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Carbon Coco Teeth Whitening

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Rubbish...total scam..!

Does not work.. bottom line! Will give you more sensitive teeth.. black stuff stuck on your gums. I wish i could give 0 stars.. do not buy and waste your money.


Waste of time. I ordered the freaking product and waited for a month and a half to never get it. I requested a refund because their associate said we can send it again. I said if I have to wait another month and a half for the product please refund me ASAP!! I’m glad I never got it based on the reviews it’s terrible anyway. Waste of time and energy. Do not purchase. Go to Walmart they have a similar product for $5-$7 bucks!

Absolutely horrible

Facts: Advertisement seriously misleads
Facts: I used consistently for a few days about twice a day
Facts: I did not buy polisher (Only paste and charcoal and toothbrush and followed brushing instructions)

Admonishment! - DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!


After using this, i see it becomes slightly whiter even though it’s such a pain to get the black out of the gums.


For some reason it’s just made my teeth more yellow than when I first started using it. This is so bad!! Worst mistake ever thinking this product would help whiten teeth when In fact it has the opposite effect!!

Does not deliver!

Bought this product based on the written and video reviews. Claims are very misleading causing one to think teeth are instantly whitened after one use. I have used this product according to the instructions twice a day for one week. My teeth are still the same color (yellow). No whitening occurred at all. The only thing carbon coco provided was a clean feeling in my mouth, nothing else. What a sham!

Worst purchase! Sensitive gums, dry mouth and a messy bathroom

I finally decided to buy some teeth whitening, and I wanted to buy something that was natural and not harmful. I have used this product 3 times and it has left my gums feeling extremely sensitive and so dry. It has sucked all the moisture out of my mouth that I woke up with cracked lips and craving water.

My bathroom is covered in little black charcoal spots because it goes everywhere! So messy.

Do not buy this product. I will be throwing mine in the bin.

Fraud and scam!!!

the product inflamed my gums and blackened my teeth and the inside of my mouth. It is an unpleasant sensation. I tried to return it but the money back guarantee is a big lie! I can even see that disgusting black powder embedded in my gums. The brush hurt me and made me bleed. the worst product I've tried and directly, they steal your money.

Worst $60 I ever spent

When I bought this product my teeth weren't even yellow. I used it for a week and my teeth are now extremely yellow and the charcoal got stuck in my gums which caused my gums to bleed when trying to remove it and I now have dark grey stains in my gums. This was a complete waste of money and I am now even more self-conscious about my teeth then I was before I used it. Do not buy it!!!


I’ve used this product 3 times and my gums are so sore and I can’t seem to get the black out of my gums plus my teeth look yellow! I can hardly brush my teeth, my gums are so irritated. I think I’ve wasted my money, sadly. Very disappointed.

Did not work!

This product did not work at all, yes my teeth felt cleaner but afterwards they were sensitive and had a weird pain to them, the brush or charcoal split open some of my gums above my top front teeth. I used it for 3 weeks, two times a day and didn't see any outcome. Overall I'm really not happy.

December 29th 2017 Update: Bad.

I saw this first on Facebook and thought it would be a great way to make my teeth whiter naturally, I had just gotten my braces off and needed something to help whiten them again. It did not work, I used it for a month, twice a day with the carbon coco toothpaste and did not see a single difference. The charcoal cut my gums and made them bleed, then the carbon coco toothpaste would cause pain to the cut areas of my gums. My teeth were also extremely sensitive after using this product, especially if I were to touch the bottom of my teeth, I would feel a weird pain. I will say that my teeth literally felt 'squeaky' clean. But it's still not worth it for me.

I absolutely HATE this product

At first I kinda liked it but the more I used it the more I noticed my teeth getting more and more sensitive. It started eating away at my teeth and now I have to go to the dentist to figure out how to reverse or fix it...

Good for squeaky clean teeth

If you want that dentist clean feeling then Carbon Coco is great for that. Teeth feel super clean, no nasty fuzzy bits or plaque. If you want it to whiten your teeth, save your hard earned and get it done professsionally by your dentist. It hasn’t made a difference in my tooth colour but it does leave charcoal pigment in your gums just above your teeth where it obviously lodged in during brushing. I always brush again with normal toothpaste afterwards but I still have dark grey areas just above my teeth which look dreadful. They only go away when I stop using it for a few days. So two thumbs up for squeaky clean teeth, two thumbs down for actual whitening power!

