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Perfect when mixed with clay clumping litter!

I tried almost everthing including this one and this is what I discovered. My preference is for clumping litters so I use clumping clay - now I use Sanipet from Aldi but I used to use Catsan for many years. I found you can mix this Softwood with clumping clay litters to make them fluffier and lighter! On its own it wouldn't pass my test as it doesn't clump well but mix one quarter of softwood with three quarters of clumping clay and it's perfect!

Mr Slater is still using Catlux

Mr Slater still loves his earthy Catlux. Sometimes he tracks it (only because he's fluffy and I give him closer to 10cm because he likes to spend time covering his business) but it doesn't go too far and is easily brushed up. When it's covered it doesn't smell. I never smell just urine. As I don't expect sawdust to clump into a convenient hard lump I use two hands and a recycled plastic bag to scoop up the urine clumps then wipe the area with a cloth and disinfectant. He loves a clean toilet. I have been into other homes where they use some other product (which they swear by) and it stinks. How can your cat do what is natural and cover their business with crystals? I have to visually see whether Mr Slater has used his toilet, as long as he's covered his stool! Yep! still love it.

do not buy!!

this is the first time buying this one and im definitely not happy with it! ive only had my cat for a few months so i havent used kitty litter much compared to many other who would have. i have mostly used the store brands clumping clay, and flushed solids in the toilet, so i thought i would try this one as it says "flushable"
im not sure who decided to give it the name "clumping" as it basically just sticks a little to soiled areas and is near impossible to scoop up without it breaking and going back into the litter box. my cat has also walked around the laundry and left footprints and litter everywhere after using the litter tray. i know for next time to pay a few more $$ and try the next brand. its pretty sad when the store brand works better than one that costs twice as much..


Smells nice (woody). It's very lightweight which means it's easy to carry bags from the supermarket, but it does track everywhere. I don't mind this so much as all litters track.

The main issue is it doesn't absorb fast enough, and doesn't clump very well. My cat digs vigorously after he pees, and ends up walking around my house with pee-soaked paws :(

Edited May 2015: I've changed my rating from 3 to 4 stars. This household is still using this litter. The cat has learnt to avoid breaking the clump when he is digging. No more dirty litter strewn around the house - only clean litter is tracked. Also we use a flat-bottom solid scoop (with no holes) to carefully take out the clumps and that works pretty well.
Holds smells very well
Doesn't absorb fast enough

Smells much better than clay litters

I love the smell of this litter, I find it to be much less dusty than clumping clay litters. Don't get me wrong, there is still dust, but I just find it much more tolerable I guess. Also I don't see the big dust cloud when tipping into the litter tray.

It doesn't clump as well as some others but I still prefer this one over others. Our cats are happy too! 2 of our 3 cats have bladder issues and their urine is much more concentrated than other cats, and this litter has done the trick!!

The issue I have with it is the tracking. As it's so light we find it all over the house!! I guess it's a good excuse to vacuum the carpets every second day and we have a much cleaner house that way!

Great product!

I started using Catlux as it was recommended by the cat rescue team. It smells quite pleasant and clumps easily. Good at covering wee odour but not so good with the poo. I also love that it's made in Australia and flushable - very convenient!

It does track a little but doesn't hurt your feet and easy to collect.

Good and bad

This product is good because my cat actually likes to use it after failed attempts with other litters, however it still has a distinct odour even with daily cleaning and it sticks to my cats paws and tracks all over the house. I will have to move on to a new product unfortunately.
cat likes it
smell, tracking

Natural but dusty

I decided to try Catlux after seeing it on sale at my local Coles.

The product claims to be a Natural clumping litter, which really attracts to me as I like environmentally friendly cat litter.

But unfortunately it does not clump very well and is very dusty. Both my cat and I have asthma and I almost couldn't breathe when I poured it out, that's the only downfall to this product.

If only it clumped better and is a bit less dusty, I would not mind using this litter.
natural, affordable, flushable
dusty, does not clump very well

Couldn't be happier!

There is no litter out there that ticks all the boxes, but this litter ticks more than most for us! We got onto it when our girl cat decided she didn't like the crystals she had been brought up on anymore, and started going outside the litter tray. After a quick google of the issue, we decided to offer both cats 3 different litters, to see what they liked. I picked up 3 at random, and they went straight for the catlux.

It's conveniently flushable and we are no longer killing our bare feet on crystals around the house, so all 4 of us - the cats, my partner and I - are hooked. It also is the best litter for urine odour control I've ever come across. I'm sure there are litters out there that clump better and track less, but truly those are the only 2 points about this litter that aren't perfect. For a minuscule amount of extra effort vacuuming and scooping, we get incredible odour control, easy disposal, and best of all, happy cats. We couldn't be happier with this product.
Amazing odour control, easy disposal, happy cats, soft on all our feet, budget friendly, pleasant woody smell.
Tracks easily, doesn't clump perfectly.

Good but could be better.

