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Cadbury Fruit and Nut

Cadbury Fruit and Nut

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No nuts

So disappointed to see that very little nuts are in this. I can remember holes in the square where the the nut was. Now it’s just bits or shavings. Tut tut Mr Cadbury

Purchased in March 2019 for $12.00.

Pairs Surprisingly Well With a Sol or Corona!

Cadbury is to be commended on this brilliant chocolate that brings both a nutty and fruity taste to your palate. Cadbury Fruit & Nut is an easily accessible product that also is priced reasonably well, so it is a great all-rounder for any event small or large. Let Cadbury take you on a journey of unexpected surprises and open your taste buds to a world of nutty and fruity aromas.

As a side note, Cadbury Fruit & Nut pairs surprisingly well with a light beer such as a Sol or Corona, as it intensifies the sweetness of the fruit and balances the underlying nutty flavours.

While it may not dance in your mouth like the silky smooth chocolate of Lindt, it will be sure to relieve your midnight chocolate cravings.


My wife usually buys this product and last night, she couldn't taste any chocolate at all.
After reading the back of the pack, its now 26% cocoa solids and her previous packs were 36% cocoa solids bought in Dec16 when on special. She remarked that even Woolworths own brand is 33% and some Aldi chocolate is 39%.
I'm not much of a chocolate person, but I'm guessing this is the end of the line for Cadbury.

Love it! So delicious!!!

I really like this compared to the plain milk choco and the purely almond version. I find this a great balance to my tastes. The sultanas make it not too overwhelming and a chewy texture. Nevermind the blood sugar levels with this one. Just so good to be enjoyed every day.


Very fruity. Much Nutty. Recommend I would muchly. Berry Good, Berry Good Berry Good Beryy Good Beryy Good Berry Goo

The nutritional information is wrong on the 50g bars

The taste is amazing, but the nutritional information is wrong on the 50g bars! Nog good enough cadbury. Extremely deceitful and damaging for someone on a strict diet. Shame on you! It says 500 odd kjs for the whole bar, yet dairy milk says around 1100 kjs. Get it together!
tastes great
deceitful nutritional panel

Fruit, Nuts AND chocolate!

Cadbury fruit and nut combines sweet sultanas and crunchy almonds with their classic milk chocolate. It is a delicious treat for the whole family and I like to think a little healthier than some of the other options available on the supermarket shelves (well i'm claiming so anyway since it has fruit and nuts). The sultanas give the chocolate a fruity sweetness and a nice chewy texture where as the almonds give it a hearty nutty crunch. It is a flavour that has been around for years and is well liked by many. Available at all good supermarkets. Fairly priced. Can usually be purchased on special.
Well known brand. Great texture and flavour.
keep away from people with nut allergies.


a family favourite of mine..lots of fruit and nut to satisfy you, comes in variety of sizes to suit need although i manage to eat a familit block without any issues, reliable quality
a tasty chocolate bar with relaible quality although has lots of fruit and nuts through it. smooth and easy to want to go back for more..actualyl a family block rarely lasts a night in our house. vailable in a variety of sizes from snack bar to family sized blocks, often are found one special . very nice if block is softened
a few too many sultanas for my liking although i still manage to eat the block


This is such a tasty chocolate treat. Its got crunchy nuts and yummy fruits in Cadbury's thick chocolate. I generally like Cadbury anyway because they have a much higher cocoa content than other chocolates, so this is just even better. This is a great chocolate to treat yourself or to share, and then not feel so guilty!
This is such a classic favourite of mine. I love the sinful combination of fruit and nut all smothered in Cadbury chocolate.
Since its chocolate, my dislike is that they should make a lighter version, its okay if it doesnt taste as rich as the regular one, but a less sugar one would certainly be popular and healthy too.


I'm a huge fan of cadbury dairy milk chocolate. Personally i think cadbury's chocolate is extremely yummy and addictive. Fruit & nut is one of my favourites from cadbury dairy milk range. The combination of almond and sultana works really well with the awesome dairy milk chocolate. The amount of the fruit and nut is also quite generous (15% sultanas and 8% almonds), compared with other brands. The crunchy almonds provide contrasting texture with the smooth milk chocolate, while the raisins give that yummy chewy goodness in this chocolate bar. Usually I buy the 200g blocks from woolworths when they're on special... and always end up eating the whole block by myself, then realizing that i just scoffed down about 1000 calories and 54,6 grams of fat. but the wonderful, nutty and fruity taste of this chocolate makes it totally worth the fat and calories ;)
great combination of sultanas & almonds with awesome chocolate!
the calories!! and fat!!


Another tasty staple from Cadbury which I'd recommend to starve of chocolate cravings, though in moderate portions only. One of my favourites from Cadbury.
My mum's been eating this since she was a kid in moderate portions and has always been able to hold off her chocolate cravings as a result, or so she says. This treat is quite delicious, and is one of my personal favourites from Cadbury.
Like most Cadbury chocolates, it is filled with sugar. Though this one has even more sugar due to the sugar from fruits. However, it has nuts in it as well so I presume the GI content would be lower.


Cadbury chocolate continues to be my all time favourite chocolate brand in Australia and the fruit and nut mix is definitely one of the best flavoured blocks available. There is the perfect amount of fruit and nuts mixed into the great chocolate flavours to make this an ideal chocolate for sharing or eating all to yourself.
Cadbury chocolate is still an Aussie favourite and this flavour is great with the combination of fruit and nut mixed into the block. Its the perfect mix of fruit and nuts in the chocolate, so each square has a burst of flavour.
Can be expensive at times but okay when on sale.


This is a tried and true favourite and probably the first sort of chocolate that comes to mind if someone asks me to buy them chocolate. You can't go wrong buying Cadbury's Fruit and Nut, unless you are allergic! Most people have tried it and love it, but watch out because it won't last long once it's opened!!
Everyone loves this chocolate, so it's a winner every time you buy it. Great taste, and you know you'll be able to buy it just about anywhere, from the servo, to the newsagent, to the corner shops. To buy a block with more nuts, feel the back of the packet and get the lumpiest one.
There is nothing to dislike about Cadbury's Fruit and Nut Chocolate! If you don't like it, maybe you should get checked?!


Overall, I like this chocolate, just like my dad. It's fruity, nutty, and chocolate-y, and breaks off into bite sized pieces. The only problem is, there is never enough to share around. I also like the box, as it is easy to open and close, although it doesn't get closed to much with my family!
This is my Dad's favourite chocolate, and I can tell why. The combination of fruit, nuts and chocolate melts in your mouth and it sends him into raptures. A definite favourite, and an easy gift to buy for birthdays, Easter and Christmas.
There is nothing to dislike about this product.


This yummy combination is one of my favourites and is a classic that has been around for years. Comes in bar size up to family block sizes that can be shared with the whole family. Pack is easy to reseal after opening and is often on special in the major supermarkets.
Yum! Great combination of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate with sweet pieces of fruit and crunchy nuts.


An old favourite from way back. When I feel like sweet, milk chocolate this is what I go for. The blend of nut and fruit is just about perfect although I think the pieces of nut have gotten smaller over the years.
This is my favourite Cadbury bar chocolate.
The bars seem to be getting smaller and I don't need to see the packaging change as often as it does.

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i want to know the % of cocoa in cadbury fruit and nut hundred gms?
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