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Car Next Door

Awful experience

Went to pick up a van for 8am to move house apparently someone else booked the van until 7.30am and didn’t return it. Suggested in complaint over phone that you should have a few hours gap between drop off/pick up between borrowers as 30 mins is far too short of a time to readjust to an issue like this. Wasted petrol to find no van and now having to scramble to find a truck/van elsewhere for moving house. Offered a mere $15 credit which barely covers petrol costs on my own car to pick up the van. On a tight budget and won’t see the insurance deposit or car borrow payment refund for possibly up to 24 hours, perhaps preventing us for going elsewhere and using more reliable services. Awful experience and terrible compensation in comparison to the inconvenience caused.

Convenient, easy to use, excellent pricing

When it comes to renting cars, your options are very limited. Most options are either expensive, have cumbersome booking processes or requires a monthly subscription to just make bookings.

As someone who does not own a car and does not need a car often, being able to access Car Next Door "on tap" without a membership fee is great. The website and booking process works well whether through the website, mobile website or mobile app. The costs for the booking are clearly explained before confirming.

I have used it twice so far and both times the cars accurately reflected their listing (boot space, condition of car, bluetooth etc). I love the messages and tips the owners leave on the listings and even written messages in the car. The personality really adds a nice touch to the experience.

Billing was clear on my credit card statement and email receipt. I have not interacted with their customer service yet as I have had no issues.

Really worth it

Great concept, car seems to get booked over 90% of it's available time. Product structure with insurance makes really cost effective, the car pays for itself and a little more.

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Thanks Alon - great to hear from you and really happy to hear that it is going well!

They will keep drawing money from your account. You will never know what happened.

Hi all,

Please be careful such scamming websites. They kept withdrawing money from my account without sending me any confirmation. One day, I was going through their website, I realized $96 credit left. When I checked my account they withdrew $100 without telling me. I don't check my account daily but was very shocked by the payment.

Just now, I was trying to remove my card details from their system and suddenly after 5 minutes got an email with $19 charge.

Also, they charge per km in addition to the car rental, in the end when your trip is over, you end up paying 100's of dollars. It is a big scam run by some smart people who are good with math and policies.

Most of their car doesn't have a fuel card, so need to pay for fuel, remember this, you will never get full fuel refund. Most of the time they will charge for something like membership or insurance.

Trust me, stay away.

Thanks for reading this.

I had an enjoyable trip and thanks for letting me drive your car

Good and smooth driving. Clean car. Will recommend this app to friends. Did not know about car next door before. I enjoyed driving the car and was very careful in driving it

Love it!

A simple, easy to use service.

I have done a few trips now and each car was easy to locate, very clean and no issues inside or out. I also love using Car Next Door for experiencing different cars.

And the cherry on top, you get to support regular people, instead of a huge car hiring company. I love that!

Ripped Off

I hired a car for less than 24 hours in Sydney, drove with my son for 141km, the car wasn't clean and had 2 baby seats attached in the back. I put $23.03 worth of petrol in the car before returning and supplied a receipt. I was charged $86.52 for the car hire?? and with the petrol it put the total to $109.55! They are saying that the petrol receipt isn't good enough and they need a tax receipt. Seriously for this type of money you could have got a mercedes for the day. DON"T DO IT

Terrible experience

This was a terrible company to deal with - mechanical problems took forever to resolve - calls weren’t returned and staff were rude, unhelpful and wanted to argue about T & C. Never again!

Disgraceful service

Multiple failed attempts to sign app using my phone as ID wouldn't upload. Called customer service which is offshored to avoid facing issues locally. Was told that my phone number had been used by someone else and that they needed to call (how when i don't kniw who) being concerned about my personal data being compromised, I asked to be called by someone in Australia and was rudely told 24-48 hours. That was 3 days ago.. and still no call. Watch this company, they are faceless and have your personal information.

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I'm so sorry to hear that signing up has been a hassle! Our local team will be in touch directly to help out. Any information or photos you submit when you apply is stored on Amazon AWS in the Sydney region. This is a PCI-Level1 compliant cloud service to keep your data secure.

Waited 12 hours still no response for application. Customer Ser, is rude and doesn’t understand anything,

Customer service is 0/10. Doesn’t understand English. Waited 12 hours and still no response for application. Rude and asks for more ID then the Police, I wouldn’t use or recommend

twice rented vans from them Very Poor standard of vans

Rented for 24hrs , Drove 5 kms home, then later when I tried to drive it, Battery Flat called roadside assist, they said Starter broken, I was told my responsibility to get the rust bucket towed back to owner. No alternative van offered, $30 towards my next hire offered out of $60 I paid for undrivable car Their customer service is the Pitts.

They wanted to charge me after using the car two months ago!!

After leaving the car and sent the pictures, they told me that the car was good. A month later they told me that there was a hit on the car, exactly on a little part of the car which I didn't take a picture. After two months, they continue sending me emails with this issue. They are going to try to charge you for anything. I dont recommend you at all!

