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10W-40, DIESEL 15W-40, DIESEL DX 5W-40, Fuel Saver 5W-30, STOP-START 0W-20 and 2 more
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Wayne.CSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 8 reviews

Must buy item whenever they on special!

Car2012 toyota camry 2.5L 4 Cylinders

Perfect Stranger

Perfect StrangerSahiwal,Punjab,Pakistan

Nothing Compares With Castrol Lubricants


In pakistan there is a plethora of locally packed and imported engine oils.I have used in my three cars Havoline, Total and Castrol. Nothing compares with this excellent lubricant in terms of keeping the engine smooth and noiseless at a very affordable price. W 10-40 is especially very suitable for pak suzuki which recommends this viscosity for its cars. I wish Castrol had established proper outlets for its products in Pakistan.

CarSuzuki WagonR VXL 1.0 2016


  • 2 reviews

I was surprised


Used this oil in a Holden V6 Alloytec that had previously run only 10-40 full synthetic oil. As most of them do it had a nasty rattle from the timing chain on start up, within a fortnight of changing to the Magnatec the start up rattle had completely gone
Zero improvement in fuel economy though

CarHolden VZ 3,6

R2R0South East Queensland, QLD

  • 7 reviews

Great Quality


As usual, best oil ever, keeps the engine cool and clean, reduce engine noises. It is expensive but worth it every cent. I have tried other brands but none of them offer the quality they castrol does. I also like the gear box oil for manual and automatic transmission.

CarToyota Corolla 2010



Great engine oil for various kinds of vehicles.. old, new, and maybe for other cars in the future...


Smooth idling, saves fuel a bit, throttle response is lighter... Good price for 10w-40 oil... I always check my oil every month and what i can say is the oil cling and sticks to metal... Currently using 4G15 series of engine tht pple always say it eats oil too much and i notice nothing wrong with my engine eating toooo much oil... Previous owner used cheap oil whn i got the car and changed it ASAP to castrol magnatec 10w-40 since i trust the brand... many friends and relatives use magnatec... I hope this kind of oil will always be on the market coz im gonna use it for a long time... as long as the price is reasonable hehehehhhhhhhh.......

CarToyota Avanza, Mazda 323 Astina BG6, Proton Saga Magma 8V, Toyota Corolla EE90

Dennis b

Dennis bMelbourne

  • 10 reviews

Toyota RAV4


Age and distance is proof 2004 RAV4 310'000ks never missed a beat oil changed every 10'000ks and only just starting to use a bit of oil between services oil are oils and here it is Toyota 2.4lt's love Magnatec can say enough never had to open engine so how clean it is ???




Perfect for my Camry 3VZFE V6


I have done 265000 km which is not a massive amount but have used Castrol Magnatec 10w-40w twice since it had 240000km. At the first change I noticed smoother idling and faster acceleration of the engine. I couldn't measure the fuel economy but know that if the engine is more efficient it is lighter on fuel.

Car1994 toyota camry 300 sei (3VZFE) V6

The best oil does what it's meant to do.


I have been using magnatec for about 10 years. I own a r33 skyline and i have used other brands oils. But nothing matches ti engine performance and its more quiet on idle. Im an experienced mechanic have more than 20 years experience. I do all my oil changes. When i do a oil change with a standard oil. I notice the oil does not stick to the dipstick when i want a reading. This happens when the oil is so clean you cant see it on the dipstick. Strange i never have this problem with magnatec that proves to me that it sticks to metal. Great oil will continue to support the best.

CarNissan skyline r33

Good oil


Good oil ever for my maruti suzuki ecco. I use 1st time but performance is good than other oil. I used so many oil but a castol magnetec is good for my car. Four wheel drive to work with the following models and prices are inclusive of all products.

CarMaruti ecco

FransCENTURION South Africa

Best oil ever!


I drive a 1995 Toyota Camry 2.2i manual transmission. Have been using Castrol Magnatec 10w-40 since new. It now stands at 729,954km. Due to the so-called sludge forming of Castrol Magnatec I dropped the sump on 673,254km. Not a single bit of sludge was found. I change the oil and oil filter every 10,000km. The sludge forming claim is simply not true if you change the oil at regular intervals. And the engine uses about 0.5 liter of oil between services. I do all oil changes and services myself. The car still in excelent condition.

