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Hi Carpet Court, When an installer from your Ringwood store in Victoria causes approximately $14,000 worth of damage to a family home, and jeopardises the health and safety of it's occupants, is it standard procedure for your store owner Heath to then blame the customer and threaten them to pay the remainder of the invoice "or else"? Furthermore, is it your company policy to ensure that installers show due care and dilligence, and follow WorkSafe guidelines when working at a customer's home? No need to answer, they are rhetorical questions. Thanks You know who I am, see you in Court.
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Hi John, We appreciate your feedback. Could you please email all your details to enquiries@carpetcourt.com.au so we can look into this for you. Thank you, Carpet Court National Support CentreHi Carpet Court, Your auto response to negative online enquiries is obviously working. I wonder what your auto response to a negative newspaper article will be?Hi John, Your feedback is important to us. We have responded a couple of times to your previous posts and requested that you please email us at enquiries@carpetcourt.com.au. We would like to discuss this matter with you directly and do our best to resolve this situation. Thank you, Carpet Court National Support Centre

Hi Carpet Court, Of all the flooring companies reviewed here, you have the most negative reviews, surely you can't be happy with this result. Q1. Why do you have approximately 50% negative reviews on productreview.com.au? Q2. What are you doing solve this problem and restore faith in your product and installation results to your disappointed customers?
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They do not respond to feedbackHi unbiased, Thank you for your questions. We take customer service very seriously and continuously strive to improve our product offering and customer experience. Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via enquiries@carpetcourt.com.au so we can look into this for you. Thank you, Carpet Court National Support CentreHi Carpet Court National Support Centre, Thank you for your time taken not answering my questions. You have demonstrated to me a continuous theme of Carpet Court's customer service style echoed throughout this review site. I will be purchasing carpet somewhere else. kind regards Unbiased

Hi i had our carpet installed two weeks ago in our 3 bedroom. The problem is we couldnt close the door properly without rubbing/scraping the carpet what should we do? Are we still under warranty? Thanks
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Hi Kristel, Thank you for your question. Please send an email to enquiries@carpetcourt.com.au with your full name, contact number, email address and the store that installed your carpet. We will be then be in touch to discuss your options and resolve this matter. Thank you, Carpet Court National Support Centre

Hi CarpetCourt Support Centre, We are looking for hybrid/tiles flooring for our house in Sydney north shore. Can you recommend one of your branch who can help us with our floors and also the blinds/shutter for our windows? Can be different branches offer. We ask so we want to avoid bad branches. Thanks, Yoyo
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Hello, thanks for contacting us. You can get a complete list of our NSW stores by visiting this web page: https://www.carpetcourt.com.au/stores/nsw. Alternatively, please enter your postcode in our store selector on the website and you'll be presented with the closest stores to that postcode. Hope this helps.

We want to do timber/hybrid/tile flooring's for our house near Hornsby NSW 2077. Any advise for company we should use or advise?
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Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. Your closest store is JBA Carpet Court at 18 Salisbury Rd, Hornsby. Their contact details including Google Maps can be found here: https://www.carpetcourt.com.au/stores/sydney/hornsby.

We put bamboo flooring about 3 years ago. It was installed by Carpet court. The last couple of years we have had problems when the weather is very humid with some of the planks almost popped up. What can you do about it?
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Hi is $3300 a reasonable price for vinyl planks in a 7x6 size room ? Thats what i was quoted by you guys and i think its to much.
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Hi. Yes, that sounds about right. You have 42 sq metres, I roughly calculated $70 per m2 and then some more for floor prep.

I have been trying to telephone Carpet Court Mackay all morning, no answer the phone rings out. Is there a problem here as I need a measure and quote?
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Hi Indiana, Unfortunately the store was closed during that time, the store should be back up and running today. Kind regards, Carpet Court National Support Centre

I have had carpet laid by Carpet Court at Kogarah and after 3 years it was badly wrinkled and it was restretched and after another 3 years it is very badly wrinkled again. It is a major job moving out all the furniture and we are in our 70s and do not feel like going through it all again. Why does this keep happening? We have never had this problem with previous carpet laying.
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Hi Yvonne, Carpet requires tension to be applied at the time of installation and is then pinned on to the smoothedge strips around the edge of the room. From time to time we get instances where rippling occurs, this can happen due to a lot of reasons. * Dragging instead of lifting furniture. * Furniture being to close to the wall, making the carpet pop of from the smoothedge. * Sometimes it can come down to the overall performance of the carpet. All this being said, we would appreciate it if you could please provide us with your details via customerservice@carpetcourt.com.au so that we can organise someone from the store to pop back out and have a look for you.

How can a carpet installer make $22 per square metre? These installer have no qualifications and make $2000 a day!
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Hi Customer, Installation rates vary from state to state, it also depends on whether you are dealing with an installation firm with a warehousing operation, or dealing with an installer direct that uses the stores warehousing services. The rates as we know them are $25- $35 per broadloom metre (1 broadloom equates to 3.66 square metres), these rates equate to $6.83 - $9.56 a square metre. You can get other rates as well based on private jobs, where you would be dealing with the layer direct. Could you please send through some verification of your $22 per square metre charge to customerservice@carpetcourt.com.au so that I can investigate it please. Kind regards, Carpet Court National Support CentreCarpet installers do a 4 year apprenticeship and end up with a trade qualification, So to say they have no qualification is 100% wrong.4 year apprenticeship to roll out a piece of carpet does not justify the rates they get, Any bum off the street could do their job if he owned a $5 Stanley knife and a van. There’s legitimate tradesmen in other areas of building that don’t even make 1/3 of these characters. It’s an absolute disgrace !

Is it standard practice to pay 100% of carpet & flooring costs 2 days before scheduled installation??
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I don't think so. I only paid a 50% deposit and the remainder on completion of the job. I would not be comfortable paying in full before receiving the carpet.As everything these days is covered under warranty, we do require full payment before installation is performed. Some stores may ask for payment of installation after completion due to customer satisfaction, but the materials need to be paid in full before they are delivered to the customers home. A lot of stores will not actually attend until invoice is paid in full.

I got iron mark on our carpet is it possible to change only that area?
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Hi Ruba, Yes, some types of minor damages can be repaired. Please seek advices from your local carpet repair service providers. Regards, Carpet Court National Support Centre

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