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Carpet Call Vinyl Flooring

Carpet Call Vinyl Flooring

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Never again - Don't pay until your job is completed. Terrible customer service

Initially our experiences with carpet call was good. Until we realised once they had our money they didn't really care about customer service. We dealt with Brodie at Osborne Park WA, his customer service was non-existent. Two days prior to our floors being fitted we paid the remainder of our deposit (which is normal) but I wish I hadn't.

We were told the layers wouldn't get to our house until 9am - because they couldn't access materials until after 8am, but our doorbell rang at 730. This wasn't so much of an issue just a miscommunication. First thing when the installer walked in he said there won't be enough planks (there had been a mis-measure) and they won't finish today and there are going to be additional costs (3 things we were told was not going to be a problem). All of which went directly against what we were told by the store manager Brodie. When I got the quote I made sure to say I don't want any on the day surprises such as extra costs. The layers were fantastic, they worked from 730am-830pm that night and still hadn't finished because they ran out of planks (10 square metres worth - a fair mis measure in my opinion).

I then went to drive up to the store to chat to Brodie in person, which he then began throwing his own staff under the bus saying things like, "you can't get good help around here", which made both myself and my wife very uncomfortable. To this point they had temporarily rectified the situation by saying they will cover what extras needed to be done. So at this stage we were happy. Next problem is we were told that we would need to have scotia put in as there is a big gap from where we had carpet to now having vinyl planks. Again another thing that was not quoted and we were not told about. Again another trip up to carpet call to see brodie and this time I wasn't overly happy. Another cost I was burdened with (which we had not budgeted for), when brodie started saying that we should be happy because we got extra planks. No brodie that is your mess not my problem.

After this I decided I wanted nothing to do with brodie anymore and started speaking to Luke the area manager. Luke was very good to deal with, managed to sort out the problem (not totally) but enough to get the job done, as I was sick of not having a completed product.

Apart from the inexperience and extremely poor customer service from brodie (store manager at Osborne Park) the communication between carpet call and the contractors was very poor. Both layers relayed their concerns about this as well, as they were not told certain directors and there was a lot of back and forth having to work out what we were going to do.

Not at any one point have I heard from the store manager Brodie (no phone call, no attempted communication) to see if our floors have been done. Our installation date was the 14/1/19 and it is the 25/2/19 and they were just completed (with scotia). But I guess once carpet call have their money they have nothing to worry about. I am extremely disappointed as this was our first renovation, and what we were told was a one day job has just been over 6 weeks and just been completed.

I would never recommend carpet call to anyone and I will certainly not get any work done from them again in particular from brodie and Osborne Park

Dear Nathan, I’m sorry to hear about your poor experience at our store. We really appreciate you taking the time to offer us feedback and giving us the chance to make this right for you. We’d love to follow up the situation. Please provide us with your invoice number and we will investigate.The tax invoice number is 32026, store 001, salesperson 296Dear Nathan, I am sorry to hear that your experience has been lacking. We will be following this up with our staff to ensure these things will not happen again. Thank-you for your feedback.

Great pricing!!!

Great service by John!! Highly recommend them!! Very happy with the price!!! Will definitely consider them in future!! Flexible with timings n highly consider your needs and great guidance!!! It was reccomended by a family member n glad I called them. I had luxury plank done!!

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Thank you very much for the positive comments. Our teams work hard to offer quality products and a friendly service. I’m so glad your experience was enjoyable and I will pass your feedback on to the team. We look forward to welcoming you back in the future or assisting friends you have recommended to Carpet Call.

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