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290 reviews
290 reviews
Aussie Special
Aussie SpecialSydney, NSW4 posts

Rapid Phase

Well what a surprise... day 5 on Celebrity Slim Rapid Phase and I have already lost 2.8kg :) I have been using the Latte shake which tastes great - I also have the chocolate which is rich and creamy. I have found the program easy to follow and the recipes dinner recipes are fantastic and tasty. I have been feeling so much better, my usual tummy and digestive issues have gone, and so has my craving for chicken chips :) and I am looking forward to Monday to see my results for the week. Week two will be to continue the Rapid Phase and increase my exercise.

AmandaGippsland, VIC6 posts

Rapid Phase Shakes

I started the Celebrity Slim Rapid Phase Chocolate shakes around 3weeks ago. Wow, they would have to be the nicest shake I’ve ever tried. So creamy and like a milkshake.

I haven’t weighed myself but I know I’ve lost weight. They really help cut out the need for a sugar fix.

I know I’ll be sticking to these shakes to lose the weight I need.


So far so good

I have lost 1.5 kilos in the first week very happy with that. I am using the meal replacement shakes. The latte and vanilla flavours are my favourite will stick with those, didn't like strawberry at all. As long as Im organised with my small protein snacks to take on the go between shakes I am finding Im not hungry. I am doing shakes for breakfast and lunch and having a small healthy dinner. I wish you could buy single sachets of just vanilla at the supermarket. Purchased them online instead they were delivered within 2 days of purchasing.

Skulls207Gold coast

Great taste but no loss in weight

I've been using the rapid phase for a week and have actually put on weight. Followed the process to a tee and actually have stuck with it but not the results I am after....whats wrong with me ;-(

Erin J
Erin JPAKENHAM6 posts

Good for on the go

Currently using celebrity slim. I find the program does work and for me it's easier to stick to as I am constantly on the go. So far I have lost 5 kilos in 3 weeks. I lost 12 kilos o. The program 2 years ago prior to becoming pregnant with my second child. I find I really enjoy most of the flavours but that the latte flavour is better with water and icecubes then milk. Chocolate is my favorite. It's also important to still exercise and drink plenty of water. It is not a miracle cure but I love the convenience. The cost can be off-putting so I find that I am constantly shopping around to find the best deal. I do like that I can buy in bulk and then additional sachets of different flavours to help keep variety.

Simongold coast9 posts

Eat less and gain shape

Noticed the expensive way that stuff like this is not worth wasting money on. eating less, more sport and no grease helped. Also leaving out meat and dairy made a huge difference & made me feel so much better in many ways.

Srac1974Perth7 posts

Great taste, still hungry though

I bought the 10 day mixed box. Some of the flavours are just ok, but some are delicious! Berry, vanilla, chocolate and caramel are delicious. But I am getting very hungry in between shakes. Even if I do a small healthy protein snack, I am still hungry well before my next shake is due. I suppose this will sort itself out in time as my body adjusts. Only on the first week so we shall see if it works.

Margaret51Sydney10 posts

It's O.K

I got 14 assorted shakes on special at woolworths for $13.88. Cafe Latte flavour was nice - the others not so much. Best thing these shakes do seem to give me a boost of energy but unfortunately do nothing to suppress my appetite and Im starving by 9.30am. At the bargain price I got them for I'm happy enough. Would buy them again at this price for a quick brekkie now and again but no way do I feel they are worth the ticketed price of $43.00.

olivia S
olivia S

this is a horrible product

this product tasted horrible and i got fatter, also i got acne and was very expensive, overall my satistfastion was -1/5 stars, i hope nobody uses this product. Furthermore, my doctor says just having liquids and not solids is horrible for your overall health

Melissa G
Melissa GAU

Awesome Product

Third day on celebrity slim have started on the rapid phase as I need to drop 20kg have already lost 2kg;) I play golf so getting exercise I have found that I am full all day I’m just having 3 shakes a day for first week then will introduce dinner (healthy) so far I’m very pleased with my results a headache on second day but that has passed now . Stay tuned for my future results ;)

CaseeeSydney2 posts

So far so good

I lost 20 kilos on optifast a year ago, attempted to do it again this year. But they since changed the recipe & it gave me an upset stomach, I couldn’t push through. So I’m currently giving celebrity slim a go to drop my remaining 15 kilos.