Car1995 Toyota Camry 2.2i


FairladyZ08Chattanooga TN

Best oil on the market, daily driven, and abused on the street!

Car2008 nissan 350z

You don't always need a full synthetic oil

CarTacoma .. Accord.. 4runner.

Almost 1/2 million miles on the engine


I drive a 75 dodge van stop and go 200 miles a day 5 day's a week. Cold starts I could always hear the rockers tapping until the oil got up into the engine since I started using this oil that doesn't happen anymore it's quite all the time. Also I have had a leak thats been going on for about two years now about a quart a week I like the leak because I always have fresh oil and since I started using castrol Magnatec that leak has slowed to about a quart every two weeks. The proof is my van this [censor word removed] amazing.



  • 5 reviews

At least it clings to its promise.

Melbourne Dan

Melbourne Danmelbourne

Does what it promises


Great oil !


I have a 1994 Toyota Camry, the car did not have a service for 13 months and had been running some old 20w50 oil in it, I gave the car a service, changed the oil filter and put Castrol Magnatec 10w40 in it and it was like a different car, the motor was quieter and seemed to rev up easier and the clutch changes are smoother. Quite impressed.



  • 15 reviews

Wasn't impressed


The Jackal

The JackalAuckland

  • 11 reviews

Sludge in a bottle


Castrol Magnatec 10W40 is mineral oil!!! Don't be fooled by the flashy marketing into thinking it's semi-synthetic. Don't believe me have a look on a bottle & show me where it says semi-syn.
Previous owner of my partners run-a-round. 1.6L Corolla had been using Magnatec 10W40 in it. The engine was sludged up quiet bad as he'd been changing it every 10K km rather 5K km. Have run some synthetic oil in it to clean out the sludge & now using 10W30 for improved fuel economy

expensive, mineral oil

Magnatec poor quality


Over the years i've maintained a variety of engine's, from diesel to marine and automotive engines. Long story short, Magnatec is a gimmick, and should only be used in engines you do not care about. If you value your cars engine, and need your engine to perform well (performance, economy and reliability), stay well away from this product.

Snake oil


I think you'll find that these one star posters will only have one review behind their name... And that they may work for another competing company.

The Jackal
The Jackal

The one star posters know a thing or two about oil where as the rest of you are sucked in by flashy marketing & gimmicks.

The Good Oil


Used Magnatec since it first came out on 3 cars that did over 300,000k's. Never required topping up in between oil changes at 10,000k's. Oil has good cleansing agents that keep the internals clean. As far as I am concerned its an excellent product, that generally exceeds all the main car manufacturer specs.

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Questions & Answers



I own a 98 Toyota Starlet with 145,000kms on the clock. Just want to know if the 10w40 Castrol Magnatec oil will be suitable for my car?Was using Yacco oil but it's no more available on the market. Thanks.

No answers

Aryan T.

Aryan T.asked

Magnatec 10W-40

This oil suitable for bike?

1 answer
Andrew Y.
Andrew Y.

I would go for a specified motorcycle oil. Each manufacturer make them and have an recommended oil for your bike.

Dapinder R.

Dapinder R.asked

Magnatec 10W-40

My toyota corolla 2012 done 20000 kms is 10w-40 magnetic oil good for it ??

2 answers
Andrew Y.
Andrew Y.

I have only used Diesel magnatec mate. I wouldn't tend to use it in a high km. engine. I would go to the oil manufacturers websites and click on the recommended oil viscosity for your particular vehicle. I prefer Valvoline or Penrite myself. Once you choose an oil you are best to stay with it on each change. Semi synthetics are ok and good enough. I run Penrite everyday plus 15w/40 in my 07 Camry.


Yes indeed magnatec would be okay being semi synthetic it would definitely protect the engine with very high mileage.

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Castrol Magnatec STOP-START 10W-30

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