Canon Maxify MB2320

Canon Maxify MB2320

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I liked this so much i bought another one

I actually got this printer because i was waiting for my epson eco tank to be fixed under warranty. It was cheep, less than $100.00 Well right out of the box this is a very impressive printer, with way more feature's, like fax, scan to your computer and much more. You see I'm a late bloomer on all these gadgets so i did not know about any of these things. I have learned quickly, and this printer prints, no lie twice as fast, and its quality, on standard print it way better than my epson on high quality!! That is crazy!! It holds more than 3 times the paper in two tray slots, and if one runs out it automatically switches!! Maybe this normal for you to hear but for me this was darn near a miracle!! It has slots for many standard sizes of photos paper. Just make sure you read the directions so you know what it will do. I didn't I'm just a guy who thinks i know how to figure any thing out by punching the buttons well guess what, this copier is very easy to start up, it has a nice size touch screen, twice as large than the epson, it auto feeds things you want to copy from a fold out top feeder which you can close and put something over the top to keep the dust off, when your not using it but the best part is and i did check this out before i bought it, because i caught on quick that these printer company's make there money selling ink, that's why you can get a printer for next to nothing because they get you in the end with ink purchases. So there a few third party ink venders, you have to decide who to chose, but i used a company called ink owl they have treated me great. Good cust service and i like good cust service. They have replacable, refillable, ink cartridges that have resetable chips so you can see aprox how much ink is in your printer. So you can refill the cartridges and this is way cheaper. WAY CHEEPER!!! Now here's the thing, there is always a downside too and this is what it is and how i deal with it. Ink is not used evenly. You always run out of one at a time. At first i just refiled it but it goes into a priming mode automatically and priming modes use up ink. When you fill the cartridge and it resets, the ink level shows full, right about then, the next color will need filling, Well when you fill that one it goes into another priming mode and guess what your ink you just filled shows that it went down, and you did not even use it yet!! Remember that these are just estimated by the printer you really did not use any but it shows you did because of the priming that just happened. This is what i do now. The ink is not empty when it says it is, there is plenty left you can make sure by putting a little more in when you refill, on the ink owl cartridges it has a line near the top and you are told to fill it to 2/3 of the way up, which is just below the line by about 1/4 inch. I fill it to the line and that way it assures me it won't run out soon after it says it needs filling. Then i wait until one or two more inks say they need filling that way i only have one priming instead of 2 or 3 and the level stays full like it should and i don't waist ink!! I hope this helps someone.

Purchased this printer as a backup and now it's my main printer!

I really got this printer by accident I had an Epson under warranty and I purchased this one as a back up in till my other printer was shipped to me. Well this printer turned out to be better than any printer I've used. It has had absolutely no issues through two cases of paper so far my other printer has broken three times in the same time. I haven't even run two reams of paper through the other one. If and when it breaks again I will buy a second canon maxify because it is so good. It has two separate trays that hold about half a ream of paper each so you don't have to keep reloading it constantly. I purchased a third-party ink cartridge system so I can refill the ink which I'm sure Canon doesn't like but this makes the printer So inexpensive to use I don't know why you would do it any other way. I'm sure there are several different companies to purchase in tanks from but I got mine through Ink Owl because they have cartridges with re-settable chips so that the printer ink levels will always read correctly and this is important to me and to the printer so you know basically how much ink is left. The quality of the printing is unbelievable. This under $100 printer beats to death my $400 printer I'm so mad at myself for not checking these things out before I spent $400 on a printer that's broken three times so far this Canon printer takes the cake it's also a fax a scanner it'll load multiple documents and once print two sides of the page automatically so you don't have to like put the paper in backwards to print again to get two sided copies like some printers it has Wi-Fi and was so easy to hook up I didn't even read the directions it's got a touch screen room that's just large enough to be convenient and of course you can plug it in to your computer if that's what you like I myself don't I want to be able To put it where I like. I forgot to mention that this printer is also faster x 2 then other printers I have used I could go on and on you will not lose with this printer :-)

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