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Harry P

Harry PSydney

Just disgraceful


I have recently discovered that i had an account with C-Bus, all the fees have gobbled up my account funds. This is after i asked to have the fees for death and T P D removed; as i had no idea that these even existed without my prior knowledge. I am astounded that these are charged and C US does not even have to advise any client, after all it is about us as we pay these people to look out for us not rob us slowly. I have recently asked for a copy of my past accountants the case manger refuses to give me my details, even though it is a lawful request.

Damned C-bus And Super

CBus Super


Wanted to cancel the insurance on the Super for my 17 yo son

Completed the forms and had to mail it three times. They kept sending letter saying the date was unclear/ dated after 30 days when received and so would sign and date again and mail again. After sending an email they then stated they could not assist via email. Started the process for a simple cancellation of insurance 6 months ago.

Hate to think if anyone had to make a claim.

It is easier to go through the process of transferring funds than to try again.

Useless, liars and thieves


Disgusting company


I would recommend not using cbus super
I was seriously injured a work and was able to access my super early which they instructed me was a 10 day proccess it has now been 57 days and i still have not received the funds
They are aware that i have no income at all and im trying to support 2 kids and myself and they just lie about when they received documents and just have a general couldnt care attitude
Anyone who is with cbus i would urge you to change to a fund that will actually work to help you



The worst


Called CBUS to ask about what the fees were currently being charged on my super. I called 4 times in one day, and got 4 different answers from 4 different team members. I am switching to a fund that doesn't try quite so hard to mislead me.


zakGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 7 reviews

Terrible Superannuation


Took everything from my account of superannuation. Service which didn't ask for. Total Rip off. Don't use their service and go to any other company except this.

Absolute disgrace .... never ever use this company


It has now taken 32 days to process my claim , 23 phone calls , 37 lies , 7 non responded emails , 3 hours 16 minutes of my life wasted on the phone . Absolutey the worst customer service I have experienced in my 58 years on the planet . If you are thinking of switching or opening an account with this company ....RUN and RUN fast .
It has now been left to the superannuation ombudsman to sort out my claim .... all the while the money has been taken from my account .

rat boy

rat boyNewcastle

Insurance scam



Irish 57

Irish 57Adelaide

  • 2 reviews

Poor customer service

Irish 57
Irish 57
Irish 57
Irish 57

Death benefit - outright misrepresentation of product disclosure


Excellent Service


Knowledge and patience of the cbus adviser my wife and I dealt with was outstanding. She answered all our questions in simple terms unlike some financial advisers we had spoken too.
My wife retired on Friday and her lump sum was in our account the following Thursday.
Pleasure to deal with an institution who actually look after their customers.

Treated with contempt after 35yr member


Upon lodging a withdrawal of what are my hard earned funds after all, I was informed that the day of receiving my paperwork was day " zero" !! Really. Well when you hear of the next baby born on the 0/3/2017 please get in touch with this lazybunch of rude young upstarts at cbus. We as inion members deserve better than being told it takes 14 days to process a withdrawal. They can take longer on the next one because it will be my last. I'm closing mine next week and depositing it elsewhere.. I urge every member to do the same and I'll be telling my fellow members to do the same. Appalling.

Noelia López

Noelia LópezMelbourne

WRETCHED service by CBUS, their Customer Service seems a joke!




  • 4 reviews

Appalling service, lack of knowledge, typical call centre just wants to get rid of you


CBUS is not employer unfriendly


We have some of our employees with CBUS, they demand payment every month! & on weird end dates so we can't claim a tax deduction on some of the payments! Worst company to deal with, out of the 4 i have deal with. Just wanted to get the word out there.... do not use, recommend your employees use someone else.



  • 2 reviews

Terrible Customer Service, Zero activity or accountability




  • 3 reviews

Nothing but disgust for this company


I've reached the age where I can now obtain my super but these people and this company are making it so hard. I don't understand the problem. I have filled out my paperwork, given all the necessary documents and yet nothing. It's not so complicated when they're taking your money but when it's time to give the people their money back its a whole different story. Cbus you are a disgrace with the way you treat your customers. I want my money and to never have to deal with such an incompetent company ever again

Dean from Glenroy

Dean from GlenroyMelbourne

  • 3 reviews

C-BUS Are they really working for the worker


Happy with Returns


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Questions & Answers

Mick C.

Mick C.asked

Do I have to explain what the funds are been used for on the bottom of stat deck form ?

No answers

Jeffrey S.

Jeffrey S.asked

If i have been out of work for 21 weeks, am i eligible for the financial hardship benefit payment? It took three months on top of the 21 weeks, to receive any sort of support payment from Centrelink.

No answers

Josh Harrington

Josh Harringtonasked

How long does it take to recieve your early super withdrawl due to financial hardship into your account ?

2 answers

This took about 3 weeks in my situation. A friend got his in two weeks. I hope this helps.


Can not answer this question, best to ask CBUS.

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