We've been using this litter in combination with the Litter Kwitter product to train our cats to use a human toilet. This is the only litter that claims to be flushable so we've stayed with it purely for that reason. It covers up any urine odour completely but not so much with number 2s. Our two cats do track it round quite a bit so I've decided to try Max's which, in pictures, appears to be pellets. This litter is finer and more comparable to sawdust so that's my guess as to why it gets tracked about so much. I'm finding it quite a pain to clean out when it comes to peed on litter. The pee seems to seep deep throughout so I have to dispose of large amounts at a time, meaning it needs topping up more often.
Covers urine odours, easy to dispose of
Gets tracked throughout the house, doesn't cover stool odour

Finally found a cat litter that ticks all the boxes.

I absolutely love this product. After trying several other cat litters like Breeders Choice, Catsan Clumping and Crystals I found this to finally tick all the boxes. No more smelly litter box, clumps nicely, lightweight and best of all can be flushed down the toilet. My kittens do track it outside a bit but they do that with all types of litter I tried and at least this one is soft and doesn't hurt when you step on it accidentally. Fantastic!
controls odours, flushable

Does not clump

I really wanted to like this litter. It smells very nice - a woody, natural scent, it's environmentally friendly woodchips that can be composted, and it's great odour control. Even though I scoop 2 or more times a day, we used to be able to smell when our cat had just done a fresh one in the previous paper pellet litter. With Catlux, I barely smell anything even when scooping.

The only problem is that it just doesn't clump. When I tested the litter with a tablespoon of water it clumped perfectly. But when our cat urinates, it won't clump. I've tried scooping immediately, scooping after a few minutes, scooping after a few hours. Doesn't work. I don't know if it's cos our cat is too vigorous in covering up the soiled bits and is breaking it up.

Not sure if I'll continue with this or go back to the paper pellets. I'll finish this bag and see how we go.

One other thing to note is that this litter tracks very easily. We have a fuzzy doormat just in front of the litterbox which helps trap most of it and I just vacuum the area every other day.
Pleasant scent, odour control, can be composted
Does not clump, tracks easily.

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I'm commenting again to revise my opinion. after another month of using Catlux I've decided to stick with it. The clumping power is not great, but the trick I've discovered is to gently shake/tip the litter box to uncover the loose litter from the wet litter, which more or less stays in one mound stuck to the bottom. Then use a flat scoop with no holes (like a large pet feed scoop) to scrape and scoop away the whole mound. Normal litter scoops with holes do NOT work. If necessary clean off any stuff stuck on the bottom with paper wipes and a diluted bleach solution. The odour control is absolutely brilliant and makes up for the slight hassle in scooping. For those who want to work out how much Catlux will cost, I use about 7 litres a fortnight for 1 cat. Start with 4 litres in the box and top up as necessary every few days. Thoroughly clean the litter box at the 1 week mark. After 2 weeks, tip the whole lot in the compost and fill up with a fresh batch of litter. My cat gets fussy and will stop burying her waste after 2 weeks when the litter starts feeling yucky. I've found this to be as economical as recycled paper litter. You can get the large 30 litre bags online from Petbarn. They discount cat litter by 15%-20% regularly.

Good litter, sort of clumps

I have used Max's cat litter but was disappointed it did not clump so thought I would try this.
It is similar to Max's cat litter in that it is environmentally friendly and absorbs odour well.
The main differences is that Catlux is slightly clumping but tracks more than Max's.
My husband prefers Max's because its easier to clean the scoop (littter doesn't stick to it) and tracks less. But I prefer Catlux because it clumps slightly so it is a bit easier in removing the number 1s. Also, I found that Max's would eventually disintegrate into dust/sand if left in the litter box long enough so you have to empty the litter box completely.
slightly clumping, no odour, environmentally friendly
tracks, would prefer it would clump into hard lumps

Not as good as I first thought

I loved the smell of the wood in this litter and thought it was a good product until I went to Coles to buy it and it wasn't on the shelves. The only other product like it was the new 'Applaws Nature's Calling' at $9.99 (which I was not really happy paying). Well..... I can say that I am glad I purchased it because it is the best yet. The particles are so fine and slip through the scoop easily. It is made from walnuts shells too (natural). The clumping is AMAZING!!!!, there are no bits left behind unlike the Caltus. So far I can see no tracking through the house. I think the $9.99 is worth the price as I can see my litter tray will not need changing near as much now.

Thanks for supporting a 100% Australian owned and made product in the past, much appreciated. Applaws is imported from the UK and made of walnuts, but I'm sure it has a place at $9.99 compared to Catlux at $6.10. Again thanks for supporting a locally made product employing local people and families.I tried the Applaws, too, but my cats tracked it all over the house and since it's dark brown it looked like soil everywhere. It also ended up staining our cream coloured sofa. Other than that I also liked but because of the bad tracking and staining went back to Catlux.

Best thing since sliced bread

I have been using Catlux for quite a few years now and my cats just love it and won't use anything else. I have tried other brands when there was a bit of a problem purchasing it but found I had wasted my money as the cats wouldn't use it. I then contacted the company and the owner responded to my enquiry immediately and sent me some bags to keep me going. Great customer service. I usually buy my Catlux from Coles but have found that they have stopped selling it. Why would a major supermarket chain stop selling a product that is so popular and actually does all it says it will. I will now have to travel further to shop at Woolworths who still have the sense to stock Catlux. So long Coles. Great work Catlux keep it up!!!
Inexpensive, reliable, true to advertisiing

Coles dont get it!

