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Carpet Call Blinds & Shutters

Carpet Call Blinds & Shutters

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Blinds from Carpet Call (CarpetCall) and Manufacturer, Total Window Concepts. No Customer Service or Quality Control

Three window blinds ordered.
1. Quality NOT what was seen on sample.
2. Beware. 100% payment required BEFORE installation -- never experienced this in Germany or the USA. Request for compensation for the issues (below) rejected.
2. First arrival: all blinds, after TWO window measurements, did not fit. Off to be remanufactured
3. Second arrival: Cords were on the wrong side. Off to be remediated.
4. Third arrival: two blinds OK but on one, the bottom slat doesn't close. Kitchen one sagging so off to be "remanufactured"
5. Order placed early September 2018; still awaiting the fourth arrival of the kitchen blind on March 14, 2019.
6. Calls have been directed to a total of 8 people who appear to want to help but nothing is done. Took a long time to figure out who the operations manager was. Email to head of Sydney office did not resolve issue.
7. Company shows no professionalism or integrity. Does not wish to compensate.
8. I wrote a professional and objective letter to Managing Director in Queensland about the issues. A strange email response asking for telephone number and attaching some questionable photos of an empty warehouse. Requested a professional letter or email explaining the reasons for this lack of quality control, company structure in terms of customer service. He said he "doesn't do letters". They don't want anything in writing!
9. Finally heard from head of Sydney office who should have had the decency to call and take the issue in hand long ago, let along apologize. Told me empty warehouse photos meant that Carpetcall were no longer going to subcontract Blind (Mega Blinds) manufacturer but have their own factory. How is that relevant to my own issue with them?!!
10. In all, a total fiasco. The blinds are also manufactured with flimsy thread to hold the various parts of each blind.... a bottom slat doesn't even close.
11. CarpetCall also leaves accountability to the subcontracted installer. He apparently is the one to offer me "customer service" and discuss the issues when it is not his job to.

Dear Marge, We apologise for the problems you have had with your blind installation. We rely on a local manufacturer to make our blinds who in this instance has let us down. We have taken these issues up with our blinds supplier who have made these errors to ensure they don’t happen again. We appreciate the positive comments on the work Carpet Call did directly. Our Managing Director requested you call so he could discuss this with you personally and help sort out any remaining issues rather than posting letters causing lengthy delays toing and froing. Your request to get the blinds for effectively nothing was denied notwithstanding your threat to post negative comments all over social media. This was more like extortion rather than just getting things fixed. All our obligations have been met and will continue to be met under our comprehensive warranties we stand by.Please note that it was the attitude and ineptness of various staff during the three returns and the now six-month saga. There were various opportunities for CarpetCall to have called me and explained this situation previous to my letter to the Managing Director. Also note that while I may have asked for my money back, I would have thought an offer by CarpetCall of at least a good discount for the low quality, lack of communication and six-month inconvenience would have been fair and appropriate. To maintain consumer loyalty, I would have automatically been offered this in the U.S. and Germany...a "Customer First" and "Customer Satisfaction" mentality sadly lacking here.And guess what. Kitchen blind arrives today and it is still faulty and too short. Nothing was done to remediate it! Demanded a third of my money back for this blind and the six-month absolutely unnecessary inconvenience and ineptitude! And company refuses to do so. Only offers a pathetic A$220 out of their upfront demand for A$1,000 PRIOR to job start! AVOID CarpetCall and their window blinds company, Total Window Concepts! https://totalwindowconcepts.com.au/ They will probably start to get people to purposely put positive reviews now. Let's see.... What do you, the Consumer, feel about this?

Appalling Service

I ordered the blinds and paid 50% in October 2018. I emailed after one month to be advised of the progress. I was advised in December the blinds were in stock. On 3rd January the installer arrived and stated the blinds fittings were incorrect and would be back in three days.
No communication from Carpet Call. I contacted the installer again and arranged for the blinds to be installed on 8th February.
The blinds were installed and advised the ceiling gyprock was damaged and a builder would come and rectify on the Saturday. No call, no builder.
On Thursday 29th February the blinds collapsed and pulled out part of the ceiling.
I contacted both the installer and Carpet Call and was told I would receive a call from both on Friday. I have received nothing.
This has been the most appalling customer service experience. I now have a damaged home and no blinds in my lounge. Nobody in the company keeps me informed and I will now be escalating this to the Ombudsman.
My home is now a wreck in my lounge area

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Dear Robyn, I’m sorry to hear about your poor experience at our store. We really appreciate you taking the time to offer us feedback and giving us the chance to make this right for you. We’d love to follow up the situation. Please provide us with your invoice number and store you dealt with and we will investigate.

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