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Cedel Sensitive

Cedel Sensitive

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Cedel does it for me

I have crowns and have to use sensitive toothpaste tried Cedel when I noticed it was Australian made and have been using it for the past 3years. Great result and a great saving as well.

Cedel - still made in Australia

Cedal Sensitive toothpaste - It is great, works well, half the price of Sensodyne which is too expensive and made in Thailand and no longer works as well. Woolworths at Batemans Bay do stock it From reading this I shall now buy the product direct from Cedel.

4 stars;;because its Australian made and that is the only way to buy a product

Thank heavens we still have a toothpaste made in Aus--I for one and my family will now buy Cedel for one reason only its Aussie made--Australians please wake up and by Australian manufactured products if you don't you will wake up one day to find we are a third world country with no work no jobs....and....no dole--Politicians of all persuasions have sold our country out


I Have been using Macleans sensitive toothpaste for a few years with no problems, apart from being made in Thailand but early this year the local Woolworths stopped selling it. I used to have to go to Coles to get the Macleans sensitive toothpaste until I found Cedel sensitive Toothpaste and made in Australia too.. I will continue to use the CEDEL sensitive toothpaste as it does the job plus i like to buy Australian made products [even though most companies are owned overseas] If You check the actual box the different toothpaste's come in, they will have the country its made in. Most are from Thailand now. My Son found the toothpaste He had bought recently had been made in India. Many toothpaste's do NOT have where its made on the tube...
Lee 68autobug
Inexpensive, Australian made and owned company, it works well,

Great Toothpaste

Our household has been using Cedel toothpaste for many years. I have very sensitive teeth and the Sensitive toothpaste gives me much needed relief. It also does not have harmful additives that some of the other wellknown brands have. Also, it's Australian and it's a fairer more affordable price than others.
Cedel has kept my teeth in good condition past my retirement age, so it'll do me.
Thanks Cedel.
Effective, inexpensive, Australian

Selling cedel sensitive toothpaste still:

I just bought a tube of cedel sensitive toothpaste from Coles in Butler/Jindalee in WA it was on special for about $3, it works great and doesn't feel like you just ate a chilly or something after brushing your teeth, the subtle taste of the mint makes it very easy to brush your teeth for longer without the major burn you get from most other toothpastes

Cedel Sensitive Toothpaste

This stuff is unbeatable. It has that classic, clean mint taste unlike other toothpastes that tast like a mint and sugar concoction.I had terribly sensitive teeth to the point I couldn't even eat/drink anything either hot or cold for a week. I even resorted to going to the dentist because I thought my tooth was cracked! Turns out it was just sensitive, and this is the only thing that has stopped it.

I find that if you rub a little of this on the affected tooth just before bed and leave it on, it helps even more.

You can use it even without tooth sensitivity - I just put my Mum onto this and she loves it too.

Also, the volume ingredients of this toothpaste are identical to the major leading brand of sensitive toothpaste but minus the medicinal flavour, toungue numbness and hefty price.

I use this and it feels like I have just had my teeth professionally cleaned.

Try it and you'll love it.
Flavour, Price, Efficiency.

Cedel Cleans Teeth doesn't make Tongue numb

So many toothpastes don't clean very well at all. They try to fix this problem by adding excessive amounts of chemical to deaden your tongue so that when you feel your teeth they feel clean.
To test if your toothpaste does this clean your teeth then eat something with a moderately but not too delicate taste. Some toothpastes are so strong that the effect can go on for days. Cedel normal does not do this. Amway is the only other one just as good.
It cleans well. Not expensive.

We have used Cedel toothpaste for years but it is increasingly difficult to find - Woolworths seem to have removed it from their shelves, Coles has a very limited supply . Does this mean that we will have to buy Sensodyne? I was lead to believe that Cedel was a totally Australian owned company, whereas Colgate was an overseas corporation. As I am trying desperately,,which is a shame to support Australian owned companies, (which is becoming increasinly difficult), the answer to this problem will undoubtedly alter my buying regime. No doubt a drop in the ocean.The last thing we want to do is let the large supermarkets control what we buy and reduce our choice. Buy it direct from the maker (at a reduced price) and then tell the manager of the supermarket he lost your buisiness. Then write a review here. Sensodyne makes your tongue numb to.My husband has used Cedel for many years and now the supermarket has taken it off their shelves, not happy at all, where can I purchase it now.,

I love Cedel sensitive toothpaste I have been use for a long time

Ceded is very affordable I'm on age pension and I struggle with money this toothpaste is the most affordable and very affective for my teeth what's left of them. Can you suggest where I can by the product? I take my cedel toothpaste when I go to the hospital for health reason. Regards. Lina
The menthol, easy to brush, no pain,gental to clean smell very plesant, very very very very inexpensive .
A unable to by the ceded paste

This is the best toothpaste on the market but where has it gone??