Started on Monday 2/10 weighing 85kgs

As of Thursday 5/10 i am down to 83kgs

I’m on the rapid phase, using cafe latte and love the taste, doing between 45-1 hour of cardio/weights in turn burning between 250-500 calories per day. No side effects for me so far, feeling light & better already. Can’t wait to see further results.

Christine2 posts

I'm so excited!

I started with a couple of banana and vanilla sachets I bought from Woolworths, and I loved the taste so much that I hopped online and bought the total transformation pack. It turned up on my doorstep THE NEXT DAY!!! I'm so excited to get started with it.. I'm excited for the new me!

Julie E
Julie EAU10 posts

I have not had any side effects

I have coffee flavour like the taste with skim milk so far all good haven't weighed my self yet but I did take all my measements before I started waist bust thigh and arms.

C.flSouth East Queensland, QLD16 posts

It definitely works but leaves you hungry

I used the rapid chocolate flavour which was delicious and lost like 2kg in 2 days using the shakes with a small meal and 2L of water. I also did one 30 min HIIT session on the second day. However by the third day I was so hungry I couldn't think. I also just felt generally unsafe driving and stuff. I think if you could push a few days on, like any other diet you would start to feel better but I couldn't push through at this stage. Will probably try again and some stage. I would say if you stuck to it you would have amazing results.

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its working.....but

using shakes together with a fairly intense exercise program - about 4hrs a week and l have lost 3 stone in 7 months but it causes me serious bloating! l m not a good water drinker but l have been forcing myself try to drink at least 1.5 litres water and l m oo a white meat and sweet potato diet mainly with salads, no sugary drinks and some low sugar treats e.g desserts, yoghurts

Ollie DG
Ollie DG

Recently started

Ive recently started and I'm shocked but I'm putting on weight!

I can't excersise too much due to disability, but I'm not having any meals ors anything, or snacking! Help please


I love celebrity slim

I love celebrity slim I started taking the shakes on and off for like 2-3 years and I lost a lot of weight but I stopped once I lost the weight. Now I'm back on it again as I gained a few kilos and would like to get back to my 60s again. I started using the vanilla flavour low sugar so far so good i feel full already and I'm not craving food just yet. Fingers crossed this works for me again :)

CarolannAU3 posts

This just might work

I am day 4 into the rapid shakes and I haven't felt hungry since I've been on it. I have a shake for breakfast, chicken or salmon for lunch with either salad or vegetables and a shake for dinner, I drink my water and have 1-2 apples per day. I couldn't possibly fit in another shake as I'm full for ages after the first one. I feel fuller and less bloated, I also have loads of energy instead of that sluggish, can't be arsed doing anything feeling when eating lots of carbs. Never been so determined to do this but this programme makes it easy.

Alicia h
Alicia h2 posts

product ive been waiting for

Love choc mint i had low expectations but iwas wrong week one i lost four kilos week two on trim i lost three kilos fantastic products tried everything nothing worked till i found celebrity slim need to loose a lot of weight


This has been perfect for me

This has been perfect for me to kick start my program. Have chosen to go with the rapid shakes and really finding they keep me full throughout the day. I've also tried a couple of the meal replacement bars too and have liked them also.

JanetPerth9 posts

Excellent specially as its lactose free

Love the lactose free/gluren free shakes would love it to come in more flavours and in a bigger tub as lm lactose intolerant would have it everday for protein intake


Too sweet

I am not a fan of sweet foods. I would much prefer to have a savoury snack but unfortunately all of your snacks are sweet so we don't get the variety that will keep me using your products. The worst thing about the diet industry is that the all do the same. Wake up! Not all of us have a sweet tooth.

MyeSydney, NSW36 posts

please keep the gluten and dairy free shakes

I have trouble keeping my weight down plus I have to stay off gluten and dairy. Which of course I'd hard work! so these are wonderful. Thankyou so do much.

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MontroseMelbourne7 posts

Tastes well and helps weight loss

It has helped me to stay on track my weight loss journey and it has added flavors to this tedious task of eating right proportions. I liked all the flavors- banana, strawberry, vanilla and coffee. Definitely a worth buy and I would stick to it.

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JennyPenrith N.S.W7 posts

Has changed my life

Thank you celebrity slim for your dairy and gluten free shakes love them please do not remove them as i have lost weight and ready to order my next lot also the chocolate flavour is very tasty .Jenny Cownie

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Awesome product! Keeps me full all day!