Hi Israel, Car Next Door's neighbour-to-neighbour sharing system relies on you taking clear photos of every surface of the vehicle before and after each trip. This is the simplest and fairest way to work out when the damage happened. You can use these photos to prove that damage did not occur during your trip. Unfortunately if the photos don't show all parts of the car to show that the damage was either there when you picked it up, or was not there at the time you left the car, then you may be held responsible.I took the pictures of every part of the car, but you told me that there is exactly a part of the car which cannot be seen properly on the photo. After two months you told me that? In two months the owner of the car could have taken the car many times. If you want to rob me, go ahead, but I no wanna that this situation happens other people.

Super handy, used it when I was taking our car away for a weekend trip and my partner needed a car for weekend

Everything was solid and easy to follow, car itself was great and it was super convenient because my partner could walk around the corner to go pick up the car

The concept of Car Next Door is brilliant, quick and convenient indeed

The concept of Car Next Door is brilliant, quick and convenient. Very good indeed. Compared to traditional hiring makes a big difference. Time saving is a big factor to me.

Never use again..

I used it for first time on urgency during the Christmas break for a 1 day trip with my kids. I am 100% sure that I have returned the car much cleaner than it was. They charged extra for not cleaning. As a first time user, I did not take any picture. That was a big mistake. Now they called me up saying there is a scratch on the car somewhere. I am sick of this

Saved my life a couple of times - Super easy, convenient, cheap

Carnextdoor is super simple to use and I have found it the most convenient/cheap/accessible solution for solving problems like: how to pick that super piece of furniture that I bought on Gumtree/FB marketplace? How to donate all my stuff to Salvos when leaving my appartment?
I have recommended it to friends and colleagues.

Great idea

I used CNC for work , I think it’s a great service and genius idea . I think it would work better if the cars were installed with swipe cards instead of car lock box keys... just faster and more convenient. Also having a cnc rep to check on cars on a regular basis instead of having to take photos would be great too

Best Car/Van Rental service for pricing and convenience

From registration to booking the Car Next Door is a beautifully simple, user-friendly interface.
The account set-up was straightforward and efficient. I had approval in under three hours and was ready to rent a van the same day.
The website/app is so easy to navigate and I had plenty of options within 600m of my house to choose from. Prices were reasonable whether I wanted to rent a car or van for an hour or a day. Once I booked my trip the step-by-step process for locating, inspecting and unlocking the vehicle made the entire experience worry-free and simple. On both occasions using the service I needed to extend my booking and the website made it so easy to do.
The vehicles I borrowed were exactly as described and met my needs for local trips and also for moving furniture. Couldn't recommend the service more whether you need a vehicle to move furniture or for a road trip.

DODGY COMANY. Do not use!

My car was damaged whilst on loan. All scratched up the side of the car and broken mirror. After spending weeks calling and emailing car next door, they finally agreed that the driver was at fault. They offered me $200 instead of repairs. I declined and stated I wanted the repiars done. They also ignored the pictures of the smashed mirror which I questioned them about. Now they are avoiding my phone calls. They are ignoring my emails. When I call they put me on hold and leave me on hold. I have reported them to consumer affairs and am now having to seek legal advice. I can't honestly believe how dodgy this company is.

They won't cover your car for damage! run and don't look back!

I am just another car owner that is now added to the car next door victim list..
3 months ago a borrower booked my car for almost a full day and returned the driver's window full of scratches, 43 of them, when I asked car next door to ensure me for the damage done to the window they continuously declined again again during the escalation process, spent my time writing numerous emails and now We are taking them to VCAT.
If you value your car, no matter how cheap the premium is, D'ONT choose this car insurance! they will screw you at the first chance they get - that is the FACE of Car Next Door

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Hi Eliran, after careful investigation of this damage, including getting it reviewed by an independent insurance assessor, we found it to be window pitting that was wear and tear over time and not damage caused by a borrower. Car Next Door is a car sharing platform, not a car insurer. We do extend cover under our fleet policy to car owners, and subsidise the cost heavily to help people who genuinely want to share their car, but it's definitely not meant as a way for car owners to get cheap insurance.

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Questions & Answers

How can I contact the damage team? I was promised a call back, and an email back and I have been hung up on and I still have no way to talk to anyone from the damage team. I have been told they don't have a phone number!? Please help!!
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Hi, what happens in the event that I hire a car and am driving out in the country and the car or rather the vehicle breaks down, do the vehicles hired, have road insurance?
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Hi Arthur, there is free roadside assist from NRMA to help get the car back on the road if possible, but we recommend that you get travel insurance to cover any other costs associated with the interruption to your trip or finding alternative transport in the case of a breakdown.

I've tried to list Audi Q7 2017 which value is above $50.000 but I wasn't able to go ahead due to the value of the car been above $50.000. You will not accept card above $50.000 value? Is there any other option?
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That's correct, unfortunately for insurance reasons, we can't accept cars that are valued over $50,000.