I love this toothpaste but can't find it anywhere - it is just as good as the other hugely over priced brands but the supermarkets don't seem to stock it anymore - please bring it back - we need to ask our local supermarkets to support Australian and stock this great toothpaste...bring it back!!
It really works, it's Australian and it's affordable.
It's do hard to find these days on the supermarket shelves of Coles and Woolworths.

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Google Cedal Toothpaste & you'll reach the manufacturer's website - buy it direct.

Woolworths - where has it gone too

I have used this Cedel Senitive Toothpaste for years and have found the product wonderful, the result & price are great. The problem now is I'm not able to find Cedel Sensitive Toothpaste in the Supermarkets locally....why is that. Please, all you Big Supermarkets get Cedel Sentivite back on the shelves. Maybe Cedel need to advertise.
The result, price and it's Australian owned
I can't buy the toothpaste, know one is stocking it anymore.

I agree- I live in Northern NSW and I can't find. Cedel sensitive in either the Coles or woolworths shelves - I have even contacted Coles to express my dismay but no reply! Is it because the market is being flooded with overseas brand toothpaste there is no room for a great Australian product ? Cedel sensitive is not only Australian but a really good, affordable product. Google Cedal toothpaste & buy off the manufacturer direct.


I can only say i have made a mistake as i thought Cedel was an inferior brand but after using the one for sensative teeth i have to take that back as this toothpaste is as good as the other brands like Colgate and macleans, it could use an update on packaging and a bit more advertising that way they may get a better shot at the market. It tastes nice, the product does what is says it will do and the price is very good. Yes i would introdue my family and friends to it.
ihave always thought of Cedel as a cheap range maybe good for large families, but this sensative toothpaste has made me change my thoughts on Cedel over all.
I thought it was an inferior toothpaste but after using this one for sensative teeth i feel i was wrong about the normal toothpaste. The sensative toothpaste made by Cedel is great.

Why is it so difficult to find in supermarkets

The ingredients are the same as more expensive brands and have the required effect on my teeth. Brushing with Cedal sensitive makes eating enjoyable. I suspect that supermarkets dont make enough profits from this item so let their orders lapse. Shame on them. It is a necessary and affordable item for many of us.
Effective and affordable.
Hard to find anything wrong with it.

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Google Cedal & buy from the manufacturer direct.


Disappointed in this aussie made product, does not keep its flavour for as long as others, and disolves away just too fast leaving you feeling like you need to apply more paste to your brush. I like to have a nice amount of froth and flavour to last the 2 minutes of brushing time. May help with sensitivity but is not quite on a par with Macleans for brushing experience.
Price competitive, Australian ownad and made
Disolves away very quickly and does not froth up like leading brands


A mild, effective paste which cleans and freshens without the burning sensation I experience with other toothpastes and is suitable for other family members too.
I suffer from lichen planus which is a gum disorder that makes your gums very sensitive to strong flavours such as chili, curry and peppermint. Cedel Sensitive is the only toothpaste I can use without causing gum irritation. Brilliant!
Often hard to obtain as not all supermarkets stock it

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What are the main ingredients in cedel that help with the sensitivity?
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Does this product contact SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)?
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Hello,Hello I used cedel sensitive ,but now I'm in NZ. If it is possibility to pay from here and if you can delyvery in New Zealand , and how much will cost all pakige. My e-mail:vasco1401@gmail.com, Thank you kindly, Yours, Mr.V.Dimitrievski
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Google Cedal toothpaste & buy from the manufacturer direct - I do !! Buy in bulkYes, Look at: http://www.cedel.com.au/product/93390/ as You can Buy direct from cedel from their website. I hope that helps you find Your Cedel sensitive toothpaste in New Zealand The more You buy in one order makes it cheaper per item BUGBUYER


Cedel Sensitive
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Release dateDec 2009

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