I tried Celebrity Slim a few years ago and was happy with it then. I decided to do it again and now I remember why. I'm having the rapid vanilla shakes and not only do they keep me full all day, they taste delicious too! I've currently lost 5kg over 4 weeks and I can't wait to keep the journey going and get to my goal weight. Thank you Celebrity slim for such a great product!

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Lou H
Lou HSouth-Eastern Region, NSW2 posts

Week 3 - 11kg GONE

So I haven't been following the program as designed HOWEVER are on week 3 of the celebrity slim rapid shakes, 3 shakes a day and are eating LUNCH instead of dinner. Moderate to light exercise (I had 5ish minutes of "crunches" on the lounge yesterday while watching a movie) and recently have been consistently loosing 1kg a day! I still can't believe it!! I'm rarely ever hungry, lots of energy!! The hardest part is not giving into temptation and ordering a pizza haha!! Do recommend!!

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GinaCastle Hill

not working

I have been follow the diet recommendation for a 6 weeks with hope to loose at list 5KG It was waste of money and I am now 2KG extra heavier. To much sugar in the shakes . CELEBRITY SLIM - I DONT RECOMMENDED TO NO BODY

Celebrity Slim
Celebrity Slim   DM   

Dairy Free! Finally!

Thank you. Lactose intolerant and gaining weight I found it hard to lose weight. I searched the internet for dairy free diet shakes and presto - Celebrity Slim! I received my order in less than 3 days and started the recommended week to week meal plan on the container. So happy with the results. I've cut out all the unnecessary snacking and drinking much more water than soft drinks. I've ordered the sachets now, so much easier for work and out and about. I use lactose free skim milk and treat myself once a day to unsweetened almond milk to mix the powder with. I feel and look so much better. Thank you.

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JenSouth West, WA6 posts


I got them for under half price at Coles. First week I lost, 2nd week I gained. I have been putting some fruit in some of the shakes. I am loving them….but not the weight gain….NOT HAPPY JAN !!!!!

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JgpePerth, WA2 posts

Actually put weight on


I have been doing the shakes just over 3 weeks now and I'm worried it's actually not any good. I noticed the kj in take is high and the amount of sugar is shocking!

They do taste in though and I do feel full. I am going two shakes a day and just eating dinner. I should defiantly not of out weight on?

NellieCondobolin5 posts


Purchased at 1/2 price ,so value there.There was no scoop in the shake container! Even as a snack I was still hungry.Worst shake ever! Had I not tried shakes before I would have totally given up the idea of this type of weight loss.Extremly disappointing .

Celebrity Slim
Celebrity Slim   DM   
LynnePenrith2 posts

Great meal substitute

I have been on the shakes for about a week now and find they make me feel fuller for longer than the other shakes which is fantastic. I can go all day with only the shakes and then have my dinner. Not sure how much I've lost but I can reall see the difference in my mid section already. I will definitely be buying another tub.

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Great product/range of flavours - not so great name

I discovered the product on special at Catch of the day. So glad i did too!. I actually looked forward to my shake for breakfast and lunch. The range of flavours was/is a big plus. I lost 10kg in a 12 week challenge last year (i went to Thailand on holiday during this period and skipped 20 days of skakes) i have a sweet tooth and i know the shakes contain quite a bit of sugar, this was not an issue for me. I continue to have a shake for breakfast as is so convenient (much easier than having cereal) and leaves me feeling satisfied till lunch. The only thing that put me off the product was the name. I'm a guy and just found it a bit off putting.

Louisensw125 posts
BigSpenderVictoria4 posts

These are GENUINELY delicious

I lost a lot of weight on the Celebrity Slim products. The thing with them is - They ARE GENUINELY DELICIOUS. Some diet shakes I feel the need to 'scull' them just to get it done - the taste isn't great and that means it is much more difficult to stay with the 'shake diet'. I am down to my goal now, but I still use the shakes = mainly just for breakfast = simply because they are healthy and delicious. I actually LOOK FORWARD to having my shake, it isn't a 'chore' like with so many diet shakes. I always put a couple of ice cubes in with my shake when I make it on a milkshake maker. I have tried so many over the years, and I find this one is quite successful and easy and ENJOYABLE.

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