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Review goldstar caravans
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Hey Allan, we have a review for the Goldstar Maverick 2018 on our editorial page here: https://www.caravancampingsales.com.au/editorial/details/goldstar-maverick-2018-review-114547/ As for other models, I'll pass your feedback on to our editorial team for consideration for future content. - Russ

How much does it cost to place an advertisement for a caravan and how many photos should you supply?
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What are the coramal magnum 422 camper trailers like?
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Hey SHAPE, sorry for the delay in getting back to you! I'm not too sure what this particular trailer is like but I suggest checking our Editorial page where we post news and reviews: https://www.caravancampingsales.com.au/editorial/

Can i download this app ?Thank
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Hi Steveo, Thanks for your question. There is currently no app available, there is however a mobile optimised site accessible by searching caravancampingsales.com.au on your mobile device. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Paul

Looking at New Age Little Joey, 15ft 2011. Anything I should look out for and is $38,000 with 2 awnings and a annex too dear?
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Hi Liz, Thank you for contact us. It seems in the ball park with the annexe a bonus inclusion. We definitely suggest inspecting the caravan and seeing what features are fitted. Also look to see what condition it is in and whether everything works before proceeding. If we can be of any further assistance at all, please do not hesitate contacting our customer care team on 13 72 53. Kind regards, PaulGreetings, Liz! Apologies for my late reply - I have been away from the computer for a few days. I have not previously seen the New Age range so can offer no first hand specific comments. However, from a quick search in Caravan Camping Sales (CCS) I would have to say that the interior/exterior and general presentation and features of the Little Joey are of superior quality - therefore you can expect to pay accordingly. I did note from the specs that it's unloaded weight is 1800kg which means you would want a stronger rated Hayman Reese type tow bar, say 2000kg plus. It's a strong unit! Consequently, you would need a Hayman Reese weight distribution/anti sway hitch (or similar) to relieve the weight from the axles, suspension, & tyres of the towing vehicle. Also, a Redarc (or similar) electronic braking controller would be a necessary accessory for the towing vehicle. Not forgetting a Redarc (or similar) Battery solenoid to prevent your towing vehicle's cranking battery from draining, if you are still running the fridge on 12V when you are parked without the engine running. These extras + Registration + Comprehensive Insurance (before you tow it home) all need to be taken into consideration BEFORE making your decision. A 15' 2012 Little Joey advertised in CCS with toilet/shower + Air-conditioning + 2 awnings is selling privately at $42,000 in QLD, so $38,000 for your 2011 model might be reasonable. It really depends on the condition and whether it provides the creature comforts you want for to enjoy. To this end, ample storage (inside and out) becomes a PRIMARY consideration when choosing your van, especially if you are carrying annex/poles/ropes, possibly a BBQ + gas bottle, waste water hose/bucket, cable electric 240V/15amp, door mat, water hose etc. Of course, 2 x gas bottles is a wise precaution so you don't suddenly run out. A set of 'across-the-bonnet' mirrors are a valuable accessory that will not be 'buffeted' by passing road trains and will act as 'cat's whiskers' when negotiating narrow access ways. We are in tough financial times at present. People are hanging onto their dollars. People selling 'luxury' items (like caravans) know they have to (reluctantly) reduce and reduce their asking price. So, determine a just price in your mind (according to age, condition, features & market price comparisons), then stick to it. Be prepared to walk away if the price is excessive. There will be other opportunities - sometimes better! Hope these comments help. Warm regards, Liz John H

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