Great product and Great installer

Had a few delivery problems in the beginning but once that was sorted got a great product and had it installed by Highend Flooring Installations who did a perfect job

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Excellent Customer Service

From the time of quote to the actual carpet fitting I was advised along each step. Friendly staff and I am delighted with the product. The carpet layer was so quick and tidy much appreciated.

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Great customer service - Very helpful staff

The staff at McGraths Hill Carpet Court were extremely helpful when looking for the best carpet for our school. They quickly sourced the best solution for a good price and organised installation before the start of the school year.

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Look great for around 3 months

Had a hybrid floor from Godfrey hurst laid and I initially love the colour, but the ends started opening up within a few months, the sales guy from carpet court came out and said they had to put a trim in ( looked horrible) they then pulled up the floor and re laid.
Fast forward another 6 weeks and it did it again, this time I’m told th concrete underneath is not level ,at time of purchase they explained it can be laid straight over ceramic tiles and th floor didn’t need screening, now it does and it will cost $1500.
I can’t afford the money and I’ve moved my furniture twice already , so now I’m just stuck with a horrible floor.
Would never by this hybrid flooring agin or deal with carpet court ,

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Hi Andrea, We appreciate your feedback. Could you please email all your details to enquiries@carpetcourt.com.au so we can look into this for you. Thank you, Carpet Court National Support Centre

Poor service after installation

Our installer told us it’s a great floor, “won’t Scratch”. On completion, no care instructions or warranty information were left for us. Some parts of the floor were poorly laid. Well the floor did scratch and when I called the manager from the Marleston store in to have a look I was told it was my fault the floor was scratched and the installer gave me the wrong information. He did bring me warranty information and a How to care for your floor guide, a bit late!! They refuse to repair the floor even though it has a warranty. I was planning to use this company to replace all the floors in my home but I will never use them again.

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Hi Jay, We appreciate your feedback. Could you please email all your details to enquiries@carpetcourt.com.au so we can look into this for you. Thank you, Carpet Court National Support CentreHi there. No thanks too late. I have already had this looked into and Carpet Court has refused to do anything about it. You have lost my business and I’m happy to tell everyone not to use your company.Good afternoon Jay, We take concerns relating to our customer service very seriously and in following up this matter with the manager of the Marleston store, we have been advised that he has no record of your concern being raised. If you could please confirm with us that it was the Carpet Court Marleston store which you had your flooring installed through, that would be great. Their address is 280 Richmond Rd, Marleston. Many thanks, Carpet Court National Support Centre.

Totally changed my house

The staff at Carpet Court Taren Point were very good from beginning when choosing the carpet to the finish when the carpet was laid. The carpet looks modern and is of excellent quality. I would highly recommend them.

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I had a carpet installed from Carpet Court Rosebud , the carpet has a join three quarters down the length of the room across the middle of the room, It looks awful, I complained about it and asked if there was a way to prevent the join from showing I was told it would settle and not be noticeable. All carpet joins should be in a doorway I had ordered and paid for the amount of carpet to do the room without a join where they placed it and it looks dreadful, I am totally dissatisfied and disappointed. I will save up and purchase another carpet from another company as the work done is unacceptable, when friends visit they ask me why the carpet has a join across the width of whole room where it shouldn’t be. Whoever cut the carpet appears to be unqualified as it is not acceptable work, joins are placed at the doorways in a small area where they are not spoiling the appearance of the room, it was incorrectly cut as it is a broadband carpet in a small narrow room and there is no reason to have placed a join across the middle of room. I advise people to buy carpets elsewhere.

The man who laid the carpet did a very good job , I couldn’t fault his workmanship. Whoever cut the carpet cut it incorrectly, for such a small room there’s no excuse for the joint where it’s located and it’s very noticeable.

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Hi Lorraine, We appreciate your feedback. Could you please email all your details to enquiries@carpetcourt.com.au so we can look into this for you. Thank you, Carpet Court National Support Centre

Excellent service from Carpet Call Kawana

We received courtesy and friendly assistance in choosing our carpet. Our carpet was laid extremely well. No complaints. After a couple of days, we noticed a couple of defects in the carpet. Carpet Court’s Mark inspected our new carpet and immediately notified the manufacturer. After inspection by a technician, the manufacturer agreed to replace the installed carpet throughout our unit. Once again carpet was installed. Once again an excellent job. Scott and Bianca and Mark have supplied us with excellent service. Their after sales service has been excellent. We recommend them to anybody considering installing carpet. Look no further.

