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Car Next Door makes it easy to earn money

Easy way to earn money from your car when you aren’t using it. Excellent app and very good customer support team when (rarely) needed. Love the idea of car sharing, it just makes sense!

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Thanks Mike, great to have you on board!

It is a great concept

As a car owner, it is a great way to offset the expenses of car maintenance and ownership. The platform is imperfect but it has been improving steadily. And so far, when there has been damage, canextdoor have been getting better at addressing claims.

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Good to hear that you've noticed an improvement, we've been working hard to streamline the process and make it faster to coordinate the borrower, owner and repairer. Thanks for getting in touch.

It is a good initiative. Overall I am happy,

but don't join if your car is your pride and joy. You have to accept that your car get some scratches and dents. But the income is a sweetener. Oke

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Fair call Inez - though we do now have a 'fix bank' to get small damage repaired all at once after a period of sharing - please book in a call with our Owner Experience team to discuss your options there as we don't want you to feel that you just need to accept damage to your car. https://calendly.com/car-next-door-owner-experience-team/owner-assistance

Streamlined Service

I have been renting my vehicle via car next door for 6 months and have found the service to be smooth and positive in every aspect. Processes from the app, to key access, fuel card etc have been well considered and resolved. My car has always been returned in good condition and I’ve found renters to be pleasant and reliable.

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Great to hear that - thank you Hayley!

Highly recommended, top customer service

It's Airbnb for cars. Share your car when you don't need it. Block it out when you do. Flexible, easy to use app, and a nice growing community of owners and users. I have many regulars now borrowing my car, which is not being used most of the time because I train for work. It's great for a bit of extra side income that really takes minimal effort to set up and maintain. Haven't had any major issues but customer service is prompt and professional. Highly recommended!

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Thanks Peter, appreciate the shout-out - great to hear from you.

Great service

I have been with CND for 3 months & It has been a great side hustle- on average i have made $650 per month. My car is based in Carlton. The owners community is super supportive & so is CND'S customer service. I love being part of the sharing community & the thought I am taking cars off the road. I would encourage anyone to try it or at the least give the customer service team a call for a chat

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Thanks Kim - it's great to have you onboard and thanks for being such an enthusiastic part of our community!

A perfect platform for both car owners and renters!

Finally, we alternative option to the costly car rental companies. CarNextDoor is a perfect platform which is equally good for both car owners and renters. A great initiative involving the community for a sustainable future.

Easy way to earn extra money!

Great way to earn extra money and reduce the amount of cars sitting idle doing nothing. The platform is generally pretty easy to use and I haven’t had any troubles with any borrowers.

From a UX perspective, the tool used to select a date and time is chunky and not intuitive. If I input my desired block out start date, the finish date should automatically pre-populate and match that of the start date.

Such a great concept!

I just sold my car that I had on Car Next Door for three years, the platform was great for the car, the community, my hip pocket, the atmosphere and my soul. I was considering selling my car three years ago, but decided I would try it on Car Next Door first. It was a little slow on the uptake, but soon started getting booked often, and then it got some really regular borrowers. By the time I sold it, it was making me $200 - $400 a month, and more than covering the cost of owning a car, not to mention the waste in it sitting around doing nothing. I sold it in the end because life is all becoming a bit overwhelming after having a small child, but I sold it on condition of it remaining on the platform, which it has!

Great idea from a cool company!

Car Next Door is a great example of a company with a good idea that executes it well. I also love the ethos behind their business model.

My car makes extra money on their platform when I’m not using it. The team is great. The support is comprehensive. I really like how much they take care of me as an owner. I feel like my car is very safe on the platform and it makes me feel closer to my community by being able to lend my car to my neighbors.

A borrower recently had a small accident in my vehicle. CND is paying me for the time it takes to get repaired and for all the repairs. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Putting my car to work!

Thanks Car Next Door. Highly recommend to use this if you have a car that your not using much. Such an easy way to make car ownership more affordable! Now my car works for me :)

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Awesome, thanks Cam! Your ute is a much-loved vehicle for our Sydney members, thanks for sharing it with us.

Review Updated

CND promptly resolved the issue I had and refunded my DCL. Am happy with their overall response.


They have a turn around time of 12 days if your car is damaged. How silly can that be? You expect someone to wait for 12 days and then follow your idiotic ABCD..god knows how many steps and each step taking the customer service 12 days which means once your car is damaged, you have to wait at least 60 days for repair. I have been waiting for over 90 days already and still counting.

