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Cedel Spearmint

Cedel Spearmint

4.7 from 13 reviews


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JohnM09Sydney, Australia

  • 10 reviews

Why wouldn't you use it?


Been using Cedel Spearmint for years and wouldn't change.
The multi-nationals have closed down their Australian factories and relocated to third world countries to save costs but they are more expensive here and they keep jacking up prices.
Your much better off supporting an Aussie company that makes a better, cheaper product.
Coles seem to be deleting it and sometimes it is difficult to find at Woolworths, but it can always be ordered directly online. They also have a sensitive version.

Purchased in January 2007 at Woolworths for $2.50.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement Yes

Anita R

Anita RGippsland, VIC

Love it!


I’ve been using Cedel toothpaste for over 30 years and I hate it when for some reason I have to get a different brand. Lately I’ve had trouble finding it in the supermarkets but now I’ve realized I can buy in bulk online so I’m thrilled.
I love the fact that cedel has had the same simple packaging for decades and the company doesn’t waste money on advertising or marketing gimmicks. Australian made, great taste, and I haven’t had a dental problem in 30 years. What more could you want?

Purchased in February 2019 for $2.60.


ScrutariusCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

  • 5 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Cheaper and better tasting than imported brands


This is an Australian product...the other major brands are all imported. Cedel is plain white toothpaste in a no-nonsense cardboard box. It is not blue or red and doesn't contain sparkles or polluting nano-plastics, and it tastes of mild, refreshing peppermint, not overpowering like the smell of toilet cleaner in flavour which make other brands so repulsive. It's just toothpaste, $2.60 a tube...you can't go wrong and you're buying Australian. Downsides; be aware it does contain fluoride if you object to that, and the tube is plastic, but recyclable - I miss the old metal tubes; you always knew you'd squeezed the last tiny bit out!


pwo128NT, 820

  • 66 reviews

Excellent toothpaste, inexpensive and Aussie made


There's nothing fancy or gimmicky about Cedel toothpaste. It just works and it tastes just fine.
But one thing is very clearly emblazoned on the no frills packaging and on the tube... It is Australian made and owned.
Most Colgate toothpastes are made in Thailand. Most Macleans toothpastes, though once upon a time made here in Oz, are now imported cfrom South Africa. Other toothpastes come from China.
So it's simple really. Buy an Aussie product like Cedel and keep Aussie jobs alive.
Highly recommended toothpaste.



  • 13 reviews

I'm not saying my good mate Adam is cheap but he has a vice in his back shed just for toothpaste tub


Not that there is anything wrong with that. You can buy more expensive brands that perform no better but are made in India,China,Thailand etc. MY most painfull buy was one of the most expensive - Colgates Optic Nerve Pain from the Mexican badlands. Buy Safe Buy Australian Buy some local a job.



  • 6 reviews

Cedel is an example of an excellent aussie made product


I have used Cedel Spearmint Toothpaste for many years now. I love to buy Australian made and there are precious few items in the supermarket that are Aussie made. This toothpaste does a good job and tastes just fine. I have had no issues from my dentist for many years now so the toothpaste is doing the job required. Buy Aussie made, it is cheaper than the others too... so why not?



  • 68 reviews

Why the hell wouldn't you???



SelAnna Bay

Would not buy anything else.


Bonus Australian made and Owned


Here I was standing in Woolworths Burnie Tasmania deciding which toothpaste to buy, I never pick up Colgate but the shelf was swamped in the product and you guessed it made in China. So no I won't buy it. Then I proceeded to Macleans and once again you guessed it made in South Africa, me no touchy. I kept on looking and came up with Cedel spearmint and when I read the label it said Australian Made and Australian Owned, Yippee finally a product that was not only Australian but it was cheaper than all other products but is a really great toothpaste, know what I'm going to be buying in the future. Come on Aussie Come On.
Inexpensive, great toothpaste



  • 41 reviews



Just because it doesn't cost $12, doesn't mean it's not good. Every other brand is now made in India, Thailand etc... Please, support this Australian owned and made company. It is starting to disappear from the supermarket shelves, so I hope that isn't an indication that this company will be in trouble soon
Great price and taste - it's spearmint!


MotherMoonWA, 6210

  • 455 reviews



I would consider Cedel toothpaste to be a good toothpaste, it tastes nice and it does give your teeth a good clean. I wouldnt say it was as good as Macleans or Colgate or Close up but it is good for the price you pay for it. The packaging is pretty drab, the product fine for the cost and it has a nice taste. All round this isnt a bad toothpaste at all. I wouldnt introduce my family and friends to it mainly as they would expect more from there toothpaste.
Cedel Brand of toothpaste i would consider to be a good one also.



  • 369 reviews



I think this is a great product for those on a budget. It is probably not the best toothpaste you will find but it tastes fine and leaves a nice fragrance in your mouth. It is readily available at the supermarket and very competitively priced.
This is definitely one of the cheaper brands of toothpaste on the market and if you are on a budget than it does the job and is not too bad. It has a nice flavour and will leave your breath smelling nice.
Sometimes you feel a bit funny about using a really cheap toothpaste but this one is not too bad.



  • 211 reviews



i've always found that the brand cedel is no different to colgate or oral b. they all leave your mouth clean, smelling fresh and remove stains. the one thing that has nothing to do with the product and its effectiveness, is i hate the packaging. it looks so cheap and like a no brand item. they have spent hardly anything on packaging which is either a good thing or a bad thing i guess. just does not look that appealing on the shelf. would recommend as a family toothpaste though.
effective in cleaning and breath smelling fresh, compares with other brands
cheap looking packaging.

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