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Ugly Disaster: do not buy from them even if they are the last carpet store on earth !!!!!!

We had our whole home carpeted by these guys in October 2018 .
First time the carpet was vacuumed i discovered massive tufts of carpet which had been " accidentally" cut by the layers and new pieces pushed in to the carpet to disguise their mistakes , also one sharp nail left in the middle of my lounge room floor ( poking through the carpet ) .

After we complained , the carpet was reviewed by their expert as being " shoddy and badly laid ".
No problems said Carpet Court , we will replace ....
Today was the day booked in for the replacement carpet to be laid , March 2019 , and yes... according to carpet call of seven hills NSW , they are moving warehouses and have lost my carpet .

No one will return calls , they will not give out the telephone number for anyone other than their reception team . The job has been booked in for a whole month and they simply have no idea of what they are doing. They care zero about the fact that a day off work costs money and i am still left with shoddy product and workmanship.

Beware , the price may be decent but the service , the product and the laying are diabolically below standard : buyer beware!!!

Dear Jud, I’m sorry to hear about your poor experience at our store. We really appreciate you taking ... THATS MY REPLY TODAY !!!!!!!! WHAT A JOKEHi Jud, We appreciate your feedback. Could you please email all your details to enquiries@carpetcourt.com.au so we can look into this for you. Thank you, Carpet Court National Support Centre

Exceptional Customer Service

A very big thanks to Jane from Mona Vale Carpet Court for going above and beyond, at first i was very unhappy with the fact i had bought both my carpet and hybrid flooring from carpet court and there was an issue with putting the carpet trim under the flooring as it was done in the incorrect order however Jane at Mona Vale went beyond my expectations and helped me resolve the matter so shes an absolute gem thank you Jane!

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We went into get carpet very happy with service instore picked carpet we were happy with and we made an appointment to have our measurements done. The salesman from Helensvale Homeworld rang and said that he had to move our appointment as a builder would now like him to come out and measure at the same time as us. We do not understand why the builder was more important we were purchasing carpet not cheap carpet at that. We cancelled via text he did not respond. We text to make sure he received the text and he responded with sorry for the mix up... there was no mix up... he put a builders needs in front of ours. We went with World of Carpets Labrador and are very very happy better price and quality and the service was amazing

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Good morning, Thank you for your post. We have taken this feedback on board. Regards, Carpet Court National Support Centre

