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4.7 from 795 reviews

Site was great.

The sale of my caravan went very smoothly. It was interesting that enquirers were from interstate which just demonstrates the coverage of this site.

Quick Sale

Very easy to set up an ad and usually item sells quickly. Easy to navigate web page and reasonable pricing.

Great Site

Site is easy to use, and gets results. My caravan was sold within a week of advertising. Great Service and so simple to use.

Easy quick & excellent way to sell

Site is very user friendly to set up Ad. Van was sold within a week. Only had genuine enquires, no tyre kickers.

Very effective way to sell

Placing the ad was very user friendly
The vetting system of inquiries was efficient ( paid for privacy protection)
The photo display had high resolution and was again user friendly for the buyer
The van was sold within 8 hours of appearing on line

Fantastic selling tool!

This site did provide us with some genuine buyers. The other site we used tended to have a lot more people who were unsure of what they wanted or were trying to scam. Your site appeared much more reliable.

A great way to sell

We have sold quickly and painlessly both a vehicle and this van in the last two months. Paying extra for privacy protection was certainly worth it. We did not get any nuisance calls.

Great Place to Sell Your Caravan

It was only through the ad here that the buyer saw the van and could see all the photos of it and was very positive he would buy it once he had a look at it.
I was happy to pay the fee for privacy for our phone number and it worked well as we did not get any annoying phone calls.

Easy way to sell

Great way to advertise to a broad audience. We received fairly constant inquiry which converted to inspections and eventually sale.


Sold with Privacy protection and excellent result, i appreciate the fact that potential buyers had to go through car sales network to reach me, this eliminated Tyre kickers

Sold with ease and privacy

Carsales network is the only secure site to advertise on. I appreciated the fact that potential buyers had to go through carsales to contact me. The ad campaign sold after being highlighted a couple of times. Highly recommend the carsales network. I'll be looking for a replacement vehicle to buy on your site shortly.

Good coverage to sell your caravan

This website offers simple and effective advertising with Australia wide coverage such that I was able to sell ours from Northern NSW to Darwin without hassle

Great way to sell your Caravan

At the start i had lots of people looking, had two people do a full enquiry, one from Victor Harbour SA. and the other one from NSW. NSW people drove over and purchased the van on the same day. Very Happy with the full result.

Great way to sell our van

We were very happy with how quickly we sold our camper trailer and the price we got for it. The ad also looked great and the photos came up really well. The only drawback was that the ad was quite expensive, but it was worth it.

Selling could not be eaiser

This is an absolutely fantastic site. Very clean and well organised site with no misleading links cumbersome processes and best of all no unnecessary 'stock images of call centre people etc' , just the tools you need to sell your caravan or car. It was a pleasure to use and there was no pressuring. Once your advertisement is up you have full control, you can cancel it come back to it and relist without having to re-enter any data. Best of all it sold!


Carsales generated a lot of interest which resulted in my selling the caravan. Easy to navigate, easy to use site.


The site was easy to navigate and understand and the listing process worked well. Sold our van in one week.

Excellent coverage

This is the site to sell your vehicles, easy to use and a secure site with lots of genuine interest. Very happy with our first experience with caravan camping sales!!
If your thinking about selling or buying this is the site for you.

Great result and lots of responses to the ad.

A great result with a quick sale and I purchased the phone security option which was well worth it. After trying to sell our van on other sites without any luck I came across Caravancampingsales.com.au and sold the van within weeks.

Worth selling on Carsales Great response

Guidance given by carsales was spot on and we had a great response because of using lots of photos with good detailed description. Very impressed only got calls from genuine buyers and no spammers - well worth paying a little bit extra for the piece of mind.

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Hey Allan, we have a review for the Goldstar Maverick 2018 on our editorial page here: https://www.caravancampingsales.com.au/editorial/details/goldstar-maverick-2018-review-114547/ As for other models, I'll pass your feedback on to our editorial team for consideration for future content. - Russ

How much does it cost to place an advertisement for a caravan and how many photos should you supply?
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What are the coramal magnum 422 camper trailers like?
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Hey SHAPE, sorry for the delay in getting back to you! I'm not too sure what this particular trailer is like but I suggest checking our Editorial page where we post news and reviews: https://www.caravancampingsales.com.au/editorial/