.


I have been a cherry ripe lover for a long, long time. No more. They changed the taste and now it sucks. Why change a winning formula ? To save money ??
Shame on you Cadbury.


KelliSouth East Queensland, QLD

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What happened to the 'Cherry' in Cherry Ripe


May as well now call it the Red Bounty...
The old cherry ripe I used to enjoy as a kid is no longer of the same quality.



This is a fantastic treat for all occasions. The hard part is opening the pack without my girls hearing and come running.


cazGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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It's healthier than other chocolate bars


Cherry ripe , what a rip off


After buying a packet of cherry ripes from Coles Newcastle the size is at least half . This just make you go to Aldi to buy better quality chocolate it might not be the same but you get used to them . Hasn't Cadbury made enough money and it time to give back to the people for support you for so long.


EthanSouth East Queensland, QLD

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My cheery ripe is loosing weight.


Bought a Cherry ripe, looking forward to it. Then I find the packaging a lot larger than the actual cheery ripe. It looks small, skinny what happened. profits I guess.


yavisQLD, 4030

  • 143 reviews

Rich Dark chocolate and Cherries



simm_meevic, 3020

  • 256 reviews



a reasonable chocolate bar that ensures your expectations of loads of cherries is met every time, i do find it to be a bit sickly though, im not a fan of dark milk chocolate
a dark milk chocolate bar that is filled with cherry peices and coconut. its can be brought in snack size bars ideal for treats or as part of a lunch box snack although not super healthy. never lets you down as the amount of cherry within the bar well meets my expectations
the think outer dark chocolate covering melts rather fast when eating the larger bar size. i find it to be a little sweet and dont realyl enjoy bars larger than the snack sizing

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Why did you change cherry ripe

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Fired Up
Fired Up

But I did not



Is it me, or is the current Cherry Ripe just a cherry flavoured Bounty with dark chocolate? There used to be real glace cherry pieces in it.

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