Expensive mistake for me

This product badly stained two white fillings on the right side of my mouth.
Also, my teeth were left feeling very sensitive and uncomfortable, fortunately this settled down after a few days.
All in all an expensive mistake for me.

It gave me sensitive teeth and I’ve had to stop using it

My teeth went whiter within a week and that’s the great part about the product. I have veneers and they got whiter too - all my teeth were evenly whiter. What I didn’t expect was the tooth sensitivity which I’ve never had, not all my teeth have been affected thank God but a couple have been and it’s awful. I can’t get rid of the sensitivity issue and I’ve had to stop using the product.
If you have sensitive gums or you don’t brush your gums, it may affect you - my gums are strong and I found the charcoal polish abrasive but ok. If you get sensitive teeth after using this then stop because that’s the enamel being worn away & you can’t replace that. I know the adverts say it’s totally safe but after reading reviews from dentists they do warn of enamel erosion.
if I’d have read the dentist reviews first I wouldn’t have tried this product.

Works wonders

I had used so many teeth whitening products before using carbon coco, and only decided to try it after seeing all the people raving about it on Facebook.
I was pretty skeptic about it at first, but I figured since I spent $70 on it I may as well give it a proper go.

After 1 week I started noticing a little difference in my teeth colouring and by 2 weeks my teeth were whiter than they had been in aaaaages and my gums feel less tender.

I’ve been using it once a day for about a month now and the tub barely looks like it’s been used.

TLDR; it works, it might seem expensive but it’s super good value.

Wish I could choose 0 star

This product is completely rubbish, it hurts my gum as well. I have been using it for like half a year and all it does is hurting my gum. Colour of my teeth doesn't change at all. Rubbish product.

Didn’t work for me

My teeth are extremely sensitive so I decided to give coco carbon a try. I used it for a month, twice a day and have had to results. Waste of my money.

Biggest waste of money

I used this product for 2 weeks and it had no effect on whitening my teeth, not even one shade lighter.
it irritated my gums leaving them abrasied and sore and the carbon got wedged under my gums for hours even after normal brushing and flossing, this gave my gums a blackish grey tinge which made my teeth look decayed.
This product in my opinion is a waste of money! I wouldn't recommend it to anyone no matter what condition your teeth are in.
This company does not have a phone number and only deals with complaints through email, very frustrating! And they do not provide refund if the product doesn't work for you.
Waste of my money!
Don't waste yours!

Waste of money!!

A huge waste of money, no difference looks exactly the same. You are better off going to dentist and getting it done. Money done the drain!! And I even bought a sets..

Never even received...Awful customer service. All about $$$.

Apparently it was "delivered" somewhere safe in my security building. Went to my local post office they had no idea. Spoke to Customer Service @ Carbon Coco. They didn't care. Told me to speak to Australia Post. I ended up buying White Glo Charcoal Powder from Chemist Warehouse. $10 compared to $40 I have just lost from Carbon Coco! Interesting how I do ALL my shopping online and I have never had an issue with an item go missing. Ever. DODGY.

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Questions & Answers

Can you use normal toothpaste to rinse the carbon coco ?
No answers

Ok!!!! So for the ppl that found this product amazing !!!! How many times did u use it?? For how long I've had it for a week now and brushing once a day and nothing :-/ I only get black stuff stuck towards my gums! And yes very messy to use!! I have to clean my basin after each time I brush
2 answers
I used mine both morning and night with slightly hotter water and I used a medium strength bristle toothbrush as I found the soft brush it comes with aided in leaving charcoal on my gums. Additionally, it took me about a week to get used to it all including how to eliminate mess. Now I just brush and when I rinse my mouth as normal (with Listerine + water) it would also rinse the sink. It also helped when I brushed without opening my mouth so much and to breathe through my nose and not my mouth. I have now been using this for about 3 weeks and prior to starting, I cut out teeth staining food and drinks like soft drinks, coffee and smoking. This experience is however based of my own methods of the routine. I have also found that the oil for the mornings helped add a layer of barrier to my teeth against any food or drinks I would have. My body has loved me for the change this has helped me bring!I use the paste morning and night but only the polish at the night. I also have the oil and I use that of a morning. For black residue on gums - I recommend getting their water flosser, it helps to get right in there and get it out! ☺️

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