Just shocking, legal battle

We are experiencing an absolute nightmare with our flooring supplied and installed through Caloundra Carpet Court located at Kawana Home Central.
We thought Caloundra Carpet Court were a reputable company and one that we could trust to supply quality product, installation and service.
Carpet Court claims to be Australia's largest retail floor covering specialist, has long had a reputation for expertise and advice based on superior product knowledge.
We would like to share with you what you can expect to receive and experience with flooring supplied and installed through Carpet Court – if only we could turn back the clock and change our decision!
We chose Caloundra Carpet Court over a number of other major Sunshine Coast carpet and flooring suppliers to supply and install new carpets and vinyl plank flooring for our brand new 2 storey home.
Flooring was to be installed straight after handover from our builder and prior to us actually moving in, to give the installers full access to flooring without the hassle of furniture and belongings.
After an extensive review of flooring types we chose vinyl planks (stick down type) from an exclusive range called “Home Sweet Home” for our the main ground floor areas, entrance, study, hallways, family, dining and kitchen areas, approx. 135m2 of floor areas.
So the first lot of vinyl planks were installed in Oct 2018, (few days prior to us moving in our brand new home). After 3 days for the preparation and install the planks where installed and finished.
By the way during the install, we caught the carpet installer on CCTV bringing his family and kids through our house and showing them round whilst we were at work – we certainly did not agree to having an open house without our permission!
Unfortunately for us, after only a few hours after the installation was complete, it was noticed the vinyl planks were lifting and not sticking to the concrete. It started with a few areas and by the end of the evening the majority of planks were lifting. Basically, the glue used had bonded to the concrete but not to the plank.
Our issues had just begun…
Following numerous emails and inspections it took approx. two weeks to accept there was a problem, nobody knew why but all the planks 135m2 had to be ripped up, glue ground off the concrete, all the floor areas to be prepared again and then new vinyl planks installed.
We were horrified to learn that all the dust created through grinding off the glue and concrete would fill the house and damage the brand new carpet that was installed in ground floor living and throughout the first floor bedrooms and living areas, window curtains, blinds and light fittings.
Whilst we were waiting for a response and for the new date for the planks to be ripped out and new planks installed, we were not able to enjoy our new home, as all our fixtures and furnishings could not be completed due to the ongoing delay and issue with the flooring. Our new kitchen was placed on hold and we were getting closer and closer to Christmas period – incredibly disappointing and stressful that we still could not enjoy or complete our new home.
Approx. four weeks after we reported the problem, the second set of vinyl planks were installed. The new planks were installed in what appeared to be half the time to install the first set of planks. We noticed on the 2nd installation, the planks were delivered a few days before the install and allowed to be conditioned prior to install. This was not done for the first install.
After the second set of planks were installed we could see damage to skirting boards and walls, even our new oven was damaged with the installer pulling out of position to install planks and creased the panel.
Carpet Court Caloundra initially denied the damage was caused by them during the installation.
It took Caloundra Carpet Court sometime to decide what to do, they informed us that all the planks would need to be ripped up and an industrial grinder would need to be used to remove all the glue that had been applied, I was stressed to the max now as we moved in 3 days after the 1st installation, our new carpet had been installed, our furniture removalists brought our furniture and belongings, we had blinds, curtains, chandeliers, brand new furniture delivered, fitted and now an industrial grinder was going to run through the entire ground floor again, we asked for help lifting all the furniture but they refused to help us move anything.
Can you believe after going through hell the second installation was a big fat failure, immediately after the second installation we noticed a defect in the planks (shiny streaks) and also you could see every grinding sweep in-dent/groove marks from the installers industrial grinder. We were told by Carpet Court the grinding marks are our fault because we did not have a flood coating done. The 1st install had smooth finish and no grinding marks, a flood coating was not required.
After the second set of planks were installed we could see more damage to skirting boards and walls, even our new oven front was damaged with the installer pulling the oven out from the wall to install planks and creased the front panel.
It’s now Feb 2019 and this is still ongoing. Carpet Court have accepted there is another defect in the vinyl flooring but are refusing to accept that the grinding poor workmanship caused grooves to the concrete floor, caused damage to our brand new skirting boards. We sick and tired of Carpet Court’s denials and blaming us, we just want a full refund and compensation for our losses.
We were informed the floor will once again need to be levelled prior to a 3rd installation because of the grinder damage, we still can’t finish our beautiful new home knowing we have to have an industrial grinder go through our house a 3rd time. The dust is horrendous and took us weeks to remove from the 1st and 2nd install.
Our solicitor is working hard for us but it’s so incredibly stressful and frustrating. This company is shocking, a warning to all potential customers - if only we could turn back the clock, we will never consider using Carpet Court ever again.

Hi Sally, We appreciate your feedback. Could you please email all your details to enquiries@carpetcourt.com.au so we can look into this for you. Thank you, Carpet Court National Support CentreObviously you have our email and so does your solicitor who is dealing with my solicitor.

Love it

Fits perfectly in the space colour matches with the decor. Seems very good quality and doesn't show the dirt etc. Feels nice and warm to walk on. Love the pattern.

Beautiful rug. Finishes my room ?

Great product, color was true to the listing. Great price, got a real bargain on sale and saved over $150. Postage was fast. Will be buying another one very soon. So happy.

We had to ask Dept. of Fair Trading to help us

Dealing with the sales staff at the Brookvale store and lead up to laying the carpet was all very pleasant, but from the day the carpet was laid it was a terrible and long-lasting experience I wish on no others.

Once the carpet was laid there were issues along several edges. When this was pointed out to one of the carpet layers they was not just dismissive but my sister and our very elderly mother felt quite bullied by the gentleman too.

After numerous complaints, unreturned phone calls, "no shows" from booked staff at Carpet Court to check the issue, we ended up having to contact the Department of Fair Trading. Finally they acknowledged and fixed the issue, which wouldn't have been an issue if they'd laid the carpet correctly in the first place. They had to replace the wooden strip under the carpet that is the way the carpet attaches to the floor. The old wooden strip was too close to the wall, so it was just a matter of a few mm that was affecting the lay of the carpet. Took about 3 hours. Don’t know why they just didn’t do it at the beginning. It took our mother a complaint to Fair Trading to have this done for nothing.

Stay clear of this lot.

