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Cadbury FRY'S Turkish Delight Bar

Cadbury FRY'S Turkish Delight Bar

1.9 from 54 reviews



So Disappointed they changed the filling. Inedible - how did they not test this?!


Used to love it til they changed the recipe. Hope they change it back and ill eat it again

Purchased in January 2020.

Not nice.


Used to enjoy Cadburys Turkish Delight but no longer, it is gooey, sticks to my teeth and tastes very different in a bad way to the original.

Purchased in December 2019 at Pacnsave for $4.99.



Tastes nothing like Turkish delight. It's just a thick artificial tasting jelly. Gross.
I suggest Cadbury tries some of the real stuff before calling this 'turkish delight'.
The 'real' turkish delight that you find in the middle east is pure perfection, delicious, sweet, soft, chewy, deliciousness, so you can imagine my disappointment with this fake product.

Purchased in August 2019 for $2.00.

New texture is horrid


the texture of the jelly has changed and I wont be buying again.

Purchased in October 2019 at Woolworths for $4.60.


ShaunSouth East Queensland, QLD

I just love this. Beautiful sweet and tastes like thick rose jelly surrounded by chocolate!


Beautiful taste and texture or rose Turkish Delight surrounded by rich chocolate. Absolutely decadent and a wonderful treat. It is lovely with a tea or coffee for an afternoon pick-me-up. Totally addicted!

Purchased in September 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $1.00.


Hirangi50South East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

What have you done and why...why ...why?


Turkish delight was one of my favorite chocolate indulgences.....but this new mooshy texture of the jelly, if can call it that, is horrid. Won't be buying again unless they go back to the previous recipe.

Purchased in August 2019.

What Happened, I purchased Turkish Disgust


Decided to buy myself a treat and purchased the party pack 12 pieces, what a waste of money that was. This is unedible and has gone in the bin. Now I need to read reviews prior to purchasing chocolate bars.

Purchased in August 2019 at IGA for $3.00.


RHelsbySydney Surrounds, NSW

Bitterly disappointed with the “revamp” 60 % less fat Turkish Delight


Always enjoyed the original TurkishDelight but the 60 % less fat is a totally different product with a totally different flavour .. I eagerly anticipated a certain flavour and instead encountered something that tasted like rotten condensed milk
My other concern was the misleading packaging .. same colours and design to disguise the add on of “60% less fat” at the top .. if you didn’t know to look there
Please return to the original

Purchased in August 2019 at 7-Eleven.

Why have turkish delights changed


These bars are my treat, and now the recipe has been changed they are really disgusting. I buy these by the box, as I am coeliac and these are my only treat. The chocolate is very thin, in fact you can see the jelly stuff through in places. I use the term Jelly stuff, as I am not quite sure what this is. It does not resemble the original Frys Turkish delight, and now is not a delight at all. Very disappointed. please change them back.

Purchased in June 2019.


niceleeGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Fry's Turkish Delight Disgusting


what have they done to Turkish Delights they taste disgusting now the chocolate tastes like its off and the jelly is almost rancid. no news on a change either they can keep them its now rubbish
will never buy these again

Purchased in June 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $0.85.

Why do they have to mess with a good thing??!


It doesn't have that delicious thick hard chocolate that cracks satisfactorily when you bite into it anymore. The chocolate coating is much too thin now! Change it back pls Cadburys!!

Purchased in February 2019.

Changed recipe from a 5 star to a 1 star


Turkish delight needs to have some bite to it and a proper flavour of turkish delight. This change of flavour has converted which was one of the best turkish delights around into rubbish that tastes like cheap unset jelly. It has no bite to it whatsoever!

People generally either hate or love turkish delight, and what Cadbury have done is turn the lovers of their old recipe into haters, and I don't think the new recipe will convert the previous haters to lovers.

Thought I had a bad batch


Used to always get 1-2 of these a week for a treat. Bit into one and thought I had a bad batch, like it had melted and solidified or something, the taste and texture was terrible!. Then a few weeks later, the same texture, the same taste. Eughh, I asked my partner to never buy them for me again.

Then I found all the friendly people here saying the same thing and realized it wasn't just me! There has obviously been a recipe or production change to our detriment. I cannot recommend them anymore.

Absolutely horrible!


I will never buy it again. It's disgustingly sweet! Horrible, displeasing, repulsive, unappetizing, unenjoyable, disaggreeable. unpalatable, indedible, unpleasent, horrible.



Fry's turkish delight used to be my favourite. Why they changed the recipe is beyond me but the new flavour is awful - light on the rose and heavy on a cheap chocolate orange flavour?

Olga G

Olga GSydney

It's very different and NOT good different!!!


The chocolate and the filling has changed. The filing is a lot softer and the chocolate thinner with different taste. Its not nice! Who would ever choose this new formula over the original formula?? NO-ONE!!!!!!!!



Saving a penny is costing a lot


Turkish delight not anymore Turkish yuk.
Just won't buy it again. Lost the taste that sold it. Just had my first and last one.
Like walnut whips. With no walnuts now called whips just won't buy them.



Gone soft


What happened Cadbury? We loved the old chewy texture. We loved the generous chocolate coating.Why change a proven recipe. You bought the rights from Fry's because they were popular .....and the you change the recipe??? Stupid. I'm not going to buy this product. Please revert and let us all know when you come to your senses. I am glad to say the large? bar is the normal recipe. Why did you change the product for the individual wrapped item?





As with the other reviews, now it's been changed its horrbile! I hope they bring back the normal ones and fast. Also noticed the '12 pack mini's' have gotten smaller too. So Sad!



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They've completely ruined this chocolate. Used to be a favourite, no longer worth buying as it tastes horrible and has a strange texture.

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Peter O.

Peter O.asked

I totally agree with the customer comments re Turkish Delight. I might also add that since you have begun deleting ingredients from your product range none of your products are of the high quality they were in the past. You may well be saving on expenses, but you are DEFINITELY losing on happy purchasers. Could you offer me any advice on when this problem might be rectified?

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Fired Up
Fired Up

I will not

Ryan B.

Ryan B.asked

Hi Fry's I am a customer of yours I eat a lot of your Turkish delights I just got a bag of them to find a miss printed wrapper with no chocy in it I'll keep it in case U won't me to send them

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