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Catlux Softwood Clumping

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3.5 from 62 reviews


  • Value for Money
    3.7 (6)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    3.5 (6)
  • Odour Absoprtion
    3.8 (6)
  • Clumping Ability
    3.0 (6)

Tony B

Tony BSunshine Coast Queensland

There has to be better than this available


Dusty. Cat leaves trails on floor. Poor clumping...useless really! Cannot recommend it. There has to be better than this product available.

Mary Hasmeinabox

Mary HasmeinaboxAU

  • 3 reviews



Terrible clumping, no scent control. 2nd worst litter I'’ve ever used. Wouldn'’t even recommend mixing it with other litters, because it just makes them less effective.

DANGER: will cause plumbing disaster


Do not believe the marketing of this litter. The wet litter creates a blockage in the pipe system that will cost hundreds of dollars to fix. As the plumber has informed me, do not flush anything other than waste and toilet paper or pay the price.



  • 2 reviews

Good but messy.


I have recently moved house and decided my cats would become inside cats at the age of 9.5 years due to the traffic. I have 2 cats, a brother and sister from different litters. I thought I would have a lot of trouble getting them to use the tray, but I didn't. I got the flushable litter so I could just flush everything down the toilet. (My trays are in the toilet - it is a big room). I don't have a problem with odour, but I do find that after you flush it away, if you look in the bowl, there is a residue in the bottom. I have tried flushing this away a few times but it doesn't seem to go. It is a bit messy, but I just keep a dustpan and brush there and sweep it back up.



  • 5 reviews



Thought I'd give it a go as it sounded ideal. What a mess. Have to vacuum everyday as it tracks through the entire house. Only cat litter that has ever done this. Returned unused bags to place of purchase. Prefer clay or paper pellets.


LanaGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 5 reviews

Perfect when mixed with clay clumping litter!


I tried almost everthing including this one and this is what I discovered. My preference is for clumping litters so I use clumping clay - now I use Sanipet from Aldi but I used to use Catsan for many years. I found you can mix this Softwood with clumping clay litters to make them fluffier and lighter! On its own it wouldn't pass my test as it doesn't clump well but mix one quarter of softwood with three quarters of clumping clay and it's perfect!

Mr Slater

Mr SlaterMooloolaba

Mr Slater is still using Catlux




  • 4 reviews

do not buy!!



  • 8 reviews



lizzy309VIC, 3030

  • 30 reviews

Smells much better than clay litters


I love the smell of this litter, I find it to be much less dusty than clumping clay litters. Don't get me wrong, there is still dust, but I just find it much more tolerable I guess. Also I don't see the big dust cloud when tipping into the litter tray.

It doesn't clump as well as some others but I still prefer this one over others. Our cats are happy too! 2 of our 3 cats have bladder issues and their urine is much more concentrated than other cats, and this litter has done the trick!!

The issue I have with it is the tracking. As it's so light we find it all over the house!! I guess it's a good excuse to vacuum the carpets every second day and we have a much cleaner house that way!

Great product!


I started using Catlux as it was recommended by the cat rescue team. It smells quite pleasant and clumps easily. Good at covering wee odour but not so good with the poo. I also love that it's made in Australia and flushable - very convenient!

It does track a little but doesn't hurt your feet and easy to collect.

Good and bad


This product is good because my cat actually likes to use it after failed attempts with other litters, however it still has a distinct odour even with daily cleaning and it sticks to my cats paws and tracks all over the house. I will have to move on to a new product unfortunately.
cat likes it
smell, tracking



  • 7 reviews

Natural but dusty


I decided to try Catlux after seeing it on sale at my local Coles.

The product claims to be a Natural clumping litter, which really attracts to me as I like environmentally friendly cat litter.

But unfortunately it does not clump very well and is very dusty. Both my cat and I have asthma and I almost couldn't breathe when I poured it out, that's the only downfall to this product.

If only it clumped better and is a bit less dusty, I would not mind using this litter.
natural, affordable, flushable
dusty, does not clump very well



  • 2 reviews
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Couldn't be happier!

Michael and Leanne

Michael and LeanneQueensland, 4211

  • 27 reviews

Good but could be better.


Finally found a cat litter that ticks all the boxes.


I absolutely love this product. After trying several other cat litters like Breeders Choice, Catsan Clumping and Crystals I found this to finally tick all the boxes. No more smelly litter box, clumps nicely, lightweight and best of all can be flushed down the toilet. My kittens do track it outside a bit but they do that with all types of litter I tried and at least this one is soft and doesn't hurt when you step on it accidentally. Fantastic!
controls odours, flushable



Does not clump

1 comment



  • 4 reviews

Good litter, sort of clumps


I have used Max's cat litter but was disappointed it did not clump so thought I would try this.
It is similar to Max's cat litter in that it is environmentally friendly and absorbs odour well.
The main differences is that Catlux is slightly clumping but tracks more than Max's.
My husband prefers Max's because its easier to clean the scoop (littter doesn't stick to it) and tracks less. But I prefer Catlux because it clumps slightly so it is a bit easier in removing the number 1s. Also, I found that Max's would eventually disintegrate into dust/sand if left in the litter box long enough so you have to empty the litter box completely.
slightly clumping, no odour, environmentally friendly
tracks, would prefer it would clump into hard lumps


nzgirl04South East Queensland, QLD

  • 3 reviews

Not as good as I first thought


I loved the smell of the wood in this litter and thought it was a good product until I went to Coles to buy it and it wasn't on the shelves. The only other product like it was the new 'Applaws Nature's Calling' at $9.99 (which I was not really happy paying). Well..... I can say that I am glad I purchased it because it is the best yet. The particles are so fine and slip through the scoop easily. It is made from walnuts shells too (natural). The clumping is AMAZING!!!!, there are no bits left behind unlike the Caltus. So far I can see no tracking through the house. I think the $9.99 is worth the price as I can see my litter tray will not need changing near as much now.


Best thing since sliced bread


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Questions & Answers



Can I recycle this product in my garden instead of flushing it away?

2 answers

Never tried it but the packaging says you can use it as garden mulch so I guess it will work.


I sprinkle it around my lawn. I checked the ingredients and they are wood chips and a type of dirt (basically) so pretty fine.

Heather Martin

Heather Martinasked

When you say flushable, do you mean you can dispose of it in a normal toilet? What about a septic toilet? Also is it available in Brisbane QLD? If so best from where? Price & size of bags please.

3 answers
Obi Cat
Obi Cat

Hi Heather, it is flushable in normal toilet, but not suitable in septic toilet. However, you even can use it as garden mulch! It should be available in QLD. There are adress I found in their website;
Thuringowa Shop 3 & 4, 1 Herveys Range Road Thuringowa QLD 4817. ph. (07) 4723 2277.
Townsville 201-205 Dalrymple Road Garbutt QLD 4814 Ph: (07) 4779 0043.
I bought it in pet barn 30L (only availabe in petbarn) for around $25 and it could last me really long time (up to 4 months with good quality dry cat food). Let me know how you go. Good luck :D


I buy it online from Pet Circle.
Thought this might help anyone wondering now.


Should be stocked in Woolies and Coles, then Big W have it on their site and our local pet store chain (PetBarn) has it too. Much easier to get now than when the question was asked I guess!

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