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4.1 from 32 reviews

Brilliant set up best out there

24/7 never have to replace battery as mains connected excellent cameras and great customer service .I would defiantly recommend this set up to anybody who wished to help protect there personnel belongings

Cammy Capers

The product is worth the monthly subscription! The actual response back in terms of timeliness and helpfulness to issues needs to be greatly improved! I have as yet been unable to set up at my new residence!

Works as promised

Can’t remember when I bought but long time ago and service excellent. No problems this time but technician contacted me because I installed a new router and had to update Cammy wifi.

Real easy to use and good picture quality

Used Cammy now for over 2 years, very useful and helpful. Reliably records incidents. I use cameras to watch my pet's behaviour too. Have had to replace 1 camera which became faulty after 18 months but cammy reduced the price of a new camera.

Improvements could be made

The cammy is okay for logging in and checking things are okay but would be better if you could also record whilst in live view. It would be nice if this became available with an update.

Great system and fantastic customer service

I have used the Cammy system for many years. It is easy to use and just sits in the background until you need it or it detects unexpected movement. You can then review the footage from anywhere.
If you run into any problems the team at Cammy respond very quickly and speedily fix the problem
Top marks

Cameras poorly made will fail within 16 months and no come back - locking pin fault on all 4

I have 16 CCTV cameras - 6 of which are Cammy, 2 of which are indoor - all 4 of the Nighthawk series have failed between 10-14 months - as soon as the camera is out of warranty Cammy do nothing - they are essentially a very poorly made product - all 4 nighthawks have failed at the locking pin so unless you want to record straight down at the ground don't buy them - my other cameras - Sony, Ucam Hikvision all 3-6 years plus with no issues
Genuinely would steer clear and even my indoor Penguins have started to default to 'cartoon vision' - I won't be buying this product again.

Just useless.

I have contacted tech support on multiple occasions eventually returning the camera. Therefore rendering the 1st camera as useless. The 2nd camera would send an alarm anytime I viewed the property externally. I suspect the 2nd camera was returned stock as now the 2nd Penguin camera won’t stay connected to wifi as well. This has been a totally disappointing and expensive venture and I’m again without monitoring.

Yes, the penguin camera now in the rubbish bin. Utterly disappointed. I certainly do not recommend the product, the smart phone app and the monthly fee is a complete rip off.

I love it

I really don't know why people are complaining about Cammy I found the camera's that I got off Cammy are working great and I find out the company are really great if I got any problems and I ring the company up I find them them great they bend over backwards there to help me set up the camera or any other problems that come with it and stay with me until it is working and for only just $29 a month you cannot complain about the that price is pretty reasonable

Cammy Security Cameras

I too was unfortunate enough to get involved with Cammy. No easy set up like the other reviewers said poor quality cameras and I could have bought a whole complete free app system with the money spent on the monthly fee. Now I have cameras that are worthless and good money forked out for nothing at all. Very disappointing just buy CCTVs yourself from Ebay and get an app that you can have on your phone and/or Monitor much more efficient and cost effective.

Rubbish camera, rubbish service

We took up the Cammy camera offer several years ago after their owner/spruker appeared on the Sunrise TV show with an offer of free monitoring "forever" when you buy one of their cameras. The idea was you buy the camera and monitor it yourself through the free smartphone app, no local storage required, it all goes over wifi back to Cammy HQ. Anyway, it appears "forever" is finite in the Cammy world as they recently reneged on their free monitoring without notice and are now demanding $50 per month. Well you can jamb it, your cameras are crap and the only reason we stuck with it so long was the free cloud storage. If you want a low resolution camera that barely copes, software that's a decade out of date, constant network problems and rude customer service then go right ahead, otherwise keep shopping.

Very Bad Experience

Took up the offer and got 2 wifi security cameras - despite several attempts to set up including the assistance of cammy technical staff, the cameras did not work as designed. Would not remain attached to the home wi-fi, kept thinking my mobile was some 50-100 kms away when it was only two metres from a camera, 20 metres from the wi-fi router. Was promised a refund of the postage due to the cameras being faulty, has not happened instead they have stated they are sending me a $25 amazon gift card. No use to me, I don't want to purchase anything from amazon, happy to provide my card details which they already had when they had to refund the automatic two monthly payments of $30 - all in all, poor quality product and a failure to abide by their own communications. Bad decision to get involved with them.

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Is this suitable for a rental home? Also where do you buy this from? I can’t find prices or how to purchase anywhere
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Hi Tegan. We have a rental property & mounted 1 camera onto the garage facing the driveway & side entrance. We screwed the camera onto a piece of galvanized iron then slid that over the guttering, using only 1 screw to bolt the iron onto the gutter. We didn't want to do any damage that we'd be made to pay for. I have the camera to protect my twin rescue Shepherds from being stolen. They were badly abused for the first 12 months of their life, used as bait" dogs, so I am adamant no-one will steal them or subject them to torture again. Cammy has been such great peace-of-mind! And the low monthly payment is totally worth it. Last year Cammy alerted me to a prowler who came down our drive after I had left very early for work...I called the police immediately and my dogs & house were untouched. Hope this helps :)

How clear is the vision?
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It is clear enough, that when the postman arrives, I can zoom in (using the app on my iPhone) and see what is being delivered. :)

Can I use this camera without an account. If so, what settings do I need to have? Thank you
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No. An account and monthly fee are required.

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