I have been using catlux flushable now for a few months when i noticed Coles at Elizabeth sold it i felt really good that my local store was selling items that were of great quality, easy to use safe for the environment and catlux is a product that sits above the rest as it doesnt smell, doesnt clump and is easily disposed of in the toilet like the rest of our business, no smelly bins accumulating outside it is simply the best product on the market for all cat lovers. Coles obviously cant tell the difference between what should be sold and what shouldnt be sold, all other brands i have seen at coles a not a viable option in todays environmental minded market but catlux is and they take catlux flushable of the shelf - WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT COLES? I ASK YOU!
Ease of use, Reliable, Inexpensive
i truly have not found anything negative

Cat Cleanliness

My wife and I are users of Catlux Softwood Clumping litter.
We have had many years of experience in looking after cats and kittens which necessitated the use of " kitty litter".
Some of the older styled products were messy, smelly and did not live up to expectation of the advertised results.
Having acquired a new kitten, recently, we went looking for a good " kitty litter ," at our local supermarket, and found Catlux. Tongue in cheek we read up on the goods description, and said " Let's hope this stuff works."
We have been using the product for some 7 months now, and have found that it lives up to its name by doing what is claimed.
Cleaning is very easy, smell reduction excellent, clumping excellent which make daily maintenance very easy and mess free and flushes in the toilet beautifully, leaving no residuals.
Generally speaking this product does, in our opinion, exceed its advertised claims and is inexpensive.
Our greatest problem in acquiring the product, in that our local Coles Supermarket has dumped Catlux from its shelves????
and sell other varieties which don't measure up.
My wife and I are bringing a Bengal Kitten up to be an indoor cat, and live with two Jack Russell Terriers, hence the absolute need for top quality " kitty litter " --- Catlux Softwood Clumping litter. The two dogs do not cats litter box, which in itself is quite something. Anyway, back to hunting for supplies, have established that Pet Barn and Woollies stock the Catlux Brand, so why have Coles dumped it?????
It really does work

Australian Made & Owned

I've used this product for years, and my cats adapted to it like no other. The product does what it says, it clumps, it absorbs odours, and virtually no excess waste. Australian made & owned so will always be my first and only choice. A simple, well priced, but superior product compared to others.
I had some product queries, and I received an immediate response from Catlux, excellent customer service.
My local Coles has stopped stocking it, in replacement for a more expensive, imported product. So I will now show at Woolworths.

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Well, over 2 years since I posted my original review, and I'm still using Catlux. It continues to surpass all other litters on both price and quality. I had one QC issue, so I contacted Catlux. Want to know what they did? Sent me 6 bags as an apology!!! Again, Aussie owned & made, does the job well, well priced and the owner's a top bloke. Great to see both Coles & Woolies continuing to stock Catlux!!

The BEST EVER cat litter I have ever used!

Have had indoor cats for over 13 years and have used Catlux for past 4 since I discovered at Coles...amazing product that ticks all my boxes! Sustainable wood based, smells like sawdust, soft on paws (unlike crystals...),lightweight, fantastic odour control, clumping so easy to remove solid and wet waste (verses leaving it sit and fester as with crystals...) and reasonably priced compared to other products which are twice as much for half the performance!!! ONLY neg is that it tracks but they all do.
As per review fantastic product and at a supermarket near me!!

Cats love it!

In my opinion this litter has some stand out qualities that lift it well above its competitors. 1. cats love it and use it, it is odorless and it doesn't clog the toilet. OK because of its lightness it is a bit messy, but it is easy to clean. My cats haven't used other litters and that is the most important thing to me, that they feel comfortable using the litter and therefore are less likely to delay toilet needs until they go outside which isn't good for them.
the cats like it and use it and it doesn't matter if some of it goes down the toilet
a bit light so can get messy but I wouldn't change that because the cats may not like it as much then

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Questions & Answers

Can I recycle this product in my garden instead of flushing it away?
1 answer
Never tried it but the packaging says you can use it as garden mulch so I guess it will work.

When you say flushable, do you mean you can dispose of it in a normal toilet? What about a septic toilet? Also is it available in Brisbane QLD? If so best from where? Price & size of bags please.
2 answers
Hi Heather, it is flushable in normal toilet, but not suitable in septic toilet. However, you even can use it as garden mulch! It should be available in QLD. There are adress I found in their website; Thuringowa Shop 3 & 4, 1 Herveys Range Road Thuringowa QLD 4817. ph. (07) 4723 2277. Townsville 201-205 Dalrymple Road Garbutt QLD 4814 Ph: (07) 4779 0043. I bought it in pet barn 30L (only availabe in petbarn) for around $25 and it could last me really long time (up to 4 months with good quality dry cat food). Let me know how you go. Good luck :DI buy it online from Pet Circle. Thought this might help anyone wondering now.

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