Hi Sanjeev, is this the case where your wing mirror was damaged while you were driving? In that case it looks like you reported the damage but then went overseas for about 5 weeks and asked us to put the repairs on hold. After you got back there was then a wait for the insurance assessor's report. When they sent through a quote, you decided that you wanted to get the repairs done yourself rather than pay your DCL. From what I can see it looks like the responses from our team took between 2 and 6 days each, which I can understand would be frustratingly slow when you're waiting for the car to be fixed. The average reply times are getting much shorter over the past couple of months as we've introduced a few new process improvements, but sometimes (as appears to be the case with your car) waiting on the repairer or assessor to quote can slow things down. I'm sorry that this has been a frustrating experience and will ask our Owner Experience team to get in touch with you to discuss.Well, it’s been over 10 days now and I have sent 2 emails for refund of DCL and yet haven’t received any response. You have put me in serious financial trouble by keeping my $500 in your account for about a month now and for no reason. As an owner, I could have enlisted many other reasons for being unsatisfied with your business but at the moment I’m only interested in getting my $500 back.Hi Sanjeev, your DCL has been refunded.

terrible experience

The app is really bad, because before we use it we thought the fee include petrol charge, and 180 dollars /2 days is the total expense, but after the trip, we were charged 250 dollors for the distance fees, and the petrol charge was not included in the fee, we were extra charged by 300 dollars! Really disappointed on this app

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Hi Sylvia, I'm sorry to hear about that confusion! When you book a car, you get a price estimate that shows the 'pay now' cost (time and any insurance upgrades) and the 'pay after your trip' cost (distance and tolls). During the booking process you can add an estimate of how far you're going to travel, so that you can estimate your final trip cost. There's also information about pricing on our website - https://www.carnextdoor.com.au/how-to-borrow-cars. The distance rate helps to cover car owners' costs of servicing, fuelling and maintaining the vehicle.

Goodbye CND

I have tried and tried and tried again, this time it is time to say it all.

I started car next door early, few years ago now and can speak with enough background I think :

I had a car written off by a borrower and then had no car for weeks, it wasn't worth it.

I have had my cars parked illegally many and been fined, I had to go to the police office to sign forms and forms and also had my car left tank empty for me to go to work with no compensation, not worth it.

I had my cars, bumped in, scrapped, trashed, smoked in, race driven, broken, opened and jumped started, parts have been lost and god knows what else, not worth it.

I have received reviewed, lots of reviews, lots of good ones, and the bad ones ? Well I care for my cars, I do service them on time, I clean them and I repair them carefully. But I am being told it's my fault if the last borrower left the tank empty, or if the battery has died ? Well that hurts, and that's not worth it.

And the work ? Not only did I have to clean all the disgusting things that a minority of borrowers have left in my car, from food scraps and beer cans to dog hairs(do I need to precise that pets I didn't allow pets on my profile ?) but also I should apparently have had a look at my car after every borrower, this is to see all the little scratches !! Not easy in winter when you come back from work at night time. Because of that, my two cars have suffered diverse injuries and have sometimes been repaired, but mostly not , many times I have been told car next door couldn't repair this dent or that mirror a borrower had broken for different reasons, there is always a reason, it shows in their last pictures, it's not big enough etc. Not worth it

And there is worse than that, my cars have been mishandled by not all but just a hand of band borrowers among the majority of good ones. Mechanical issues have become more common and raised over the years due to missuses. I have seen it, I have bills, this all I I can't see because I am not a mechanic, this is all those times I should have, every three borrowers ( I got up to 5 in a day) gotten under my car and checked everything, ridiculous, and, Not worth it.

When I started, my cars were not immaculate but clean very clean, and worth something. Being used without consideration everyday, it's not the case anymore, they have scratches, they smell, they are showing so much more wear and tear than any of the cars I have had before,and my cars are now NOT WORTH A DOLLAR ANYMORE, and that, that's really not worth it.

So, I am not saying, don't try, maybe you will be more lucky than me, maybe your neighborhood is better, maybe, I don't know. And, it helps, it almost pays for the running cost of the cars, not all, but certainly some of it.
However, I am saying it's important to be aware that there is a lot more to it that one could think initially, and it counts too. Living in the place where all the free green, yellow, orange and red bikes have disappeared due to an disrespectful, underestimated minority, I am skeptical

On my side, this is it, I am leaving Carnextdoor, but I hope for the best, It would be to sad to let such a good idea go to waste.
Goodbye carnextdoor.

