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I ordered from them and they never sent it. Multiple emails, contacted via social media and nothing. They delete all negative comments on any form of social media as soon as they see it. I'm not contacting the bank to open a dispute as well as consumer affairs to get them shut down. Business name was purchased within the year. The old catwalk stopped and the name was bought by this hoax company and pretending to be them. Do not buy from them. From what I've seen in my research since purchase (should have done it before but didn't know that this wasn't the real catwalk as catwalks website doesn't have hair extensions anymore) they are an overseas company claiming to be based in NSW and will send only when afterpay contacts them and the product is NOT human hair so my theory is that it's off wish and that's why it takes 2 months to arrive.

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Pretty good

Really easy to navigate the website, plenty to pick from, I remember the quality being alot better years ago when i made a purchase, still good for the price though

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Don’t do it!

Absolutely shocking service! My last order took 2 weeks to arrive and I’m still waiting for my current order. I’ve sent many emails and Instagram messages but no response. I order extra early as I’m going overseas and I am so disappointed. I contacted afterpay to cancel and return my money so I can go elsewhere. They just ignore you!!

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Catwalk Hair is a SCAM do not believe the Instagram Influencers promoting it!


I just want to share my experience purchasing from Catwalk Hair Online.

I found out about Catwalk Hair through a UK Instagram Influencer – [name removed]

I love her hair and the quality of her hair extensions so I decided to purchase my next set of extensions from catwalk hair online as I normally purchase from zala hair. Big mistake!
I purchased through afterpay on sun 3rd march 2019. I ordered 1 set of “double drawn clip in hair extensions 120-160 grams/ 26"/dark chocolate #2”

I received my shipping confirmation via text message stating my order was shipped on thu 7th march 2019. However, no tracking details were provided.

I waited 24hours thinking that my tracking details needed to update overnight.
By wed I still had no updates on my delivery status.
On wed 6th march 2019 - I emailed support@catwalkhairextensions.com.au to follow up on my order and my tracking details. No response..
Mon 11th march 2019 - I emailed again from my work email this time. No response..
Tue 12th march 2019 – I asked my partner to dm catwalk through his instagram, asking a general question about shipping. No response..

Not receiving a response to numerous emails is what promoted me to jump online and started seeing all these terrible reviews of people not receiving their orders. I was very surprised that afterpay had not reported that other afterpay customers had brought this to their attention.

I freaked out and messaged afterpay straight away!

I let afterpay know that catwalk hair extensions advised my order was shipped on thu 7th march (almost 7 days ago) therefore my delivery should have already be tracking and on the way.
I also let them know that it is concerning that multiple reviews have been left in the in last 12months saying afterpay customers have brought this issue to afterpay attention and afterpay continues to do business with an untrusted and unreliable merchandiser.

The same day afterpay responded and let me know that they will contact the merchandiser and will get back to me.

Within 2 hours afterpay responded to me via email with an aus post tracking number for an express post delivery. Smh
The next day my extensions arrived to my house in qld.

The quality of the hair extensions is extremely poor, the colour is way off they are unwearable.

I really do believe if I didn’t contact afterpay my item would have never been shipped, I feel sorry for all the customers that haven’t purchase through afterpay as they have no way of getting a response from the supplier catwalk hair.

I would suggest contacting your bank provided and letting them know you have been scammed.
Also to add, catwalk hair continued to post updates on their instagram and facebook but do not respond to customer enquiries.

Very dodgy company!!

Catwalk hair have still have not responded to any of my enquiries.

Product Quality


I completely forgot about my last dealing with catwalk. They sent a colour that did not match at all even though I sent pictures for confirmation. This time I have had no communication at all until I commented on their Instagram in which they deleted my comment. How are they still open the customer service is revolting

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Waiting for over a month on my order!

I’ve been waiting over a month now for my Order, I’ve used catwalk extensions before and never have I had an issue. I’ve sent numerous emails, contacted the Facebook page and even instagram. I’ve checked my junk mail everything. I’m very upset as I’ve spent a lot of money and I should at least get a response back. I just wanted the extensions.

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Paid but no delivery

I ordered my hair extension over two weeks ago and have not heard a word apart from an email to confirm the order. I have now emailed 4 times and have had no response. This is outrageous that this is happening.

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I ordered mine on the 21/02/19 and have now emailed 6 times and they do not respond. I am about to report them to the office of fair trading and suggested everyone else does the same thing.

I'm so angry right now

I ordered 24 inch tape ins 2weeks ago have paid two installments and still nothing they wont answer my emails I dunno what to do ..the first time I finally wanna do something for myself and not the kids I get ripped off I'm so heartbroken

Don’t waste your time

Catwalk Hair Extensions has been my worst experience so far with online shopping and believe me this gal online shops. I emailed Catwalk on the second day from purchase asking for a tracking number as I found it weird that I hadn’t received a tracking number and there was no response, I emailed, Facebook messaged AND Instagram messaged over a 2 day period from there and only on the third day since sending my initial enquiry did I receive a response to say ‘as stated on our website we have a 3 day manufacture period prior to posting’, this is not listed on any part of their website, order confirmation email or FAQ’s page. On the 7th day from purchase I still have not received a tracking number or shipment notification and again no response for 48 hours. Their website will claim ‘dedicated support staff’ & ‘2-6 day shipping from payment date’ and this couldn’t be more from the truth.

