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Carman's Dark Choc Cranberry & Almond

Carman's Dark Choc Cranberry & Almond

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I can't find them in the US. :-(

I bought these bars in Australia during vacation. They kept me from being hungry and tasted GREAT!! What a flavor combo. Hoping my friend brings some when he visits.

This muesli bar is delicious

If you want a great snack but don't want the sugar overload of a candy bar throw these Carman's Dark Choc bars in your bag. They taste great, on another level form the uncle toby's tuck box fare of old. The muesli/berry/chocolate combo gives a great flavour combo in every bite and they have a lightly chewy texture. Very satisfying.

Dear other reviewers on this page: Yo guys this is sugar berries, chocolate, and carbs. Low GI or not these things are snacks, treats, etc. A "gourmet" pack and higher price don't mean healthier. Eat some lean meat and vegetables if you want to stay healthy.
Tastes great, kind of like mixing a red snake and some chocolate but with some carbs to mellow it out and let you savour it
People act like it's a health food because our social dialogue regarding nutrition has diverged so far from scientific fact.

just discovered

What a find. have been avoiding museli bars altogether for 18 months to lose 18kg and thought i'd found the perfect treat in this bar. delicious but still quite high in total fat and carbs. otherwise yummy. like the idea of dark choc and almonds and all natural products and low GI.
taste, consistency and ingredients


This is my favourite of the Carman's muesli bar range. It is a really tasty treat, adding some really yummy dark chocolate to the nutrition of a muesli bar. Somehow, it still manages to be Low GI. The texture of the bar is really enjoyable; it gives a pleasant chew, but isn't hard. Carman's muesli bars have a lot more substance than any other brands I have tried.
Definately worth a try
Taste is the biggest plus- the dark chocolate and Cranberry is a delicious combination
Australian made product
Australian owned company
My husband tends to eat them before I have a chance

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