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Hi Dev, We appreciate your feedback. Could you please email all your details to enquiries@carpetcourt.com.au so we can look into this for you. Thank you, Carpet Court National Support Centre

Sunbury Carpet Court

Very patient staff, they were happy to help us work through our choices at our pace over many weeks. The installers were great too; willing to do more than they needed to to make the job perfect.

Job Satisfaction

Customers Beware !!

I ordered a small quantity of vinyl floor covering 2 boxes = 4.78 metres @ $40 per sq metre = $191.20. I paid for it and signed the invoice. 2 days later my builder collected it from the stores warehouse. He noticed that I was charged $272.
I phoned the store and they said there was an $80 internal delivery charge, this now makes my $40 flooring $56.90 per sq metre.

They never told me at the time I placed the order that there was an $80 internal delivery surcharge.

The store said that l have signed a contract and it was my fault for not checking the calculation, and they didn’t want to know.
I wrote a letter to the managing director of carpet court, who replied back straight away,
I phoned him the next day and discussed the issue, just the same response.

You signed a contract your fault for not checking the amount.

I feel as if I have been duped. My main gripe is that I was not told about there being an internal surcharge, and there is nothing on the invoice which I signed telling you about this surcharge.

If this is the way carpet court does business I feel it is very poor.

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Hi Ian, We appreciate your feedback. Could you please email all your details to enquiries@carpetcourt.com.au so we can look into this for you. Thank you, Carpet Court National Support Centre

Outstanding Service!

Every visit to Carpet Court Coffs Harbour was met with exceptional and friendly Customer Service. We received quotes promptly and installation was completed excellently. We cannot thank the team for such a great service they offer. We will be using Carpet Court for all our window/floor coverings in the future.

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Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Great Product, great Service at Lakehaven store

Extremely helpful, provided great information which helped us make our decision on the final product. Excellent communication throughout the process, installers turned up on time and were very professional. Highly rrecommend the Lakehaven store.

Job Satisfaction

Exactly what we wanted

We received excellent advice originally. The gentleman laying the floor was always punctual and pleasant and the completed job was perfect. Product used was Kenbrook Kenect G5 coastal blackbutt. The entire procedure gets our 100% recommendation.

Job Satisfaction

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Questions & Answers

Hi Carpet Court, When an installer from your Ringwood store in Victoria causes approximately $14,000 worth of damage to a family home, and jeopardises the health and safety of it's occupants, is it standard procedure for your store owner Heath to then blame the customer and threaten them to pay the remainder of the invoice "or else"? Furthermore, is it your company policy to ensure that installers show due care and dilligence, and follow WorkSafe guidelines when working at a customer's home? No need to answer, they are rhetorical questions. Thanks You know who I am, see you in Court.
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Hi John, We appreciate your feedback. Could you please email all your details to enquiries@carpetcourt.com.au so we can look into this for you. Thank you, Carpet Court National Support CentreHi Carpet Court, Your auto response to negative online enquiries is obviously working. I wonder what your auto response to a negative newspaper article will be?Hi John, Your feedback is important to us. We have responded a couple of times to your previous posts and requested that you please email us at enquiries@carpetcourt.com.au. We would like to discuss this matter with you directly and do our best to resolve this situation. Thank you, Carpet Court National Support Centre

Hi Carpet Court, Of all the flooring companies reviewed here, you have the most negative reviews, surely you can't be happy with this result. Q1. Why do you have approximately 50% negative reviews on productreview.com.au? Q2. What are you doing solve this problem and restore faith in your product and installation results to your disappointed customers?
4 answers
They do not respond to feedbackHi unbiased, Thank you for your questions. We take customer service very seriously and continuously strive to improve our product offering and customer experience. Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via enquiries@carpetcourt.com.au so we can look into this for you. Thank you, Carpet Court National Support CentreHi Carpet Court National Support Centre, Thank you for your time taken not answering my questions. You have demonstrated to me a continuous theme of Carpet Court's customer service style echoed throughout this review site. I will be purchasing carpet somewhere else. kind regards Unbiased

Hi i had our carpet installed two weeks ago in our 3 bedroom. The problem is we couldnt close the door properly without rubbing/scraping the carpet what should we do? Are we still under warranty? Thanks
1 answer
Hi Kristel, Thank you for your question. Please send an email to enquiries@carpetcourt.com.au with your full name, contact number, email address and the store that installed your carpet. We will be then be in touch to discuss your options and resolve this matter. Thank you, Carpet Court National Support Centre

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