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As part of the small group of people who started Car Next Door 5 years ago, I'm sorry to hear that your overall experience was so negative Emilien V. Alex Griveau. It is always difficult to respond to these posts without being accused of being either overly defensive or of stating empty promises to improve, but I will give it a go! I can see that the experience you've described is unrewarding. And as someone who runs the member surveys, speaks with a lot of owners and looks at a lot of the data collected about owners' earnings and issues over time, I also know that it's not reflective of how things go for most of our 2000+ car owners. Your cars earned a fair bit less than most, and you had a lot more hassles than most. This isn't to deny or excuse your experience: it should have been much better for you and I am really personally sorry that it wasn't. Your feedback is really valuable and I'm glad that you could have this open discussion about where you were let down. We will take what you've said and use it to improve our processes. I wish that we could fix everything instantly, but with our network of tens of thousands of different humans interacting with thousands of different cars through some reasonably complex technology, even concepts that seem very simple are often difficult to implement perfectly or quickly. With regard to some of the specific issues you had, we have made a lot of changes in recent months to minimise any hassle, time and cost to owners: - The 'fix bank' allows owners to bundle repairs so that scratches and dents can be fixed in one go rather than taking time to repair each - the new damage photo uploads in the app mean that it's easier for owners to check for damage even if they can't visit their car; - there is a $25/day compensation payment if a borrower damages your car and you can't use it, fully funded by Car Next Door and not by the responsible borrower. - Most parking fines can now be transferred to the borrower online to avoid you having to take time out to do this. We've also improved the trip flow instructions recently to make the owner's parking instructions more prominent - If a borrower leaves the fuel empty, they should be charged and you reimbursed: if that didn't happen then it was an error. We've got a fairly new quality assurance process and training manager to make sure that we're picking up on any instances where a team member makes a mistake, and feeding that back into our training process. - We're soon to release a new detailed cleaning fee policy which, together with the new requirement for borrowers to take interior photos, will make it easier for owners to be compensated if a borrower leaves mess, pet hair, or smokes in the car; - You also mentioned that you were unhappy with borrowers leaving bad reviews. The review system is definitely due for an overhaul - we see it as really important for maintaining a community of considerate, respectful car-sharers and good-quality cars. We'd love to be able to remove all those bad reviews too, but the ACCC has been very active in ensuring that peer-to-peer platforms don't change or manipulate reviews in any way, so we encourage owners to make a public reply if they see the review as unfair.

Unacceptable service

Was scheduled for technician to fit my car with gps, however no show on the day, no notification, no explanation.

Have already took unpaid day off due to this matter. At least what they can do is let me know in the morning, hence i can come to work.

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I'm really sorry to hear that! You don't need to be at home for the installation, however if the appointment is changed our installers would usually call at least a day before to let you know, so I apologise that this was missed in your case.

Really worth it

Great concept, car seems to get booked over 90% of it's available time. Product structure with insurance makes really cost effective, the car pays for itself and a little more.

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Thanks Alon - great to hear from you and really happy to hear that it is going well!

DODGY COMANY. Do not use!

My car was damaged whilst on loan. All scratched up the side of the car and broken mirror. After spending weeks calling and emailing car next door, they finally agreed that the driver was at fault. They offered me $200 instead of repairs. I declined and stated I wanted the repiars done. They also ignored the pictures of the smashed mirror which I questioned them about. Now they are avoiding my phone calls. They are ignoring my emails. When I call they put me on hold and leave me on hold. I have reported them to consumer affairs and am now having to seek legal advice. I can't honestly believe how dodgy this company is.

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Hi Stephie, I'm so sorry to hear that you've had such a frustrating experience. Our response times for damage cases are far too long at the moment. We've been working hard to improve and things are getting better, but unfortunately this hasn't been the case for you. It looks like the repairs have now been organised, but it has definitely been a very slow and frustrating experience for you. Again, I'm really sorry this has taken so long and that we haven't been communicating with you properly. Improving our damage processes is a big focus for us at the moment and we hope your experience won't be repeated for other owners.

They won't cover your car for damage! run and don't look back!

I am just another car owner that is now added to the car next door victim list..
3 months ago a borrower booked my car for almost a full day and returned the driver's window full of scratches, 43 of them, when I asked car next door to ensure me for the damage done to the window they continuously declined again again during the escalation process, spent my time writing numerous emails and now We are taking them to VCAT.
If you value your car, no matter how cheap the premium is, D'ONT choose this car insurance! they will screw you at the first chance they get - that is the FACE of Car Next Door

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Hi Eliran, after careful investigation of this damage, including getting it reviewed by an independent insurance assessor, we found it to be window pitting that was wear and tear over time and not damage caused by a borrower. Car Next Door is a car sharing platform, not a car insurer. We do extend cover under our fleet policy to car owners, and subsidise the cost heavily to help people who genuinely want to share their car, but it's definitely not meant as a way for car owners to get cheap insurance.

Really great service platform for car sharers!

CND team members are always very helpful. I think they may be a little understaffed as we tried to process a claim that took a while but apart from that they are an excellent service!!!!

Such a great way to make cash while travelling

I am travelling for about 6 months and decided to put my car on Car Next Door while I was away, instead of just leaving it at my parents' place. In just a couple months, I've made almost $2000 from it. Amazing to receive extra cash straight in to my bank account while I'm travelling. Highly recommend.

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