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Not received and no replies to emails

Ordered over a week ago still no hair. No replies to emails and msges on Facebook and Instagram. Spent $300 and not even a reply no tracking number. Appalling company and would never recommend tjis company

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Ladies do not buy. I have used clip ins for 10 years and have never seen such bad quality. Thin and wispy, I ordered blonde bombshell and received canary yellow. There are strands broken and hanging out the bottom. The packaging is poor and cheap. I have emailed them for a refund and am still waiting to hear back, there is no phone number to call??. If they don't get back to me I will review again. No matter how good they say they are on there advertising its absolutely not true.

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I’m actually so bloody angry! It’s been two and a half weeks, I have be blocked from there instagram.. have sent multiple messages on fb and emailed them many many times got absolutely nothing back! I had to order other ones else where, got in contact with afterpay explain that they are not replying I have no idea where these extensions are.. have no tracking number they just ignore and bloody delete my comments and emails, after afterpay got involved what do you know they reply saying sorry it has already been sent out and we can not cancel you’re order, no tracking number still.. I have asked for a return address as I needed them in the 3-6 day mark not bloody three weeks and no reply I have looked everywhere for a return address and it doesn’t have one guys they are scammers!! Please please don’t purchase from this company you will regret it I am now trying to cancel my afterpay and get a refund. And oh still no extensions!

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Rip off

I ordered 24 inch microbead extensions from here, they looked quite decent when I put them in but within a few days there was so much fall out everytime i brushed my hair. They became ratty and the beads were not the best quality as they started becoming loose in my hair. Absolute crap for the price. Do not recommend.


Haven't arrived yet, no tracking number, no responses on emails. No help what so ever. Needed them for tomorrow and now won't have them. Only ordered them for tomorrow. Wasted 145 dollars. Ordered them in enough time as they state on there website 3-6 working days. On to the 7th day now.

Do not buy!

I ordered the 26inch Clíp ins in natural black. These extensions are not 26inches. They start off thick but then are so ratty on the ends (only a few strands of hair). They’re not full or lush at all. The extensions were suppose to come in a few days and they didn’t come for at least 2 weeks. Tried to contact customer service and I got no reply.

Reading all these reviews !!!

Just ordered a ponytail extension , yet to receive , and I should of read the reviews prior to buying but with a website looking great and price great too , it’s a sad situation a person can be so malais and think they can get away with ripping off people .
As a result of buying , and reading all these reviews I have contacted vcat and consumer affairs and have looked into what action I will do if I do not get my order .
Anyone can easily search a ABN number .
I’m waiting to see now if my order shows up and the colour is correct .
And I didn’t want to give a star rating as even 1 star is way to much !! It’s a negative 100

Refused a refund! Completely wrong colour!

I got a completely different colour to what I ordered and when I complained to their Facebook account my posts were deleted and I was told I can not receive a refund because I removed the extensions from the package and is there for unable to be resold.

That is a complete joke.

I told them fair trading and Australian consumer laws protect me from stupid return policies like that and yet they would not listen and have not processed a refund.

They told me to tone the hair myself. Why should I?

Even if I did it WOULDNT work. I can’t tone copper orange to bleach blonde!

I am SO annoyed.

$188 down the drain.

I will be taking this further and making a complaint to fair trading/consumer watch dog and so on. Screw that!

So far so good!

This product was easy to search and purchase on the website. The colour range was limited but being human hair it can be coloured. i bought the halo extensions and was pleasantly surprised at the volume and quality of the hair.
This being said, my hairdresser is going to cut and colour to blend it with my hair, so will see what it's like after that.
I ordered between xmas and new year so did allow for extra delivery time due to public holidays, but it arrived on business day 8. So not too bad.
What I did find frustrating is once ordered, other than an order confirmation there was no contact. I did make a couple of enquiries via email in regards to eta but got no response.
Once coloured I will review again and let you all know what I think

Disgrace and poor customer service

I purchased clip ins from this company. I have not seen my product! Have been awaiting my confirmation email, tracking number etc but NOTHING. I have sent an email everyday and heard nothing back. I have got onto afterpay to see if this can be refunded. Absolute disgrace! Their website states their "above and beyond" customer service. Definitely need to remove that part from your website! Terrible business!

Should have purchased from Zala like I originally was going to! Item arrives within three days at least and they email back the same day!
Do yourself a favour and spend your money elsewhere!

January 16th 2019 Update: Worst service, delivery and hair quality

After awaiting longer then expected for delivery (way over 8 days) Once I finally received delivery, after numerous emails, the hair was literally yellow! (I ordered foiled blonde 613/18) the ends were like strings (they claim it's thick to the ends)
As I toned them and added in a conditioner, I noticed the hair is incredibly knotty. I've tried many other brands and they DO NOT knot when they're brand new. This shows, the hair is very bad quality and not Russian Remy hair like they say!
Never purchasing again and I encourage others to spend your money even if it is extra, on quality products and service somewhere else.

Another thing, no one knows where they are located within Australia.The parcel didn't even have their information or address in the "sender" location.... Just BLANK. This company seems suss... I'm questioning, if it's even Australian?

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A dedicated and hardworking team to have their name put up on the fair trading complaints register is about it. I have not received a tracking number after 7 unforgivable days and of course no item, no reply which for them means no keeping my money . Will be seeking an immediate refund followed by a formal written complaint with a link to the copious amounts of other complaints about this online website. There is also no account page on their site so you can check the status. Not even a log in button. If there is a representative reading at present then My advice would be to act quickly.
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